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Big Little Man eSo happy was hoping for it since he showed up Also the close friendship bonds in this book were amazing Loved how close they all because like family Demigods academy year one 5 stars completely deserved This is an awesome and brilliant read A must read for anyone who likes reading about the godsOh my word thatnding It had me grinning from The Man from Beijing ear toarThis is a brilliantly written story Over the years that i really got into reading and the 500 something fictional books i have read this is up there at the top with the bestThe world building is superb set in a fabulous story line A world brimming with adventure action humour friendship with a touch of romanceI Creating Lasting Value enjoyedvery aspect of the story it pulled me in and kept me Understanding Markets and Strategy entertained and on thedge of my seat throughoutI loved the characters Melany Blue i felt she is written beautifully As are all the other characters Elisa S A and kiera Legend you are both Absalutely brilliant and Montana Dreams excellent writers with the most wonderful imaginationsI can t wait to find out what happens next in Year 2 Bring it on This was such a good book I look forward to books two and threeThe pacing and plot werexcellent In terms of being an academy book specifically I really appreciated that it kept classes and learning the whole way through as many drop them in favor of romance or mystery This managed to incorporate romance and a bit of them in favor of romance or mystery This managed to incorporate romance and a bit of well along with a good group of characters I look forward to seeing all of them become fleshed out as the series goes on As for the main character Melany I loved her She was smart and strong without being idiotic I Immerwelt - Der Pakt enjoyed watching her mistakes and triumphs I alsonjoyed her relationship with Lucien I loved that he wasn t the typical closed off asshole love interest Nope He was actually respectful caring kind handsome and really awesome I uite like him and hope he and Melany continue their romance in later books Overall this Modern South Asia ended up being better than Ixpected and I read it in a day Melany was an xcellent heroine and the plot provided an interesting academy with cool classes a bit of intrigue and some fun romance I do hope that her friends get a bit fleshed out as the books go on I look forward to book 2 after that nding Awesome book 5 stars 355 I received a free audiobook from the author in Ancestral Voices exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own This was such an interesting story I loved the concept of Demigods going to school to learn how to harness their powers Melany never received her own Shadowbox a gift from the godsveryone receives on their 18th birthday When Callie Demos a girl with And Bid Him Sing everything whom Melany s adopted mother works for isn t invited to join the Army of the gods Melany is left to clean up the Shadowbox As soon as she touches it she feels magic When she looks inside she finds an invitation to the Army How could Callie have missed it When Melany risks taking Callie s spot she isn t sure she ll find a spot to fit in After all no onelse has wanted this blue haired tatted orphan girl yet I really njoy school stories and this was no different I loved seeing the various different classes One thing that was different was that all of the demigods seemed to have powers not just only from their "Godly Lineage Having To Pass "lineage Having to pass to be invited into the army after schooling was intense The trials they all FACED WERE NO JOKE I LOVED were no joke I loved Melany protect her friends and make sure Toos all over my arms I’m not like Callie Demos the beautiful blondie living in the huge state my adopted mother takes care of She is the perfect specimen of Greek devotion and nobody doubts she will get “the call” She has Bones, Clones, and Biomes everything in her life and doesn’t appreciate any of it Her birthday party is the biggestvent in town and Bringing the Empire Home everyone wants to be there when she receives her blessing To me it’s just another ridiculous parade But when I secretly open her Shadowbox and feel its magic on my skin all my beliefs vanish Gods doxist And if the scroll in my hands says the truth they have a secret academy where their recruits train to become demigods I’ve done really bad things in my life but stealing Callie’s opportunity to attend the God’s Academy It’s got to be the worst If Gods find out I’m a faker what was supposed to be someone ls. ,
DNF 33%Unfortunately this one as well wasn t for me I felt myself pulling away and then I just couldn t get back into it Maybe one day I may return For nowit is dnf Great start to this series and what an nding This book For nowit is dnf Great start to this series and what an Building the Cold War ending This book me up really uickly and though there is still uite a bit of mystery and thatnding was like whhhhaaaaatt I feel like we are really headed for some greatness in the next booksFMC Melany decided to attend Demigod Academy on a whim not actually believing that the gods really taught Upon barely arriving Melany realizes real uick all the stories are true and knows that she has tricked and stolen her way in Now she is going to have to fake it till she makes it through the classes so no one realizes she is an impostor that is until she not only starts doing well in the classes but also Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F) excelling at almostverything The gods know something isdifferent about Melany but no one can tell her what the difference is specially since they all seem distracted by the goings on in the world natural disasters have started occurring all over the world and Melany is suspicious of some of the gods behavior They may actually have some answers but she has to get through the school year in order to find things out got to say that Melany is pretty great she is boarder line too hostile but always reigns it in just as she starts going overboard She also doesn t seem to take no crap from anyone which usually means shes swimming in some crap she done stirred up lol Can t wait to walk the mysteries unfold in this story On to the next one Couldn t put this book down loved itI ve been reading several different academy books and some are very good and some didn t uite hold my attention and I lost interest but this book kept me glued to the pages and now looking forward to the next book in the series It was uite interesting reading about gods and demigods instead of vampires werewolves witches and dragons and I do love my Dragon stories so I m not putting them down it s just a refreshing change from the usual Looking forward to the rest of the series This was a great story Melany to the rest of the series This was a great story Melany several ups and downs throughout the book and truly learns about who she is as a person And she is one spitfire not letting anyone push

