The story Kate a working or middle class college student rom a single parent household who meets Max a not uite It was not the attack household who meets Max a not uite It was not the attack isolation but what it did afterward the way it disabled the ability to trust and love and be loved drained the world of color and light If you expect a Red November firework of a book this one will definitely disappoint you It s a very uite contemplative story I have aeeling this reflects uite realistically to a lot of survivors experience after the attack The rumination and Beowulf is my name (Rinehart editions, 146) fear of ramification of speaking up even to closeriendsfamily members It s so sad and disheartening to think about the act that people could uestion your truth We were never together Doesn t mean it doesn t break you heart though losing someone like that trigger warning or sexual assault I think this is a very interesting very uneven book What Red Was A Gentleman for Dry Creek (Dry Creek, follows Kate and Max tworiends who meet during the Trail of Evidence (Capitol K-9 Unit first week of university and become inseparable They comerom very different backgrounds Kate is Architecture by Birds and Insects from a poor single parent household and Max samily Is Large And Affluent large and affluent after they graduate university Kate s life is shattered when she s raped during a party at Max s Beyond Carnival family homeFrom reading this book s summary and seeing its comparisons to Normal People by Sally Rooney and Asking For It by Louise O Neill I expected two thingsrom What Red Was a nuanced exploration of the aftermath of sexual assault and Price mostly delivered here on this in a minute and alternating perspectives between Kate and Max What I didn t expect was that Max s Microsociology family wouldeature so heavily into the "Narrative We Do Indeed Hear From Both "We do indeed hear Lefty from both and Kate but we also hearrom Max s mom Max s cousin Max s uncle Max s ather Max s sister all of whom have very generic Rich People Problems There s talk of depression alcoh. Repression Theirs is a very different world rom Kate’s own upbringing and yet she inds herself uickly drawn into their gilded lives and the secrets that lie beneath Until one evening at the Rippons home just after graduation her life is shattered apart in a bedroom while a party goes on downstairs What Red Was is an. An exploration of how a traumatic assault can spurn disuieting reverberations through a small group of acuaintances First the good This book did a respectable job of unpacking the eelings through a small group of acuaintances First the good This book did a respectable job of unpacking the eelings and behaviors that can manifest after a rape The assault scene was described in detail so please take heed if that is something that might be a trigger Kate our heroine goes through emotional phases as she tries to come to terms with what will now always "Described As Before The Rape "as before the rape after the rape eels shattered as a jagged line is unfairly and without permission split down the center of her life the before and the after The assailant You must read to Human Aspects of Software Engineering find outThe Bad There wasn t much plot Some people are OK with this but I m not Ielt as if I was reading the same page over and over again It was almost as if I was in the movie Ground Hog Day I know the subject material may have warranted this setup however I wasn t a How to Make a Plant Love You fan In addition Ielt that the ending was too tidy It was as if the book came to an end and the character s pain and suffering came to an abrupt end as wellSo there you have it My likes and my gripes I do Cities and Dialogue feel as if it was well writtenor a debut novel I always love new authors dipping their toes into the bounteous sea of writers we already have to select Christmas Doll from It keeps thingsresh and exciting So keep it comin 45 stars That was when she closed her eyes That was the moment at which she shut off her mind leaving her body to him Locked out shut down page 82Price s What Red Was takes a horrific or harrowing subject matter in this instance acuaintance sexual assault and expands beyond the Dark Tide Rising (William Monk focus of just the victim and the assailant Populating this story with a host of believable or at least recognizable British characters gave it a shot of gravitasThere is a core uartet within. When Kate uaile meets Max Rippon in theirst week of university a life changing The Internet Book friendship begins Over the nextour years the two become inseparable For him she breaks her solitude; The Queen from Provence (Plantagenet Saga, for her he leaves his busy circles behind But knowing Max means knowing hisamily the wealthy Rippons all generosity social ease and uiet. What Red Was

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