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Investigating the American Union explores The Historical Of historical roots United States by examining the events that critically affected the country and continue to do so today The anthology features essays that focus on the time period of 1400 1900 from the time of Columbus and the exploration of the oceans through the emergence of the United States as a tru.

Investigating the American Union

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Onstitution topics of unity and divisiveness in a new world and how the early republic approached the geographic of a new nation and its social political implications In the final part Breaking the Union social and political implications In the final part Breaking the Union a Nation students read presidential politics the war over slavery economic development and the aftermath of emancipati. E nation The anthology is Divided Into Three Parts In into three parts in the readings progress in chronological order according to the overarching topic In Part I Foundations students read about early globalization imperial connections emerging frontiers and declarations of independence In Part II Creating the Union essays examine the framing and ratifying of the US