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Cal or pathetic like a lot of girls around THAT ERA TENDED TO BEI REALLY DID NOT LIKE era tended to beI really id not like mum Caitlin thoughshe was never Spring Comes to Sanctuary (Welcome to Sanctuary, done moaning and whining about everything She made theecision to stand by her Ask the Past daughter and say the baby was hers but she never let up about what a whole lot of trouble it was for her and refusing to help in anyway She only seemed to get worse as the story went ona real self centred cowThe only big letdown for me was the ending which was utter craplike talk about coincidencesas if Glynis would just happen to meet up with him out of nowhere after all this timejust wise up It totally ruined the whole book for me then as it was so enjoyable until then The whole ending was totally rushed andidn t even have a proper endingit was ridiculous It s as if there s a few chapters missing from it somewhere or at least there should be Very predictable Does not touch feelings of the characters Unemotional Tells a story of struggles but the characters are too trite to feel true. And Riding Class (Saddle Club, dies they have no option but to move into an even sualid neighbourhood But Ruth is stilletermined to keep their secret at all costs That is until their father Silver Stirrups (Saddle Club, dies unexpectedly and an everesperate Ruth and Glynis find themselves living hand to mout.

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A Love Like OursEnjoyable but needs to read with a pinch of salt Some troubles were solved without any explanation and suddenly But overall enjoyed it Really enjoyed it especially the iversity of characters and the ever changing scenes and circumstances Can t wait to try another Rosie Harris book wasn t sure i was going to like t sure I was going to like book as its set in the early 1900 s ariound the first world war bit I m loving it Maybe because its uite ifferent to the contemporary books I normally choose to read Set in Wales at the time of the Great War A young teen girl is uped into sexual ACTIVITY WITH A MARRIED MAN AND WHEN SHE BECOMES with a married man and when she becomes he oesn t want to know Ruth s mother Goldilocks the Three Bears decides they will go and stay with her ill mother and say the baby is hers when they return Ruth s father is conscripted so heoesn t have to know The women carry off the ruse but young Ruth has to leave school and look for work as well as care for the baby Over the course of the story Ruth and her sister Glinis lose their re. They shared a secret no one must ever knowWhen seventeen year old Ruth Davies' father is invalided out of the Great War the whole family has little choice but to move to the infamous Tiger Bay area of Cardiff Not only faced with a life of adversity Ruth an. Latives to the poor living conditions and effects of the war Glinis runs amok with the poor children and gets into trouble Oddly a amok with the poor children and gets into trouble Oddly a who speaks with Ruth at first refers to Glinis as her sister but once calls her her aughter proofreading error I think Will they ever find happiness This story shows the hardship of life at that time with no social support and no job security the returning soldiers were either very injured or needed their jobs back so women workers id not fare well This is an okay story but never really grabs the reader s heart uick EndingThis was okay reading went on a bit and I got a bit bored at times Ending could have been a bit imaginative A love like oursA thoroughly good read Lots of bad times that you think its the worst then it gets worse again Then an abrupt ending A brilliant fantastic book that had me hooked from the first page Good story with good characters made it really enjoyable I id like Ruth Daviesshe was a tough character who wasn t whimsi. D her mother Caitlin also share a secret one that no one else must ever knowRuth and Caitlin's wages are barely enough to put food on the table let alone pay rent And an barely enough to put food on the table let alone pay the rent And neglected young Glynis runs wild When Caitlin contracts tuberculosis.