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I adored Down With Skool the first of four books featuring observations from that consummate blockhead Nigel Molesworth the self described curse of St Custard s an English boarding school in the 1950s When I had the chance to buy Molesworth an omnibus of all four books for a pittance I jumped at the chance As any fule kno what could be funMolesworth 1 so called by his schoolmasters and peers to distinguish him from his younger and stupider brother Molesworth 2 remains as ignorant lazy and pig headed as ever in How to Be Topp Whizz for Atomms and Back in the Jug Agane Down With Skool s three seuels Molesworth s spelling punctuation and syntax remain just as atrocious too Chiz chiz What also remains the same 60 years later thankfully are author Geoffrey Willans hilarious satire and illustrator Ronald Searle s masterful caricatures from the original booksMolesworth rants about the lack of importance of Latin French maths and even English in the nuclear age the perfidy and cruelty of schoolmasters the disappointment in discovering that Americans aren t all angsters and cowboys and the impertinence of new bugs aka first year pupils who Molesworth feels should tremble in the face of bugs aka first year pupils who Molesworth feels should tremble in the face of upperclassmen He spends much of his time daydreaming about life as a Roman an Elizabethan and an evolved egg shaped being from centuries in the future He Wife in Exchange good naturedly razzes hisrate friend and fellow philistine Timothy Peason and less The Eternal Ice (Magic: The Gathering: Ice Age Cycle, good naturedly denigrates that paragon Basil Fotherington Tomas sic While the seuels aren t as hilarious as Down with Skool they re still prettyood particularly Whizz for Atomms which is nearly its eual That book is the most hilarious when Molesworth waxes elouent about life outside of St Custard s The bits about Christmas the summer holidays the Dread Of Another Weedy Party of another weedy party a lot of weedy little Night And Day gurls and the schizophrenic nature ofrandmothers will make readers laugh out loud Nigel Molesworth despite being an uncultured dim witted slacker really captured my heart Here s to remembering that we like Molesworth and his felow oiks cads bulies and dirty roters overcame the superficiality and stupidity of youth and to cut some slack to the next Tennessee Takedown / Ravens Hollow generation As any fool knows Variously What an outrage or What a swindle I cannot tell if Molesworth is misspelling Fotherington Thomas or if it s actually Fotherington Tomas and Basil has a Portuguese or Spanish ancestor Have you ever sensed a kindred spirit upon hearing the words as any fule knoHas your trained ear been able to detect the difference between No and NoeHave you ever seen aerund cut a erundiveOr puzzled out the meaning of Caesar adsum jam forteOr cried THE PRUNES ARE REVOLTINGIf not you need to read these books Crie you mercie Mowlesworth Noe This was a wonderful trip down memory lane for me Molesworth like me first appeared in the 1950s. The Compleet Molesworth | Oxfam GB | Oxfam’s Willans Geoffrey The Compleet Molesworth Willans Geoffrey The Compleet Molesworth Get link; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Email; Other Apps December Our hero Nigel Molesworth Finished st December Length pages Rating ★★★★☆ Firstly hello all I trust you all had a ood Christmas? I did much fun was had and in another post I'll share with you some of the exciting Michaels Discovery (The Devaneys gifts Until couk the compleet molesworth Books Online shopping from areat selection at Books Store PDF⋙ The Compleet Molesworth by Geoffrey The Compleet Molesworth by Geoffrey Willans Ronald Searle PDF ePub eBook Dwnlad A story featuring the trials and tribulations of Nigel Molesworth at St Custards school Using his own brand of outrageous spelling it includes his advice on how to cope with bulies snekes rown ups and other chizzes From reader reviews Ernest Keeler Spent a free time and Review The Compleet The Compleet Molesworth

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School comedyThe Molesworth stories deal with the obviously fictitious St Custard s school or skool for Nigel s spelling is not especially accurate essentially a highly satarised version of what a typical English boarding school was like in the 1950s It appears that the authors took as their model the many school series around at that time such as Billy Bunter Jennings 5th Form at St Dominic s and such and then proceeded to stand them on their head taking the concepts to a wild and hilarious conclusion Ostensibly a series of essays written by the titular character on various aspect of what it s like to be a young Elizabethan Her Majesty ueen Elizabeth the second in case you were wondering the books are actually a romp that will leave anyone with a sense of the absurd helpless with laughter The canon abounds with amazing characters such as Grabber the Head Boy who has won every prize oing including the Miss Joyful Prize For Raffia Work Fotherington Thomas the utterly wet skool swot who Life Changing Smiles goes around talking to the clouds and flowers Nigel s brother Molesworth II mirate freind Peason and various sadistic masters new bugs bemused civilians and not to mention Prudence Entwhistle the Innocent Sins (Harlequin Presents, glamorous under matron But best of all is Nigel himself aentle detached scribe content merely to pass melancholy and philosophical observations on the absurdities of skool life complete with ink blots from his crossed pen nib This is that rare thing a true treasure of comedy And since this book brings together all the works in one anthology who could resist it Particularly rib tickling are Nigel s account of playing in the school football match told in the manner of an existentialist philosopher the account of a visit to the museum where the pupils hijack A Trane And Spend trane and spend whole afternoon singing the Davy Crockett theme Nigel s love affair with the Under Matron and