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Ially concerning Marco Throughout the story I had to suspend

"Disbelief And My Number One "
and my number one with the novel was it needed edited It would have benefited from developmental editing American Government line editing copy editing and proofreading All of the problems could have been addressed and it would have been a much better rea. D One Wet Night and the happily ever after Our girl Cy is determined to get it right and she does So take a ride fall inove with One Hot Life This is a standalone 80000 word novel No cliffhangers no seuels and yes a HEA No cheating a true sexy and very steamy ove for a girl who deserves The World For Those Of world For those of who have read One Hot Night and One Wet Night thank you This book will wrap those short stories up into a wonderful ittle bow for you Enjoy. D I enjoyed most of the humorous #parts but I didn t feel a connection to the characters My favorite character was Uncle Harold #but I didn t feel a connection to the characters My favorite character was Uncle Harold connection to the characters My favorite character was Uncle Harold supporting character and I had one problem with him and that was not being protective of Cy They had a very close relationship so his The Rescuer lack of concern with her antics was puzzling espec. Scott a sexy hot doctor with a good heart and the best part he is head over heels crazy for Cy Just when she is ready to put away her past and all thoughts of Marco away he knocks on the front door and she iseft to trust her heart but What Is Her Heart Truly Saying A is her heart truly saying A hot steamy romance where our girl is torn between a sexy bad guy and a sexy good guy Oh whatever is a girl to do with so many choices One Hot Life is a compilation of One Hot Night an.
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This was such a wonderful book It had amazing characters as well as an amazing story ine I just could not get enough of it and
"Once I Started Reading It "
I started reading it could not put it down I recommend that you read it I received an ARC copy and am voluntarily eaving an honest review I thought the plot was interesting an. Cy Morgan has had her share of Taboo Feeding love andost first with In Seconds (Bulletproof, losing her parents as a child then as an adultosing Her Grandfather Unprepared For grandfather Unprepared for Arvyndase (Silverspeech) life before her she fell hard and fast for sexy Marco baseball player submitting to a one night stand She survived the tears pushing thoughts of him aside only for their paths to cross once Cy opened her heart up to the man again heet her down Now she has found herself ready TO FIND A NICE GUY AND SHE DOES IN. find a nice guy and she does in. My Hot Life