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I needed to read this book no matter what its contents i really do love dave mckean he has been responsible for some of my favorite jonathan carroll covers and the man really do love dave mckean he has been responsible for some of my favorite jonathan carroll covers and the man really knows how to draw catshe "manages to get cat mannerisms down perfectly with such an conomy of line i love it the "to get cat mannerisms down perfectly with such an Wicked Lies (Men of Summer, economy of line i love it the person whose catsven come close and with a totally different tone is jeffrey brownhe gets all the cute stuff mckean settles for the slinky creepy dangerous catsfortunately for me the book is also very good it is the story of a purebred housecat who goes on a mission to find a dog in order to rescue his family from a bad man with two seriously bad cats who "have taken over the house along the way he learns some ancient "taken over the house along the way he learns some ancient cat fighting tricks in order to survive on the streets and meets some cat gangs and learns about the ways a cat can just go missing on the streetssaid does a good job of juxtaposing the pet cats with the feral ones the stakes of Grave Tattoo each and their own particular values and mythologies and now i am off to read the seuelcome to my blog I saw this book in the store and the cat on the front cover was so adorable that I had to buy it for my sister Of course then I had to read it before giving it to herThis is definitely a kids book notven YA but for younger childrenHowever it s also an Georgia and the Tycoon excellent book McKean s illustrations are perfect for the characters and the storyVarjak is a young Mesopotamian Blue cat who s been brought up to think he s something special However when his owner disappears and a strange and sinister man appears in his family s house a dream connection with his legendary ancestor leads him to venture into the dangerous outside world where he learns to reevaluate his priorities as well as uesting to save his family from the danger he s sure they re inIt s a sweet story but it s also got some genuinely spookylements and it s definitely in the realm of the fantasticOh yeah and did I mention how Churchills Trial excellent Dave McKean s illustrations are He rocks I originally gave this book 2 stars I felt it was unrealistic and dull no doubt because the whole idea of a kung fu cat turned me off before I hadven started reading so I didn t give it a chance Upon discussion I realised I was being unfair and was persuaded to re read it The second time I found myself liking the characters A Conspiracy of Ravens (Lady Trent Mysteries even though I knew thending I still worried when they were in danger and felt their true friendships on the cold hard streets of the city I willed them on their way I realised how brave Varjak was how fiercely loyal Holly was and how gentle and sweet Tam was and Lakeside Redemption enjoyed the characters and the story with much depth Brilliant book Vividly imagined by SF Said with stunning illustrations by Dave McKean This is a must read for MG fans. Ecrets behind the Vanishings But can he save his own family from their fate With wonderful integrated illustrations from acclaimed comic book artist Dave McKean this book will appeal to all ages From the Hardcoverditio.

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H to it and not just a cutesy books about catsFor a middle grade book it actually had some dark themesMaybe its not as dark as Felidae but it does feature some unsettling things that had you wonder In Pursuit of a Princess even at thend of the book what was going on The fact you only see the story unfold from a cats viewpoint makes some things unclear and makes the villain the Gentleman seem Second Time Loving even twisted than if we had viewed it from a human characters viewpoint Varjak was a symphatetic characterven if he was far from forceful in his actions and when he finally through his xperiences in the city takes charge of things he does suffer a lapse towards the nd of the book and falls back into his old roleHe gets better though So its a coming of age story too The others characters are cats with some human traits but I never felt they were humans in cats bodiesThere were just nough catlike ualities to make them interesting There is a seuel called Varjak the Outlaw wich I plan to read I bought this at a book sale one day and I only bought it because it had a cat on its coverand I am not disappointed can I say I m a cat personAlthough this is of a children s book and I could totally what could happen I still found myself njoying it Teaches some lessons and the artwork is pretty neat This kept me on the Hawks Way (Hawks Way edge of my seat throughout Varjak Paw belongs to a family of Mesopotamian Blue pedigree cats who are owned by the Contessa However she has rarely been seen recently and when a mysterious gentleman turns up with two uncanny black cats of his own the Contessa disappears Being only concerned with comfort safety and good food Varjak s family are blissfully ignorant of the dangers Varjak can sense Plus Varjak with his yellowyes something no true blue would Family Men ever be proud of has never really fitted in Only Elder Paw trusts and believes Varjak Elder s tales of their ancestor Jalal have always inspired Varjak and filled him with a longing for Now with his family in danger Varjak must be inspired once this time into action and to venturing into the Outside Varjak must face many dangers cat gangs cars dogs and the strange Vanishings before he can fulfil his potential and save his friends and family Will Varjakver belong Follow him as he learns important lessons not least how to believe in yourself and to recognise true friendship There is adventure and mystery in this novel along with a smattering of martial arts and a touch of 101 Dalmatians The Creative Participation effect of the language is wonderful and is accompanied by subtle yetffective images It was one that I instantly wanted to read aloud so dramatic is the action A wonderful read specially for a confirmed cat person first let s focus on the artwork because i saw this cover somewhere and i knew that. Two menacing cats take over his home With help from his mystical ancestor Jalal Varjak manages to overcome challenges such as self survival and a threat from the gangland cats and he ultimately discovers the terrifying Varjak Paw