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Aladdin lGal iek tiek veiksmo gal t b ti daugiau Jenni Fletcher does not disappoint with the third installment of her Whitby Weddings series The heroine Frances discovers that her feelings for her sister s ex fiance are than that of friendship Now with a brooding hero a manipulative sister and a scar that embodies all kinds of insecurities Frances must step into the person she was meant to be and take what she wantsHighly recommended It can be read as a standalone 35 stars This novel was a tale of two halves the first half was beautiful and amazing and absolutely swoon worthy while the second half descended into irritating TSTL behaviorThe first 165 pages were pure gold for me a slow burn romance between two mature somewhat damaged people Frances Webster younger sister of the beautiful and vain Lydia Webster bears an ugly scar on the right half of her face from an accident four years prior She hides behind a veil and spends her time fashioning jet into jewelry which she has started to sell absolutely scandalizing her sisterLydia secretly engaged to Arthur Amberton six years ago has suddenly decided that she wants him back even though she married another man a week after Arthur s disappearance and is now in mourning for him She s always craved a title and Amberton a viscount has one He also has a twin brother whoives at the family seat with his new wife the HH from the previous novel Captain Amberton s Inherited Bride Arthur reappeared after nine months a or Daddy Must Die less completely changed man it turns out that he ran away because he felt hisife was over his overbearing father refused permission to marry Lydia and then he caught her with another man and the heretofore smothering The Message Glorious life didn t feel worthiving any He disappeared allowing his family to fear him dead and for his father to actually drop dead only returning when he realized what his abrupt disappearance had done to themNow Lydia wants Arthur and his title again so she sends Frances round to speak to him on her behalf Frances doesn t want to partly because she s heard of Arthur s reclusive brooding and partly because she s always been a bit in O Cérebro de Broca love with him herself She has no reputation to shred however so she does her sister s bidding under threat of their parents being told that she s gone into tradeTheir meetingeads to one and then another secret meetings on the moors and they find themselves falling back into their childhood friendship They slowly but surely begin to trust each other with deeper secrets eventually sharing the stories of Frances s accident and Arthur s ost nine months They feel a deep kinship their regard steadily deepening and spurred on by his twin and wife they finally share a kiss at a garden party the first time both have been seen socially in yearsLydia finds out and plots to catch Arthur for herself once and for all but then it all goes pear shaped and so did the story Suddenly Arthur And Frances Were Both Totally Arthur and Frances were both totally people who second guessed their own feelings and forgot how to communicate with each other They both made assumptions and jumped to conclusions and decided to sacrifice each other They both made assumptions and jumped to conclusions and decided to sacrifice for each other s sake It was incredibly irritating The foundation of trust that they built through the first half of the story should ve been stronger than what was displayed in the second half unable to trust themselves much ess each other Arthur was afraid that he was going to go insane again and Frances feared that seeing Lydia again meant that Arthur would forget her and fall for her sister again even though he d told her and shown her time and again that wasn t the case It was a Breaking The Curse (Sexy Reversed Fairy Tales lot of petty melodrama for drama s sake and it ruined the entire second half of the book for meA 5 star beginning and a 2 star ending euals out to 35 in the end If the author had justet this be a touching gentle story about two broken people finding A Banquet of Consequences (Inspector Lynley, love again it would ve been exuisite and perfect instead it sike she decided that suddenly she had to throw some really dumb but expected obstacles in their way They d been through that suddenly she had to throw some really dumb but expected obstacles in their way They d been through already IMOThis did make me curious about the previous book one I d hemmed and hawed over when it was first released and I might go back and give it a try This one is worth keeping for the first half of the book because tender ove stories are few and far between these days Miniseries Whitby Weddings The Viscount s Veiled Lady is the third and final book in the Whitby Weddings series by author Jenni Fletcher Although this story can be read as a standalone I highly recommend the entire series based in the town of Whitby Whitby is a seaside town in Yorkshire northern England rich in history If you ve already ready book two in this series then you ve already met Arthur Amberton Viscount Scorborough Arthur was definitely an interesting character in the second book After fighting with his father over a forced engagement he mysteriously disappeared for nine months with everyone assuming he was dead He returned at the end of book two very much alive This story picks up from book two with Arthur iving and working on a farm away from society and avoiding the responsibility of his titleFrances Webster is the younger sister of the woman Arthur was secretly engaged to six years ago before his disappearance After an accident at 18 that has scarred the one side of her face and ended her engagement she has chosen to hide behind a veil She assumes her family is embarrassed by her scarring and so she hides from the world creating and selling her handmade jewelry made of Whitby Jet I absolutely adored Frances and Arthur from the very beginning They were two extremely ovable people who are hi. A ady hidden from societyA viscount with his own secretsWhen Frances Webster meets brooding Arthur Amberton on Whitby shores he’s a different. ,
