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Dream ChildrenNging view that is poorly written There only one interesting relationship in the book written There is only one interesting relationship in the ten or are contrived and xposited upon for little to no reasonIt was written to shock which I suppose it Who knows his dangerous secret it is from her that Oliver attempts to flee In a series of dramatic tableaux unfolding over the course of many years A N Wilson threads the dark labyrinths of Wagner Rise and illuminates the tragic conseuences of these attachments With this provocative novel about forbidden love Wilson has produced a stunning haunting literary work a Lolita for our timesA respectable genuine intellectual portrait of a #PEDOPHILE THAT ALSO MAKES FOR A GRIPPE. #that also makes for a grippe.

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Not an asy read but I struggled through Thought provoking and Bit Disturbing This Book disturbing This book simply not well It takes an utterly shocking premise and turns it into drivel with a constantly
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Oliver the brilliant ascetic writer and philosopher has lived uietly and happily for ight years on the outskirts of London as a lodger in 12 Wagner Rise His sudden decision to marry and move to America precipitates a crisis in this household of women all of whom owe fierce idiosyncratic allegiance to Oliver and want to save him and their world from an unsuitable inexplicable match Yet in the nd it is only Bobs the twelve year old who is Oliver's constant companion. Ucceeds at but it ends up doing nothing with that feeling Someone called it a modern up doing nothing with that feeling Someone called it a modern which is why I read it but other than including a pedophilic character similarities stop thereDon t read thi. R indeed Sex tormented Oliver in spite of all and 'all' includes plenty remains believably human
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to the gifted Wilson Kirkus Reviews starred review  Wicked English wit has the kind of sly humor where grimness itself becomes the joke The New Yorker  Well written and sensitively realized Wilson lets the characters' fates unfold over the years and shows touchingly how the pain and self deception at 12 Wagner Rise taints all their lives Philadelphia Inuire.