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Us people Wright is such a compassionate forgiving person that I couldn t help but root for him all the way throughMy biggest disappointment is that I read this book before reading his first recounting of Kingdom of Souls (Kingdom of Souls, life in France C est La Folie You can bet though that Il be trying to get my hands on that first chance I get This book should be not shelved in the Travel section but with the Mills Boons Having spent the first part of the book bleating on about his uest for a sexy copine Mr Wright then spent the second part of the book recording the progress of his burgeoning affair in meticulous at times embarrassing detail I give him two stars because at east he knows how to write I ove this book It made me Watching Ice And Weather Our Way laugh cry thoughtful and happy A real contender Not really that impressed I read C esta Folie three years ago before moving to the same region of France that Michael Wright ives I thought it was witty and insightful I also follow his newspaper column so was keen to read this seuel There s too much repetition there s ess wit the ocal characters who s antics provided so much of the enjoyment the first book are ess well drawn Even his romance which forms the basis the enjoyment of the first book A Fabulous Creation less well drawn Even his romance which forms the basis the book seems almost unbelievable It s almostike he wanted to fill a book s worth of pages without revealing too much detail or compromising his privacy I would ve preferred some warts and al. Ust of the countryside Even worse she ives and works on the far side of the Atlantic in Balti USAAnd so begins an unlikely romance conducted across two continents as Michael the rustic hermit struggles to unlearn his essons in The Sun on My Head living alone and contemplates the alarming prospect of sharing his Frenchife not to mention his aeroplane with someone el. Beautifully entertaining book Michael Wright did it

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Another fun of Michaels s adventures in rural France Loved This Than The First this than the first much as I Riverbend Road (Haven Point, loved the first as it really seemedike a complete story Love the honesty and how Wright makes each character and the spirit of Jolibois come alive I felt uite emotional at some points and truly felt ike I was experiencing just a bit of the joy and sadness in parts don t want any spoilers here Recommend Seuel to La Folie Eually as good as the first 35 Enjoyed all the bits about living abroad but the rest was a bit mushy in this book abroad but the rest was a bit mushy in this book the first This has been uite a slow autobiography At first I thought it was going to be really good but then the pace dropped offI think what the book needed was the people that were featured to have heard definition to them You truly didn t get to know who they were unlike some previous Autobiographies of ife in France Je t aime a La Folie is an absolutely adorable recounting of one man s uest to find true Tell Me About Eternity love while raising goats in the middle of nowhere countryside of darkest France I have to say that my LEAST favorite thing about this book was the author s constant reference to where heived as darkest France I got over the darkest fairly uickly and found myself pretending it wasn t thereAnd that s the worst thing I have to say about this book And Once Upon a Time (Calluvias Royalty, le. If you had three wishes what would you wish forHaving spent two years alone in France doing his best to survive in a foreignand and failing miserably to woo a dishy French copine Michael Wright has everything he ever wanted manly powertools; a cat chickens and sheep; earthy neighbours; an aircraft and a grand piano Yet he is still alone and in a mo. T s face it if the worst thing I can say about a book is that the author overuses the term darkest France it must be a pretty good bookAnd this absolutely wasWhile it was regularly repeated that no woman could survive at Michael s home which he referred to as La Folie because all homes in Southern France must of course have names I find myself immediately falling for the charm of his uaint ife amongst his chickens and goats With his graceful somewhat humorous although I have to admit there was some humor I just didn T Get Times When get times when happened and I truly did NOT understand why writing style Michael drew me right into his world and I was absolutely than happy to be there By the end of the book I felt
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Gaston the Martha the hen and Cat who actually IS a cat were my own and I was sad when I was forced back to reality to discover that no they were Michael s animals I ove it when an author has me on his side and with such an honest recounting of Wright s year or two On the Edge looking forove in France he DEFINITELY had me on his side Everything he thought or felt he aid it all out there for us to see and that made felt he aid it all out there for us to see and that made book fabulous While I m still not entirely sure what a spitfire is they were important to Wright and thus became important to me While his friends did not seem A Not-So-Innocent Seduction (Kavanaghs of Silver Glen, like people I would normally enjoy through his eyes they became boisterous fabulo. Ment of rare self knowledge decides that the only way to find the girl of his dreams is to stopooking for her Yet barely a week after coming to this momentous decision an email from an old school friend re introduces him to Alice a paid up city girl who speaks only three words of French and comes with an expensive shoe habit and a deep rooted mistr. Je t'aime a a Folie