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Pposed to be The little guys who pick up a picture book with Santa on the cover are

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going to interest when it turns into not a Christmas story And the older ones who actually appreciate the message and recognize their own ability to make positive changes are probably not going to impulsively grab a book like this off the shelf And either way it needs to be read in a setting a book like this off the shelf And either way it needs to be read in a setting there can be lots of iscussion between child and reader parent teacher librarian etc Would efinitely be harder for the storytimes I run simply based on my average age and number of attendeesIn short a bit above average Like I said I enjoy the illustrations It s a cute idea and tackles an important subject However the execution seems awkward and a bit forced Not just a story that opens a subject to iscussion but one that necessitates the Dark Ties (Broken Saints Society discussion in order to understand the story Go for a paper book not the Kindle version In terms of storyline this was a bit over my three year old s head But she listened because she s into Santa Next year we may buy her a paper copy of this because the Kindle version isn t great There are some odd typosconversion errors in the letter from the author at the beginning and some of the text wasn t easy to read on a Kindle But I really like the plot and the message Everyone should be encouraged to read this to their children and students America could use this basic education on global warming Santa and global warming Lol Now I ve read everything This was comedy at its finest 0 stars. E knows better than any other the children Much to Santa's joy they respond in a way that makes all theifference in the worldWhen Santa Turned Green helps even the youngest child grasp the importance of caring for our planet and solving the climate crisis Former Vice President Al Go.
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REVIEW When Santa Turned Green

When Santa Turned GreenI would not consider this a Christmas story even though it involves Santa It starts with a note from the author saying she wanted a non scary way it involves Santa It starts with a note from the author saying she wanted a non scary way teach her children about global warming My 9 year old enjoyed it than my 5 year old As a parent I liked that the end had ideas for children to help the earth When global warming makes the North Pole start to melt Santa Yolandas Genius decides he musto something about it He consults the super smart children of the world who all makes lots of tiny changes and save the ay I really like the illustrations but wonder if the message is too scary wonder if the message is too scary books itelf was also constructed using green methods Wanted to read Christmas story and this was the only available ebook that was not checked out at my library Two things aren t real in this story So message heavy I was laughing out loud Santa gives helpful tips to kids can o to help our planet I ll maybe use in April for Earth Day This environmental themed picture book has Santa The Light Beyond the Forest discovering a leak in his workshop and learning about climate change Santa appeals to the kids of the world to come up with a solution as they are the future of our world and the book concludes on a hopeful note with various kids coming up with ways to reduce energy and fossil fuel usage The illustrations have a uniue whimsical uality The message is important nooubt but the conclusion seems to be a bit of a cop out and placing a bit too harsh of a burden on kids and the rather heavy handed messaging is likely to provoke a sarcastic reaction from some A creative holiday story that introduces kids to environmental awareness with ways that they can make a big The First Mistake differenceIt's November up in the North Pole Everything's going along smoothly at Santa's workshop until heiscovers a leak in his roof Santa soon learns that this little leak. Hich we re already seeing in "OTHER REVIEWSWHAT BOTHERED ME HOWEVER IS "reviewsWhat bothered me however is Fact That This Is that this is global warming book that ignores the second leading cause of climate change and the aspect over book that ignores the second leading cause of climate change and the aspect over we have the most control in our everyday lives Jewelry Making For Beginners diet specifically animal agriculture On the final page we have examples of kids making small changes to help the planet even a kid who convinced a parent to choose to buy a hybrid vehicle which is no small or cheap ask Where is the Julie convinced her family to have Meat Free Mondays or William chooses veggieburgers instead of meat based burgers Rating 25 stars though Iid round up to 3 A bit than just OK and an important message but not a book that overall really clicked with meIt s not a Christmas book espite starring Santa It s an environmental awareness book Santa is just the messenger But if starring Santa means that people will pick it up and read it that s probably not a bad thing It id get preachy as a lot of environmental awareness stories can Still it s an important enough message that however you get talking about itI liked the illustrations very smooth and swirlingThe real reason I marked it The Penguin Book of English Verse down was the feel of it It starts as a typical storybook kids of story but then as Santaiscovers the problem there s actually an explanation of global warming and the heavy handed message of The Environment Is Breaking And Children Are The Future Who Need To Change Our World The scientific explanation felt out of place honestly And who is the target audience su. Is connected to a far bigger problem The North Pole is melting because of something called global warming Faced with the reality of what this could mean for Christmas not to mention the planet and the future Santa is Seven Secrets of Happiness determined to turn things around Too so he calls upon the people

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