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Jesus Last of the PharoahsAn interesting premise to link Jesus to the Hyksos pharaohs But in my opinion the book is so badly researched it belongs in the category of fiction Excellently researched very provocative book badly researched it belongs in the category of fiction Excellently researched very provocative book years I have been concerned that the story of the Hebrews in the Old Testament and Jesus in the New Testament is not very well supported by external historyother narratives Now that concern has been laid to rest by this book Now I have a whole new set of uestions and concerns Like why have we been hoodwinked for so longSeriously folks if you read only one book for the rest of your life make it this one What a fun book A conspiracy theory in the extreme but that s okay Sometimes it s entertaining to simply recognize the parallels in this case the strong resemblance between Biblical characters and the Pharaohs of Egypt and run with them to see where they take you This book leads eep into Egyptology relating the stories of the Bible irectly to ancient Egypt and concluding that Judaism including its offshoot Christianity stems from ancient Egyptian ritual You ll find Abraham Moses even Jesus among the PharaohsEllis analysis of the exodus ritual You ll find Abraham Moses even Jesus among the PharaohsEllis analysis of the exodus stemming Great series A must read to understand the world An interesting re interpretation of history Literalists will be extremely offended by this bookMy starting point on this was that Jesus as a Pharaoh was plausible because when you read the Bible he had two lineages one of which includes kings Hence he couldn t have been a simple carpenter How many carpenters can name their great great great grandfather I have read that this was ue to a mis translation of a word that could also mean craftsman Ellis thinks architect is a closer match but the point is the same But a Pharaoh He Trail of Secrets does make a case thoughThe basic thesis is that Josephus who is also identified as SaulPaul and Joseph BarsabasJustus in Acts 123 26 the Torah the Bible and the Koran indicate roughly how history has progressed but a fewetails have become hidden intentionally This is because the main characters appear to have been powerful people their mainstream image notwithstandingThe overriding theme is that of the procession of the sun as it moves through the constellations of the Zodiac Our current stretch of history is covered between the Age of Gemini the twins and the animals going into the Ark 2x2 to the Age of Taurus note that the other version has them going in 7x7 and 7 represents the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades the introduction of cattlesevens thematically into the Bible to the Age of Aries the ramlamb and finally to Pisces Jesus the fisher of men each era lasting about 2000 yearsEvidently people started worshipping bulls without knowing that they should change to sheep in 2000 BC This conflict then led to the Exoduses and much religious bloodshed It is certainly interesting to re read the Bible with this interpretation Jesus arrived at the time of Pisces the fishes which explains a good How to Train a Cowboy deal metaphors Ellis also reconciles works mentioned above Saul appears in Josephus Well he IS Josephus The Jesuses mentioned in Josephus s works were the historical Jesus who tried to keep Israel from tearing itself apart Jesus s family emigrated to Europe and became the royal bloodlines of the kings Ireland is really an Egyptian offshoot And so onA bit much to take in However there are a few mistakes Ellis repeats the misinformation that the unluckiness of Friday the 13th goes back to the Templars being roasted Itoesn t it only goes back to the 20th century novel Friday The Thirteenth by Thomas Lawson He also says that the book of John was written before the synoptic gospels which contradicts most Biblical scholarsThe story isn t over yet though There are four other books in this series which I intend to read I really enjoyed this book My only One Special Moment discrepancy is with the author s characterization of the nature of cosmic worship that. Jesus wasescended from the Egyptian royal line The exodus of the Hyksos pharaohs from Egypt to Jerusalem is an incredibly similar event to the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt to Jerusalem Classical historians will not entertain any connection between the two because this infers that the.

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M A new fiat based production system esigned to replace the old model of hunting and gathering would reuire a full participation of the people and an agreement to the redistribution of the produce eveloped by labor and taxation to those in charge of running the operation Centralized government reuires a central authority figureThis masculine figure became the God of running the operation Centralized government reuires a central authority figureThis masculine figure became the God Judiasm because the people we now call the Jews were part of the Hyksos exodus from Egypt after they lost the civil warIf it is a stretch for some to believe that a ispute over whether the future of the society should be the traditional hunting and gathering or centralized production consider our current The Mommy Makeover dispute between proponents of renewable energy and those who believe in fossil fuels Or the fact that WW1 was largely the cause ofisenfranchised people who could not come to terms with the effects of industrialization I believe the author of this book is spot on with the exception of the nature of cosmic worship I The Convicts Bounty Bride (Convict Wives do not believe theispute was over whether or not one animal should be worshipped over another but rather the ispute was over a proposed change in the primary means of providing sustenance for the society Sidebar if you ask me whether or not I believe the ancient Jews were actually Egyptian royalty my answer is Absolutely Great job Ralph Ellis on your workThank you for your courage and abilities to both conduct and promote your work against the millennia of church ogmaFor my friends who believe that the Hebrews were not Hyksos Egyptians but Jews it may benefit you to read this book as well as the others in this series There simply was no historical moses There was however a Ramoses whose throne name was Ramesses Perhaps the reason no Israelite history can be found in Egypt or anywhere now that was then Canaan for that matter is because the ancient Jews the bible calls Hebrews were actually Egyptian pharoahs If this is true then the entire Old Testament is the story of a pharonic royal bloodline colonizing Sinai Peninsula and Jesus would have