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Their Convenient Amish Marriage (Pinecraft Homecomings jTo listen to before bed especially when you re sick In the Castle Corona lives the discontented royal family In the village live the discontented orphans Pia and Enzio Eventually their paths crossI completely didn t get the point of this book Virtually nothing happened The characters changed somewhat but not a lot and I guess it wasust too subtle for me It reminded me of not a lot and I guess it was ust too subtle for me It reminded me of Cross which won the Newbery and I completely didn t get that either I tend to like books in which nothing happens but the nothing books I love always have a *Point A Wonderful World To *a wonderful world to interesting always have a point a wonderful world to explore interesting etc but I didn t get the point of this one at all I enjoyed this a lot but even so I found it undercooked at several points I don t think Creech was attempting a radical overhaul of the fairy tale genre or a fractured fairy tale approach the giveaway there for me was the introduction of Princess FabriziaIt would be wonderful to say that Princess Fabrizia was the strongest wisest bravest and kindest of all the King s children but alas she was frail and foolish and above all else afraid of every little thingSo not overt feminist revisioning here and that s fine there s plenty of them out there That said the characterisation generally is a little unsatisfying and I wish Creech had explored some of the things she sets up especially the idea introduced late in the piece that the Castle itself is alive Disappointingly she doesn t exploit or explore this concept in any meaningful way and the ending is a bit lameAnd yet and yet I still enjoyed it for all these flaw. Possession of a stolen pouch But not ust any pouch A pouch whose very contents had the power to unlock secrets and transform lives And oh there is an author But not ust any author Sharon Creech is a Newbery Medal winning author whose tantalizing tale will not only dazzle and delight but also entertain and exci.

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The Castle CoronaI went a little out of my way for THIS BOOK I DON T REALLY LIKE FANTASY BOOKS Book I Don T Really Like Fantasy Books Much I don t really like fantasy books that much this book made me want to read fantasy and of Sharon Creech It was a little hard to read at firstbut then I got used to it The story was also confusing I started to get the hang of it towards the middle of the book It as very hard to put down because so many things were happening at once and I ust had to keep reading For all those fantasy readers I would recommend this Another day another sky So cute I have loved almost everything Creech has ever written No one can capture the inner lives of her characters like Sharon Creech She writes with such tenderness for all her characters the reader can t help but feel the same Set in medieval times Castle Corona tells parallel stories of the people that live within and outside the castle walls My favorite character was the Wordsmith who occasionally entertains the court with the power of his stories Fans of Creech will not be disappointed with this one Creech sets the stage well enough there is a castle with a royal family of five useless discontent and rather stupid individuals In a nearby village there are a poor orphaned brother and sister And there are a couple of hermits The problem is that nothing happens The book is like a fairy tale twist short story that was somehow dragged out from 35 pages to 300 but without any additional action or character development The whole thing was Divine ecstasy, the story of Khajuraho just boring Even the illustrations which were pretty enough to start uickly became boring as they were reproduced over and ov. Long ago and far away There was a castle But notust any castle This was a castle that glittered and sparkled and rose majestically above the banks of the winding Winono River the Castle CoronaAnd in this castle lived a family But not ust any family This was the family of King Guido rich and royal and spoiled. ,
Er instead of adding new ones When I saw this I thought holy crap Sharon Creech wrote a fairy tale Yay Alas it started well but this I thought holy crap Sharon Creech wrote a fairy tale Yay Alas it started well but It s like she wrote it on the toilet but then finished shitting ust when it was getting good I don t think this is one of Sharon Creech s best books It is however a gently unfolding modern fairy tale which still makes it well worth reading A cute little story with lavish and unusual illustrations and Formatting That Made It that made it treat The deliberately stilted style and dreamy voice was very reminiscent of Gail Carson Levine I did think the ending rather unsatisfying but overall it was fun When I first started really reading on my own as kid I d go to the online public library catalog plug in random words I liked to the search field like castle or princess and then push the place a hold button on every single title that seemed remotely interesting Every time I went to the library to pick up my holds I d come back with at about 20 books This is how I ended up discovering this book or rather this audiobook since I ve never even seen the physical book itself As a child I loved the story castles and ueens and stories How could I not but later I realized what I really loved was how soothing the imagery is especially how the audiobook narrator delivers it Now after having relistened I m happy to say it withstands the test of time The story is certainly not for everyone there is very little substance in terms of plot and I don t think I would even enjoy it that much in book form but it s Amish Sweethearts just so peaceful and calming. And King Guido was so spoiled that neitherewels nor gold nor splendid finery could please him for what he longed for most was a nap and a gown that didn't itchFar below this grand glittering castle lived two peasants But not Call Me Dan just any peasants These peasants though poor and pitiful were plucky and proud And in.