The Viscount's Veiled Lady

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Cally blackmail s Frances into doing her dirty work Frances would rather not meddle in their affairs she is far happier making her jet jewellery but with her sisters spiteful threat she dons her veil and off she goes across beautiful Whitby to find a man who no onger wishes to be apart of civilization again and try to persuade him to give her sister the second she Frances knows Lydia doesn t deserve Only as with all great romances stories all doesn t exactly go to plan and what should have a been a simple message delivery turns into a twisted ankle dinner with the two broodingly beautiful Amberton brother s at Amberton Castles and one sinful Shattered Spear (The Lost Stars, lordly pig farmer scandalously peeling off her stockingsouha The Homing la Followed withots of pent up The Women of Easter lust frustration overwhelming emotions and picnics on the beach accompanied with some seriously delicious cakesBut it s not all plain sailing the expression wasn t intentional but uite fitting and cake eating our two have got serious issues to over come before either of them can even think about moving on and taking that huge step with one another And this is where the story really comes into it s own and where Ms Fletcher excels with her gift for portraying most subtle of human emotion in ways that grabs the reader s heart For me it s is their connection the fact that they are both fractured and how between the two of them theyearn to move forward and to be at peace The story really focuses on their psychological emotion their pain their vulnerability and their eventual hope for the future which I found utterly heart warming to readFrances is such an amazing Why Are You So Scared? lady I felt a real connection with her she resonated with me in ways that doesn t often happen I understood her She is a real understated heroine she is selfless imaginative creative brave and she has an inner strength and intelligence about her that I found utterly captivating She is hasived her The Power of One life after her terrible accident under the illusion that she is now destined to be alone that she isn t worth anything and worse she truly thinks herself as a burden because of misunderstandings she has always feared to be an embarrassment to her family which is one of the reasons why she covers her scar with the veil and why she finds so much happiness and peace from making her jewelleryArthur is so different to how weast saw him he is a The Wolf Gift (The Wolf Gift Chronicles, large brooding self conscious vulnerable tender sensual ruggedly handsome and he has uite the foul mouth Plus since his return he has cast off the proper gentleman etiuette and has thrown himself into his farmthere really is nothing funnier and may I say sexier than a gorgeous man running around after piglet s I found he also has a real darkness about him he appearsocked in to his self He Who Dares loathing thoughts and it is only the pure kind caring andoving heart of Frances that really makes him see past the darkness and into the ightThis is an enchanting story about second chances about "over coming great inner conflict to find your happily ever after The romance between Frances and "coming great inner conflict to find your happily ever after The romance between Frances and sizzles right from the off well its not surprising seeing as when she first sees him again while he was not wearing a great deal and eft Os Peixes Também Sabem Cantar little to the imagination There is a spark between them that ignites into some theonger they are around one and other and when they kissmy oh my The air fizzles with t lust and romance it is well worth the wait I can tell you Their relationship develops in a very natural way and it is that what readers can relate to and will fall inove with after all who hasn t shared a cake at a picnic with a oved oneUtterly captivating An exuisite beautifully written story of heart felt ove that will Stand Up and Fight leave the reader with enchanted and yet again proves what an exceptional writer Ms Fletcher is and worth her weight in gold In this third book in her Whitby Weddings series author Jenni Fletcher pens a tender romance between a man who has allowed his past to imprison him and a young woman whose facial scarring has caused her to fashion a prison of sorts for her This is the second particular book I have read by this author the other had a slight edge for me in terms of enjoyment but The Viscount s Veiled Lady Whitby Weddings 3 was a really great read that I enjoyed aotSo this is a historical romance and one of the tamer onesIn terms of spice and heat factor this is uite ow on the hot scale some ight petting and kissing and references to deeper intimacies in the epilogueIt s in keeping with the books time which is the ate 1800 s and felt authentic to the period we are dealing withThe story is part of a series but in my opinion can be read as a standalone I did no issuesOur tale takes place around Whitby and focuses on Viscount Arthur Amberton a brooding deep man with some deep seated issues and Miss Frances Webster twenty two year old spinster who upon scarring her face a few years back now wears a veil to shield itThese two come into reacuaintance after Frances is blackmailed into matchmaking for her Vain And Self Absorbed SisterSo and self absorbed sisterSo was a well written enjoyable read that I really did enjoyIt was a relatively uick easy read that eft me feeling warm and happy insideIt had enough twists and angst to keep me entertained and invested without switching me offI also really adored the epilogue and the message I felt this imparted about beauty being in the eye of the beholderThis was a sweet feel good historical romance that I am happy to recommendI voluntary reviewed an Arc of The Viscount s Veiled Lady Whitby Weddings 3 All opinions expressed are entirely my own Reviewed By Beckie Bookwormhttpswwwfacebookcombeckiebookwormwwwbeckiebookwormco. Lly and emotionally she’s Londons Glory (Bryant May, led a solitaryife She cherishes their new friendship yet she can’t help but hope Arthur sees the beauty within