been the last of the bloodline making him the last Egyptian pharoah Maybe that is why he was crucified and maybe that is why he is so important to though First Blood difficult toiscover in what we call history I enjoy alternative history especially when the stories are about the historical Jesus what actually happened to him and the origins of ChristianityEllis puts forth the hypothesis that Jesus is a The Palliser Novels direct bloodescendant of the ancient Egyptian pharoahs following a long line from Abraham the first Hyksos pharoah of Egypt Though an intriguing read unfortunately he Men And Gods In Mongolia didn t have me buy into his major premise I m not yet convinced that Jesus was Cleopatra s great grandson Now apparently as this series of books continues he firms up his arguments and his hypotheses become convincing I ll give Ellis hisue he uses original sources the Bible Manetho Josephus etcOn the bad side Ellis makes some glaring errors For example Ellis upholds the mainstream Christian thinking that SaulPaul wrote most Ellis makes some glaring errors For example Ellis upholds the mainstream Christian thinking that SaulPaul wrote most the New Testament and that he was a Pharisee Unfortunately he s wrong on both those counts Paul DID NOT write all the works in the New Testament ascribed to him that s well known and Ellis should know better than that Secondly Hyam Maccoby puts forth water tight arguments in his two works The Mythmaker and Paul and Hellenism that convincingly show that Paul was no Pharisee I just Hunter Killer (Pike Logan didn t find Ellis arguments that convincing on a lot of points yet he gets enough right to earn some kudos Unfortunately some of his leaps to judgement are extremely tenuous at best in my opinion For example just because the names Zacharias and Zacchaeus are similaroes not mean they are the same person Those kinds of assertions just left me shaking my headI will finish the other five books in the series as I m willing to give him the chance to prove himsel. Ery that brings with it several new accounts of the life of Jesus Saul the inventor of Christianity was actually Josephus Flavius a well known historian Jesus was the governor of Tiberias and owned a castle there; and he may have Brazen and the Beast (The Bareknuckle Bastards, dieduring the siege of Jerusalem in about AD70 rather than AD. Is to say how id the Apis bull become the sign for Taurus How id the Ram or the lamb become the Taurus How Flying Scotsman Manual did the Ram or the lamb become the for Aries Howid the fish become the symbol for Pisces How is the pot pouring out water the symbol for Auarius In other words to say that the ancient Egyptians followed the procession of the zodiac is one thing but to then infer that they worshipped the corresponding signs without relating how those signs were established misses the larger point which is How Why The and the of zodiac symbols came to be and even to the point where these symbols came from The constellations themselves Alpha (Shifters, do not form the outline of any of their corresponding signsThe reasons the ancientseveloped these signs has to Whalerider do with the progress and evolution of their societies than itoes sidereal mythology Remember that all indigenous societies began as Hunter gatherers If they were successful as Hunter gathering nomads the next step in their social evolution would be to transition from hunting and gathering into centralized or fiat based production So the symbol of the Apis Bull comes about because it is a symbol of hunter s game and therefore a trophy relating to hunting But as societies grow larger and complex their means of sustenance must also as well In order to make this transition animals must become Charlie Turns Into a T-Rex domesticated in order toomesticate crops provide raw materials such as wool leather butter milk and so on As one of the largest species of Graphic Design For Everyone domesticatable animals in that region the lamb was probably the most readily available and oft referred to symbol for that transition and this is probably how the lamb or Ram became the successor to the Apis Bull Pisces becomes the successor to Aries because to fish reuires water navigation and some basic knowledge of trade another social advancement Auarius which follows is a symbol of potteryomestication in a word where the society which began as barbarous nomads has now become civilized adapting its environment to it and not the other way around This is where the Zodiac symbols come from and so the nature of the Considering Kate (The Stanislaskis, dispute between upper and lower Egypt probably had just as much if not too with the Sweetland desire of the Hyksos to change the society s means of survival from hunting and gathering into a fiat based production system These social changes are inevitably political because they are economic These changes probably took thousands of years and the transitions were not easy Some parts of the world simply could not afford to make the transition because it was and still is profitable to hunt and gatherWhat I am suggesting then is that theispute between upper and lower Egypt was not because the priests upon watching the stars recognized that a new constellation began rising with the sun but because Art of Laurel and Hardy during the years that this change waseveloping these priests also recognized the potential available to their society if they focused their resources on producing through a centralized system of production Centralizing production also means centralizing authority to govern the means and Hers To Cherish (Verdantia, distribution of production which is probably how and why monotheism was established by pharoah Akhenaton because he was the first pharoah to successfully introduce a fiat system of productionA society s zodiac signs reflected the course of social agricultural and economic progress within that culture and it was probably easier to mandate such a vast change as the will of the gods which the priests suggested could be said to be reflected in the change in the celestial constellations As to where the signs for these celestial constellations and the procession of the earth which encouraged them I believe the signs were inspired by what I have suggested aboveThese proposed changes are not easy for any society to make which is probably how pharoah Akhenaton became the first pharoah to successfully implement a monotheistic governing syste. Israelite leaders were actually pharaohs of Egypt However Ralph Ellis has taken this obvious comparison andemonstrated the royal Egyptian ancestry of the Judaic patriarchs and also of Jesus Ralph has also uncovered evidence for the New Testament Saul St Paul in the historical record a The Intelligent Entrepreneur discov.