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S already so much ahead of him this book is a graphic novel is about third generation Pokemon games Ruby and Sapphire It represents the story within the games with a funny and action filled Story I Recommend This Book To People I recommend this book to people like video games and graphic novels You know what would make this manga ven better Shoehorning in some game mechanics said no one verThis volume was a struggle The original stories of Red Blue Yellow and Green blended the video game stories everThis volume was a struggle The original stories of Red Blue Yellow and Green blended the video game stories Pokedex stuff well nough that it didn t feel like you were Alter Ego either reading a wikipedia article or reading a bad copy of the game mechanics Ruby and Sapphire seems to be struggling with that a lotThe battles are fine until they start shoving in abilities and feel the need toxplain them and to show the Pokedex ntries in which happens a lot So much so that it slows battles down immensely Add to that the game mechanic info dumps about the new berry names what they taste like the Pokeblock mini game and Pokemon personalities and their favorite tastes and the story just stops It doesn t flow like the original Adventures And Gold Silver And and Gold Silver and for a frustrating start and stop methodYeah I get that contests are a new thing I get the ingenious use of new Pokemon abilities need to be xplained in painful detail because they weren t technically a thing before Ruby Sapphire though previous stories seemed to use them without call. Eighty days But their paths keep crossing While Ruby seeks a beautiful new Pokémon in Dewford Town to help him win Pokémon Contests he runs into Sapphire who is challenging the local Gym Leader to improve her Pokémon battle skills Together. 4 stars A hist ria Uncommon Wisdom est come ando a se desenvolver legal Better than the last volume but still not uite 4 stars Stillnjoying how the lements of the games are incorporated into these books This was a cute manga Okay first you have to get over the fact that the character Ruby is actually a boy But apart from that it was pretty Awesome Not Only Was It Adventurous But The Artwork Was Not only was *it adventurous but the artwork was manageable Nice noYep this is *adventurous but the artwork was manageable Nice noYep this is pretty awsome manga It seems to be infinite there s like 40 volumes or something now I really liked this chapter This is the first manga I have read in 2018 I am re reading this series until the new volume comes out and I am just trash for Pokemon still This follows Ruby Sapphire who ach make a pact with one another to come out as Champions of their respective interests battles and Contests However their journey in this chapter is interrupted as they fight Team Magma I love both of the main characters they are different from the previous main characters and the Art evil teams seem much of a threat than Team Rocketver Did Some Cheesy Moments Some cheesy moments as Steven saying he needs allies to defeat two God Is in the Crowd evils to anleven year old he just met but good overall I m really Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard enjoying the pacing of Ruby Sapphire it s moving at the same clip as previous arcs in terms of action but the plot feels much less disjointed than it has in the past Ugh can Ruby pleasenter a contest already Sapphire. Adventures inspired by the best selling Pokémon video games All your favorite Pokémon game characters jump out of the screen into the pages of this action packed mangaRuby and Sapphire go their separate ways to achieve their dreams in just. .

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Ing them such Berries have actual names now and tastes And Stuff I Get It There S A Lot Of stuff I get it There s a lot of mechanics in these gamesYou know what The Matriarchs (The Family else The first 14 volumes didn t feel the need to hold our hand andxplain to us how Pokemon battles worked Notes for the Everlost either The original Pokemon Adventures was a tie in the the Pokemon universe thatxpected you d be familiar with the universe already ven in the Gold Silver story arcsMaybe it s because Ruby Sapphire so far are totally independent from other Adventures and they think new people are joining in starting with these volumes and they think new people are joining in starting with these volumes maybe it s because Ruby Sapphire weren t nearly as big a phenomena as the originals and so Kusaka sensei xpected people to not know anything about this new stuff I can t say why these are treating us like we have the mental capacity of a 6 year old with the patience of a saint but I can say this isn t really working for meAdmittedly part of it is too that I never really liked Ruby Sapphire as gamesI ll give this story arc one volume to see if it gets better now that most of the new game mechanics have been No Biggy! explained but if morale doesn t improve I ll just jump ahead to the Fire Red Leaf Green section I assume that it will have nothing to do with this one just like this one doesn t seem to have anything to do with those beforeI hate to be so hard on RS but after the bar was set so high in the original batch this just doesn t compar. Our intrepid Trainers attempt to deliver an important letter What does it say and who is the mysterious recipient Plus can Ruby and Sapphire preventvil Team Magma from stealing a strange new technologyReads R to L Japanese Style for all ag. Pokemon Adventures Volume 16 Pokemon RubySapphire