the tale of the visiting French exchange student Armand But really you can dip anywhere into this volume and find something utterly brilliantGiven that they made a series of movies about Searle s Only a Whisper girls school St Trinians recently remade surely a Molesworth movie is way overdue I for one would ueue all night for tickets I first read this book when I was at a school that could have been the model for St Custards and Iot into trouble for being unable to control my hysterical laughter I Cannot Listen To The cannot listen to the past of the Rifle Brigade without laughing The writing is beautiful as are the illustrations This is a must read for anybody who enjoys a belly laugh and the repeated cocking of snooks at the English and their societies One of the funniest books I have ever read And re read And re re read times without number A Copper Lake Secrets gauranteed pick me up no matter how down you are Do ye ken John Plunk in his tinkle tinkle zing will be with me forever Advanced Forthright Signifficant. T Fegg’s Nasty Book for Boys Girls’ does it for me A friendave me a copy Of It When I Was And It Was The First it when I was and it was the first I’d come across the work of the sorely missed Martin Honeysett Roger Penwill Russell Brockbank was a very early influence He had a cartoon in the back of the weekly The Motor in the ’s and The Compleet Molesworth Willans Geoffrey The Compleet Molesworth Complete works of the Molesworth saga with superb illustrations by RONALD SEARLE Black hard cloth boards ilt lettering to spine browned pages creasing and losses unless otherwise noted Nigel Molesworth Wikipedia The Compleet Molesworth Molesworth Penguin reprint ISBN ; They are part of a British tradition of children's books set at boarding schools school stories which includes the Billy Bunter stories the Jennings novels and most recently the Harry Potter books Unlike these others however the Molesworth books do not consist of linear storylines but. .
And we had all the books in the house when I was a child I agree with Philip Hensher a ood 10 years younger than me who wrote the introduction to this anthology I thought they were children s books when I was a child and now that I am an adult think they are books for adults about childhoodTrue it s ostensibly a kind of childhood that at first Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti Devotional Study Guide glance seems very much removed from anything that we know today post war private boarding school corporal punishment the norm but that doesn t in any way detract from the books charms They are uite simply hilariously funny and sarcastic and cynical too Post war Britain as seen through the jaundiced eye of a child And so full of uotes This was the first time I had read Molesworth since at least 35 years ago and I was tickled to discover how many little things that I say regularly originated in these pages I first read How to be Topp when I was very young It was on my father s bookshelf pushed haphazardly in among the erudite and literary offerings of George Orwell and the poetry of Byron My father an English teacher loved that book I loved it too and revisited it many timesUntil I chanced upon this compilation of the three Molesworth books jammed into one volume I had no idea that they were so popular I thought dad s book was a uirky obscure little volume I ve been reading Molesworth over the past few weeks picking it up and putting it down laughing at the lines appreciative of its comedicenius Simply a Plain Jane The Hotshot great series of booksI m not marking this as a kid s book I think it is best appreciated by adults Asood as ever A book to skim laugh at then put away for another few years Not a ud way to lurn to spel You do not review Molesworth you can only pay homage to one of the funniest creations in English literature Almost 60 years since Nigel Molesworth the curse of St Custards turned a withering eye on the English public school system the British class system and life in eneral his four masterpieces Down With Skool How to be Topp Whizz for Atoms and Back in the Jug Agane are still as fresh as the day they were written The collaboration of Geoffrey Willans who crafted the inimitable prose and even inimitable spelling and Ronald Searle who drew the matchless illustrations produced a little world of surreal perfection which is still mercifully open to those who can leave their Blackmailed Into the Italians Bed grown upness outside the creakingates of St Custard s Chiz I think while riting this revew I HAVE BEEN CHANELING FOTHERINGTON TOMAS YOU KNO HE SA been chaneling fotherington tomas you kno he sa clouds hullo sky he is a irlie and love the scents and sounds of nature as any fule kno According to the listing in Goodreads this book is by Geoffrey Willans In fact it s a dual effort Ronald Geoffrey Willans In fact it s a dual effort Ronald being the other contributor and the latter s zany way out illustrations contribute as much as the text to this work being one of the all time classics of. Olesworth Geoffrey The Compleet Molesworth by Geoffrey Willans Ronald Searle Tim Rice on January st Genres Fiction General Humor Humorous Literary Satire Goodreads ISBN This Post Contains Affiliate Humorous Literary Satire Goodreads ISBN This post contains affiliate which you can use to purchase the book If you buy the book using that link I will receive a small commission from the sale “The Compleet Molesworth” | Walk Memory Lane Hence The Compleet Molesworth was born The books in the anthology include Down with Skool A Guide to School Life for Tiny Pupils and their Parents How to Be Topp A Guide to Sukcess for Tiny Pupils Including All There is to Kno about Space Whizz for Atomms A Guide to Survival in the th Century for Fellow Pupils their Doting Maters THE COMPLEET MOLESWORTH de THE COMPLEET MOLESWORTH | | ISBN | Kostenloser Versand fr alle Bcher mit Versand und Verkauf duch The Complete Molesworth | Professional The Complete Molesworth is a strong contender but perhaps ‘Ber.

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