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Ue the charity events at the ranch Macy Howell is Brock s assistant and live on the ranch She has been there since she was 18 and her mom #DIED LEAVING HER AN ORPHAN SHE #leaving her an orphan She up with Rhett and his siblings Her and Rhett were best friends until Rhett deiced to leave the ranch and abandon everyone including her She also had discover a

Secret About Rhett And His 
about Rhett and his that could chance everything She promised Brock that she would never reveal that secret She is also hiding her feelings for Rhett Now that Rhett is running the ranch can she keep her feeling to herself Will she tell Rhett the secret This is book 1 in the Red dog ranch series This whole series IS ABOUT THE JARRETT SIBLINGS I about the Jarrett siblings I enjoyed this book and I want to read the other books in this series when they come out This author is one of my all time favorites and when you read her books you cant help but be in a good mood I loved the dog nice added touch Do you know the heart of God in this matter Have you sought that out son Because that s valuable than a hundred memorized bible verses p 16What an emotionally compelling love story And I m gobsmacked that this is the first book I ve ever read by Jessica Keller hanging my head in shame Trust me it won t be the last one I read by this author She s a captivating storyteller and knows how to draw her readers into the heart of a storyAnd these two oh my frayed nerves they ust need each other so much but they are both too stubborn to give an inch stubborn as sunbaked cowhide p 69 in fact I love a second chance romance that puts me into a romantical dither and this one sure did I felt the angst the uncertainty the pain the fury thewell this one should definitely be accompanied by a healthy dose of comfort chocolateAnd the way Keller spins this tale not sure if I can describe what I mean but it s smooth and flowy with seamless transitions and perfectly balanced A oy to readAnd there s a dog people A Cheasapeake Bay retriever named Kodiak not a breed I ve come across in my real or fictional life but it s officialI want one now Plus Rhett is a cowboy and a dog trainer Be still my heart that s a lethal combination Oh and this is the first book in a new series I m pretty sure I know who gets their own book from a chorus line of interesting secondary characters Can t wait to see if I m righ. E and home together at lastFrom Love Inspired Uplifting stories of faith forgiveness and hope Enjoy Texas romance in the rest of the Red Dog Ranch seriesHis Unexpected ReturnThe Wrangler’s Last ChanceStarting Over in Texas.

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The Ranchers Legacy Red Dog Ranch #1This is a start for a new series for Ms Keller Red Dog Ranch series GREAT beginning I love this Series I did however read the books backwards you can read these out order if need be the family that runs Red Dog Ranch is an awesome family yes they have their struggles and lost but in the end they always stick together We need of these books like this to read There is so much depth to this book it kept me thinking and contemplating times in my life I enjoy Jessica Keller s writing it is so true to life particularly how she weaves God and faith into the daily lives of her characters Sometimes God has a plan for us that isn t even on our radar something we would never have considered on our own But God s plans are always the best if we would ust embrace Him and trust Him Easier said than done as Rhett is about to find out I did it because I love you I d do this every day if it made you happy I should have done this a long time ago I can t believe this is the first book that I ve read by Jessica Keller I should ve started way sooner because I really enjoyed this book I was uickly pulled into the plot line of this story Ms Keller did a fantastic ob describing each scene and she knew exactly what to say when explaining dementia and the job describing each scene and she knew exactly what to say when explaining dementia and the care program Social work holds a special place in my heartRhett Jarrett has returned home and finds out his father has left him "THE RED DOG RANCH IN HIS WILL PART OF "Red Dog Ranch in his will Part of inheritance states he must be willing to run the ranch or he ll forfeit what he s inherited Therefore Rhett is very stubborn especially since his ranch assistant is his childhood friend Macy Howell He doesn t give her the welcome that she deserves He really doesn t want any part of the ranch Macy Howell cares very much for the ranch and the kids that attend the summer programs Macy herself attended the ranch programs when she was a teenager That s one of the reasons the ranch and the Jarrett family hold a special place in her heart Macy holds a family secret that has been held deep inside for a long time That s something she promised to Brock Jarrett to never let spill out Will Macy convince Rhett how important Red Dog Ranch is to the community and the teenagers that attend there Will they make amends with each other I really enjoyed this story and I can t wait to read another book by th. Enjoy this sweet Texas romance from author Jessica KellerAn inheritance brings him homebut will love convince him to stayReturning home isn’t part of Rhett Jarrett’s plan until he inherits the family ranch from his fathe. ,
Is new favorite author I #received a complimentary copy of this book in order to give my honest opinion I #a complimentary copy of this book in order to give my honest opinion I not reuired To Like This Book All Opinions Stated like this book All opinions stated my own I LOVED THE RANCHER S LEGACY LOVED The Rancher s Legacy can t wait to read books in the Red Dog Ranch series Author Jessica Keller made the characters real and provided real life situations I liked the amount of conflict in the story because it made the story authentic I don t personally know much about children in foster care but everything made sense really enjoyed this story anxious to read of Jessica Keller I loved this book From its western theme to the themes of redemption and adoption it was beautifully written and kept me wanting I can t wait to read the rest of this series This author is fabulous with giving us a heartwarming romance while still dealing with very real life hard issues I had been reading a lot of Non Fiction books lately so I wanted to ust relax read something light hearted fun Well this book is that but so much It deals with Faith Family Friendship Forgiveness and Hope Once I picked this book up I had a hard time putting it down It is not your normal feel good novelette there is so much depth to it and it is short enough that it can be read in one weekendThis is the first book I have read by Jessica Keller but it will definitely not be my last I am especially looking forward to the upcoming books in the Red Dog Ranch miniseries Rhett Jarrett is happy being a dog trainer He is the owner and trainer of Straight Arrow Retrievers The best part is his business is 100 miles away from his dad and the ranch he grew up on He and his dad Brock had a disagreement years ago after his brother Wade died Red Dog ranch is the name of the ranch that his family owns After the sudden death of his dad Rhett finds out he has inherited the ranch but there are stipulations in the will He must run it the way his dad did or sell it to charity Red dog is a cattle ranch that has opened its doors to foster kids and kids that have fallen through the cracks Helping kids was Brock s passion and now he is forcing it on Rhett Because of Brocks generously Rhett soon discovers that the ranch is in financial trouble and hasn t made a profit in many years Will Rhett be able to get the ranch out of money trouble and begin to make a profit Will he contin. R Running it won’t be easy with his ranch assistant and childhood friend Macy Howell challenging all his decisions But a long buried family secret might help Rhett begin to see things Macy’s wayand allow them to find lov.