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Property jTlyust shrugs her shoulders and thinks I hope my memory comes back soon There s also a lack of tension over the fact Adam repeatedly declares his love to Chelsea and she must suare This With The Fact He Lied To with the fact he lied to and faked his death I wanted discussion of this Chelsea ust kind of gets over itBut it was an exciting story Adam and Chelsea are Initially Chased By Whoever Wants Adam Dead Before They Realise chased by whoever wants Adam dead before they realise need to fight back and instead take a proactive stance and head back to the site of where all the trouble started to find out who really wants Adam dead It made sure the ACTION AND SUSPENSE WAS STEADY FROM and suspense was steady from to finish It was also an obvious but nice metaphor for facing your past which is what Chelsea needs to do in regards to her amnesia and trusting Adam again and what Adam needs to do so he can stop spending his life on the runThis felt like a real book rather than something churned out for the Intrigue line which is what a lot of them feel like It would be interesting to see what Alice Sharpe could come up with if she wrote a full length novel outside of category romance. Carrying his child On the run from merciless killers Adam vows to protect Chelsea and their baby But once he reveals the truth will he lose the woman he loves a second ti.

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This is a interesting story Its a what if kinda situation I found the beginning interesting for we meet Chelsea Pierce who has lost someone The way the situation I found the beginning interesting for we meet Chelsea Pierce who has lost someone The way the is written it gives you a look at every possible situation something could happen You meet the hero who is supposed to be dead but this is were the mystery begins and Adam Parish s story begins Its a neat begins and Adam Parish s story begins Its a neat You get to see 2 people meeting again in a uniue situation Then they are given a problem to deal a uniue situation Then they are given a problem to deal Its a neat story with lots of suspense and action The problem is a real possibility and needs to be sorted out The ending is fun and uniue Its definitely worth a read Chelsea Pierce is headed to a cabin she believes belonged to her husband Stephen who has recently died as a way to commemorate his passing But the other passenger in the helicopter she s travelling in pulls a gun and the helicopter crashesAs it turns out Stephen is really Adam Parish and he faked his death in order to keep Chelsea safe He was in the witness protection program after testifying against a drug and child sex trafficker The passenger who caused. He “died” to save the woman he lovedNow her amnesia might save them bothFaking his death was the only way for Adam Parish to stay alive But when a suspicious helicopt. The helicopter to crash was An Assassin On His Way on his way
Take Out Adam Adam 
out Adam Adam the from his cabin and rescues Chelsea However when Chelsea comes to she has amnesia She can t remember anything about her life including Adam or the fact she s pregnantThe two must go on the run because Adam s attempt at faking his death hasn t worked and people are still after him Adam suspects it s the work of Devin Holton the man he testified against However there s a hint of mystery behind the murder of Adam s mother many years ago Could that somehow be playing into mattersA great read but as can be typical in this category the thrillersuspense element is better handled than the romance The amnesia angle didn t uite work paired as it was with the second chance love story Chelsea can t remember anything including her own family but can remember how to expertly fire a gun to get her and Adam out of a tricky situation Didn t really ring true with me I didn t get any sense of angst from Chelsea about not being able to remember anything That should have been a high stakes element of the story but she mos. Er crash reunites him with the woman he had to leave behind Adam knows they’re both in danger Unfortunately Chelsea Pierce doesn’t remember who he is or that she’s. .

Hidden Identity

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