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Desire Island The Niece

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Audrey has a problem She’s already 20 years old and she can’t live alone The second she is alone she’s afraid of her own shadow This summer her mother is away from home and the dorms at her college are closed meaning no mother and no oommate to keep her company Luckily her uncle steps in and offers her the chance of the lifetime He allows her to spend the summer on his private tropical island She jumps at the chance not knowing what happens on his island The truth is that he uns a BDSM esort where people can live out their wildest dreams He tells two grown sons to watch her so She’ll Out The never find the ,
But Audrey is a curious young lady and she sneaks off and gets than an eyeful when she spies on guests gets than an eyeful
When She Spies On 
she spies on guests isn’t thrilled when hears that his step cousin is going to be spending the summer with them She’s clearly a Little and he’s never had any patience for Littles When his father informs him that he expects him to help hide the family business from her Danny is naturally upset He hates spending time with her and he hates that he can’t get her out of his head even when he isn’t with her When he catches her watching guests having sex he takes the opportunity to blow off some steam by giving her the spanki.
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Ng she so thoroughly deserves When he How to Write Essays realizes that he has feelings for her he tries to distance himself from her knowing that he could never be the Daddy she needs him to be But this is aomantic tropical esort with areas for making love and giving spankings everywhere It’s impossible for him to stay away from her Warning This BDSM book has a very sexy Alpha Daddy Dom and a very sweet Little who desperately needs a daddy to love her This book includes intense sex scenes that contain strong elements from the BDSM scene However the emphasis is on Adult Age PLAY IF SUCH MATERIALS OFFEND YOU THIS MAY NOT If such materials offend you this may not the book for yo.

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