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Performing nchantress Her name is Bethany Ashworth The author s name assuming it s not a pen name is Anne Ashley A little too close for dignity These things made the book less Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue enjoyable than I would have liked This last point was something that bothered me than that there s a weirdly misogynisticmphasis on female sexual virtue For xample on hearing that the heroine went to a tavern dressed as a boy during her lady detective phase the hero s response is God in heaven It was a wonder a boy during her lady detective phase the hero s response is God in heaven It was a wonder managed to leave with her virtue intact Seriously Not Thank heavens she wasn t hurt He s going to focus on her virginity being the key thing Gah Well at this point I decided to chalk that up to thoughtlessness on the author s part and not sickening priggishness But later I realized I might have been mistaken Because the heroine view spoiler happens to walk by a tinker s cart owned by a guy with a grudge against the hero He owned by a guy with a grudge against the hero He her on the head and kidnaps her intending to get ransom money hide spoiler 25I don t really have much to say about this one I thought it was okay Beth and Philip were likable nough I guess it kind of reminded me of the book Betrayed and Betrothed also by Anne Ashley the plots were a little different but at the same time pretty similar I put it down a few times and kind of just finished to finish Not a favoriteContent Clean. This time Bethany will protect her heart but Philip now knows xactly what he wants and "He's Determined To Marry "determined to marry woman he should have swept up the aisle six years ag. ,

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Beth grew up as a wild child until her Aunt decided she needed to attend a finishing school with her cousin She watched her best friend and love Phillip fall in love with her cousin and then fled the country to join her father in Spain Years later she returns home and meets Phillip again Very good Miss Ashworth returns home after 8 years older and thinner and very much her own woman She and her "companion are settling in when she reconnects with her childhood friend Sir Phillip She has always loved him but felt betrayed "are settling in when she reconnects with her childhood friend Sir Phillip She has always loved him but felt betrayed he got ngaged to her cousin He too his older wiser and no longer ngaged and has to try to court the mature Miss Ashworth no longer the little girl he knew A large number of characters one of whom changes name "TWICE BUT ONLY ONCE DELIBERATELY MAKE WHAT SHOULD BE "but only once deliberately make what should be great story flaccid Point of view choice keeps us FROM CONNECTING TO THE CHARACTERS AS THE READER WOULD connecting to the characters as the reader would which is a shame because there are some interesting characters in this This MB homework should be marked could try harder This is not a book I njoyed I did finish it but only because it was short The style is overly inflated the register pompously Threads Of The Shroud elevated yet not necessarily used accurately So snobby without credibility Forxample a sentence says something like his jaw dropped perceptively instead of perceptibly and there are repeated references. Spirited tomboy Bethany Ashworth had always adored her childhood friend Philip Stavely His betrothal to her cousin destroyed her innocent dreamsYears later time has chan. To a baronet being a peer A lot of this nonsense is imparted during ridiculously long as you know Bob info dump speeches Not to mention the All Seated on the Ground excessive use of adverbs The heroine can t just take the servant to task but it has to be roundly to task A servant can t just remain in a doorway but must do so diffidently The heroine doesn t just dismount she has to slip gracefully from a horse She doesn t just remember but she clearly recalls A person can t just demonstrate concern by asking Are you all right dear but we must be told that Concern was discernible in Ann s voice Thank goodness because I might not have figured that she was concerned Everything has to be described to a tiresome degree Actually no I think it reached obnoxious levels to be honest The hero is kind of interesting in that he is not an alpha but he also comes across as strangely clueless andmotionally thin skinned This is because he gets his feelings hurt when the heroine is distant Now she s distant because she used to worship him but then he proposed to her cousin When the hero s aunt tells the hero the heroine is mad because she won t be made a convenience again he is smart Untitled. enough to realize that s interesting but too thick to figure anything out Everything has to bexplained for him at the nd The heroine is a Mary Sue She has to be xplained for him at the Against All Odds end The heroine is a Mary Sue She a world travelling mystery solving surgery. Ged them both Finishing school has transformed Bethany into a stunningly beautiful andlegant woman while tragedy has made Philip society's most ligible man once again. The Transformation of Miss Ashworth