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The World's Best Bartenders' GuideI ve got 3 books on drinks 2 on scotch and 4 on beer Yes I love a good drink at a bar and my favorite bar is my own Its where my wife can ask the bartender for a sidecar and I can consult Higgen s Bar s recipe for the Sideca. Anyone can master the art of mixing the erfect drink with all the confidence style and anache seen in the world's finest bars and restaurants How Ask the rofessionals Now for the first time today's leading bartenders from the 50 best bars in the world reveal the secrets the 50 best bars In The World Reveal The Secrets The the world reveal the secrets the cocktail with special variations recipes for. .
R What s a sidecar short its a classic 40 s 50 s drink which went out of fashion when martini became the rage Imagine a margarita made with brandy triple sec lime and lemon and a little sugar with sugar on the rim of Rare and exotic drinks special secrets and tips of the rofessionals and other tricks of the trade that characterize the best mixologistsEvery home bartender will be mixing shaking and Chasing After Infinity pouring drinks tolease the most discerning guest tropical drinks from award winning Caribbean bartenders hearty drinks from Irish ubs and specialt.

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He glass Its my favorite discovery from this book Also useful and interesting in here Mojitos Martinis Ward Eights Americanos and a number of Martinis Ask me about my favorite martini and I ll be uoting Ian Fleming by the way. Y cocktails from Montreal Seattle Key West Beverly Hills Boston Hong Kong and dozens of other cities and from the very best West Beverly Hills Boston Hong Kong and dozens of other cities and from the *Very Best And BartendersIncludes Spirits Supplies Wine *best and bartendersIncludes spirits supplies wine beer recipes ambiance what makes a top bartender glassware garnishes hosting the Interplay: The Process of Interpersonal Communication perfect cocktailarty drinking ethics and etiuette cocktail legend and lor.

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