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Hemselves but about *WHO THEY WANT TO BE THEY *they want to be They through so many different phases in life and there s only so many times they can change before they realize that no matter what no matter how many centuries pass they are still the same person Although there are many reasons these Me could change who they are they aren t as prone to letting it get to the better of them They learn to live everyday as if it were their first as if the future and the past doesn t matter There s no telling what to expect the very next day and so they have to deal with everyday For those who are new to it like Z is it gets really tough and he has to learn how deal with Time Dancing and balancing days months years and centuries After reading the first one it left me wanting I sually don t like reading series that aren t completely out because waiting for the next book is always annoying and it leads to forgetting what the story is This of course leads to reading the next book in the series pointless This book is a page turner for me because there are so many different levels to it The most intriguing part of the book is so many different levels to it The most intriguing part of the book is easily Steve Cash makes time seem irrelevant How twenty years go by with one line of the book One of the best series I have ever read. Ixth Stone he is intent on finding the legendary talisman and eliminating anyone Me or human who stands in the way Z and his allies–Opari Sailor Geaxi Nova Ray Mowsel Carolina Jack and others–embark on a desperate est spanning decades and continents to track down the stone before their lethal adversary gets to it first Along the way every belief they have about themselves will be challenged and shaken–and a new even deadlier enemy will aris. The Rancher and the City Girl until they find their ame and decide to move on After losing his parents Zianno or Z has to learn about who he really is with only help from the advice of other Me In the first book we are left with Z s search for the fleur du mal who has stopped at nothing in his search for the There are a lot of twists and turns in the story and the same characters return Unlike with the first book Carolina Jack and the other normal characters return But there lives have continued to changed and progressnlike the Me who have to learn to be Time Dancers The Me don t really have a sense of time any and there s no telling the difference between a day a month a year several months several years When they have an immense amount of time time starts to become Insignificant Ans As The Ans as the continue on their Ice Wolves (Elementals, uest for the fifth stone and the fleur du mal they learn not only about Ossessing anncanny ability to recuperate from injury and resist disease Like only four others of his kind he holds one of the fabled Stones the Stone of Dreams These bearers believe it is their destiny to guide the Me toward and through the Remembering where it is said that they will recall their long forgotten origins and purposeBut the rogue Me assassin called the Fleur du Mal threatens their efforts and their lives Pursuing rumors of a lost

Summary Time Dancers (Meq, The)

The continuing story of Z who has recently celebrated his 12th birthday for The 38th Time I 38th time I the historical guest stars in this trilogy I like a well written book that for the 38th time I love the historical guest stars in this trilogy I like a well written "book that me to refer to wikipedia every "that me to refer to wikipedia every or so to figure out who someone is likely to be ie Tumpy Josephine Josephine BakerVery enjoyable very well written I ll be a little sad when I finish the next book I hate middle books This one ended with nope I m not going to tell Now I have to wait for the final one It was scheduled for release in 2007 but was delayed by the publisher It s now due in February 2011 That s a five year wait I guess I can t complain Just think of all those people waiting for the last Jane Auel book second book in the me trilogy the first book leaves you dying to know what happens next the second book does not disappoint and it leaves you aching for the third it is truelly a dance of time between the me and humans although the me are immortal you see their humanity filled with their strengths and weaknesses you are hurtled into the world of mysterymagic and whirled through history through time Time Dancersby Steve CashISBN 0345470931Publisher Del Rey 416 Pgs The seuel to The Me is another page turner The story of Zianno and the Me conti. Steve Cash created “an absorbing and intriguing saga” The San Diego Union Tribune in his debut novel The Me Outwardly indistinguishable from human beings but with abilities no human can claim the Me search for their lost history and face a mysterious prophesied reckoning It has been thirty eight years since Zianno–known as Z–turned twelve In appearance he has not aged a day Like all Me Z has become accustomed to a near immortal existence Time Dancers (Meq, The)

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