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Sign Talker The Adventure of George Drouillard on the Lewis and Clark Expedition

James Alexander Thom ↠ 6 SUMMARY

E they returned This is a subject I m really amiliar with not only rom books but having lived and traveled in places where the Corps spent significant time The marvelous thing about this book is That It Is Told From An Indian it is told rom an Indian Lewis instead of being lionized is many times ridiculed as just another whiteman The views of the author happen to rest easily on me and they have little to do with Jefferson in particular Not only did the subject of the book and its viewpoint grip me but the writing was exemplary Factual accounts that invoked emotions An almost perfect historical novel as ar as I m concerned I do hope I have an opportunity to meet THE AUTHOR ONE OF THESE DAYSTHE author one of these daysThe compliment I can pay this book is that it took me orever to read I savored it so Reading and re reading pages to absorb the act and experience the emotions In retrospect I didn t read this book I experienced it I loved this book What a great way to read about the expedition I wish all history could be written this way The alternate point of view presented by the narrator provided several ahh *Ha Moments And Even A *moments and even a chuckles This book opened my eyes to the Lewis and Clark Expedition I very much appreciated the perspective of Drouillard who was half Native American and half French I had no idea how unlikely it was that they survived the trip at all Neither the Native Americans nor the rigors of the trip killed them off surprisingly I liked this book or the interesting perspective of Native American Life It held my interest to the end. Ian woman Sacagawea who will play a crucial role in negotiations with the Western tribesAfter plunging into an unforgiving land and near madness the triumphant achievement of two captains will be eclipsed by an overwhelming tragedy that will touch not only Meriwether Lewis and the Megaman Battle Network 3 White and Blue Official Strategy Guide frontier tribes but George Drouillard himself A magnificent tale told with intelligence and insight Flint and Steel isull of song and suffering humor and pathos James Alexander Thom has created the rarest reading experience one that entertains us even as it shows us a new vision of our nation our past and ourselves From the Hardcover editio. ,
I can tell Nice to get a perspective of the expedition rom a Native American rather than the Euro centric Manifest Destiny view that dominates history in the US I ve really enjoyed Alexander Thom s other books about the Lewis Clark expedition I expected to ind of the same in this book as so many of his books overlap But it is very different and I enjoyed it greatly I Didn *T Realize That George Drouillard Was An Indian didn *T Realize That George Drouillard Was An Indian Though *realize that George Drouillard was an Indian even though had a French Soy Sisters father I always thought with a name like George he was probably raised as a white man This book presented the the expedition through the eyes of a Native American Great book I would recommend reading From Sea to Shining Seairst to get the Clark viewpoint of the expedition Everything about Lewis Clark s Voyage of Discovery interests me since reading about Sacajawea many years ago I have read the journals Stephen Ambrose s books been on accessible parts of the route visited Fts Mandan Clatsop the museums So when this book popped up on one of ebook bargain sites I bought it was not disappointed We were taught in school that Sacajawea was with Lewis and Clark Tacar Dánta/Selected Poems for the whole trip as their interpreterboy did we get scammed And George Droulliard got a raw deal in Lewis and Clark historyAsor James Alexander Thomstill at the top of my avorite writers right now This is a book by a Bloomington author James Alexander "Thom about the Lewis Clark expedition the Corps of Discovery that went rom St Louis to Oregon and back "about the Lewis Clark expedition the Corps of Discovery that went A Womans Guide to Fasting from St Louis to Oregon and back Th Jefferson was president Madison was president by the tim. Captains need an extraordinary hunter who will be able to provide the expedition withresh game and a sign talker to communicate with the native tribes They choose George Drouillard It is Drouillard an actual historical Hermann Zapf and His Design Philosophy figure who becomes our eyes and ears on this unforgettable odysseyDrouillard a metis raised among the Shawnee cannotathom what drives the two men Nor can he help but admire their ingenuity and courage as they tackle the journey into the unknown Along the way he watches as they shrewdly shape and discipline their I Know Who You Are force adding French Canadian rivermen to guide the expedition up the Missouri and an Ind.