her around which 
around which get her into some troubleThrow in some conniving Gods into the mix and dark shadows and there is no telling where she may go The jerk who may not be a jerk Lucian also has to come to terms with the boy he grow up as and the man he wants to be And the spark between him and Melany xcited to she how big of a fire the will grow into The build of not only the main characters but the side characters are great they grow with Dancing at Armageddon every meeting And sorry to say but the last line of the book will only leave you wanting I recieved an Advanced Review Copy of this bookWhere do I start I was soxcited to get to read this book in advance Been awhile since I have read a good demigod book Also I love Elisa S A s work I have to say this book was fantastic I loved Melany s characters She had spirt and was a badass really I love when a MC female character isn t helpless Also Lucian omg he sounded hot I felt the connection between them I was rooting for them but I have to say I was way to happy with Hades showed up I really want Melany with him idk why That fantasy played into my head where he kept protecting her and chose her Shocked by the Double Jeopardy ending but was. HARRY POTTER MEETS PERCY JACKSON On theirighteenth birthday Composition and Literature everyone in the world receives a Shadowbox a magic box that is a gift like no other because it’s a gift from the Gods For the majority of people there’s only a birthday message inside their Shadowbox For a few chosen though there’s something Nobody knows what those special guys receive What’s known is that they disappear and never come back Rumors say they are invited to join the Gods’ Army I think it’s just a load of crap My name is Melany Richmond and for myntire life I’ve been an outcast an orphan tossed around like a ship in a storm I don’t think that gods really Cezanne and Provence exist I neverven received my Shadowbox when I turned Dark Voices eighteen Maybe because nobody knows my true birth date or because notven the gods care about me Afterall I'm a blue haired rebel and troublemaker with tat. Hey passed alongside her Guessing Contested Reproduction everyone s godly parentage was a really fun part of the story I wasn t right on all counts but I m mostxcited to see what will happen with Melany after her claiming I also Divided by Color (American Politics and Political Economy Series) enjoyed seeing Melany s powers grow alongside her relationships with her friends The romance between Lucian and Melany was so much fun and I can t wait to see of them I absolutely loved this book There isn t a single thing I would change It is the perfect blend of fantasy and romance The romance doesn t get in the way of the story of the characters becoming soldiers it onlynhances it And Vice Versa I Can vice versa I can wait for year two Need it now Demigods Academy is an absolute blast I loved Creating Country Music every minute of this book and am absolutelyager for Melaney is an outsider Her 18th birthday came and went and she never received the famed Shadowbox that all other kids have received on their 18th birthday Well get ready for a surprise Her friend Callie just turned 18 All her life she and her family have gone and paid tribute to the gods in the hopes that she would get the coveted invitation to their academy Wellwhen things do go as she thought the Blacklands epic opening of the box to big fanfare the coveted invitationtc she throws the Shadowbox down in a tantrum Melaney doesn t Evolutionary Patterns expect a reaction from the box but that sxactly what she gets when she picks up But the surprises don t stop thereMelaney discovers a scroll that is the coveted invitation Instead of putting it back and giving it to Callieshe keeps it and determines to go and test her fate against the gods uestion iswill she make it Or fail Evolution As Entropy epically Either waythere is no turning backDemigods Academy Year One is a fantastic Young Adult Supernatural academy novel You will most definitely see the references to Harry Potter and Percy Jackson in this book I absolutely loved it Melaney finding the invitation and keeping itven reminded me of the ballet movie Leap But I couldn t help but uestionwhat if she was meant to have it Melaney is Uite Refreshing In My Opinion refreshing in my opinion often authors give readers main characters with a ton of attitude to drown the world in and it just never stops Melaney while she does have some attitude doesn t wave it around like she s so angry at the world and that she doesn t care who knows it I was so relieved when this aspect of her shown through She goes from being Forging Gay Identities essentially friendless to having a couple of uniue friends I like how they come together and are kind toach other Of course there is the Forbidden History expected bully who is out to prove that Melaney doesn t belong but that just amps up the drama Of course when Melaney isn t getting on the wrong side of a couple of her teachers Is there anything that I don t like about this book Absolutely not Normally if there is too much attitude from a character I will definitely howl about it but the author does anxcellent job keeping the attitude to a minimum and doesn t just throw it around like she has the world s biggest chip on her shoulder For those of you who don t like cliffhangerssorry not sorry but buckle up buttercup cuz its a comin I am rating this book 5 out of 5 stars I loved it and couldn t get Fiche Blian ag Fás enough of it I need Preferably soon Haha If you like fantasyparanormal novels and academy style books then this one will be a good fit for you The gods aren t just figureheads in this book They are the characters too I m sure that you ll love it as much as I did. E’s gift may turn into my personal curse MAGIC ADVENTURES FRIENDSHIP As a huge fan of Greek mythology I absolutely adored jumping into a world where all of my favorite gods and goddesses come to life Canada Starkey ★★★★★ MUST READ All the characters locations and scenarios are written in such detail that you imagine being amid the Academyxperiencing the training and trials alongside Melany and her friends and Esteem Enlivened by Desire enemies OMG what annding Andwhen can we xpect Year Two Author Danah Logan ★★★★★ The plot twists had me devouring this book in one day Ivy on Goodreads ★★★★★ Demigods academy is a Young Adult Urban Fantasy novel for readers of all ages Perfect for fans of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson It's NOT a Reverse Harem Demigods Academy Year Two releases in September 2019 Demigods Academy Year Three releases in October 201. .

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Demigods Academy Year One
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