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Stealing Sophie

Sarah Gabriel Ö 5 Read & Download

Thought the author did a nice job with the word play and the ending was very good keep up the good work Loved it I iked the Fairy Magic aspect that Sophie and Kate were born with I used to devour romances what happened Is it me Is it the romances two and half stars would the romances Two and half stars would been accurate for my rating Maybe a new system wherein I count how many times I roll my eyes during a book The author seriously I m not exaggerating here wrote the same paragraph or two about the stupid fairies about six or so times throughout the entire book VERY ANNOYING If you re going to talk about the magic at east put a Her Kind Of Cowboy little bit here aittle bit there Sprinkle the magic don t dump it over our heads every chance you get This story would have served better as a short story. D His Pregnant Christmas Princess lair When Connor deliberately employs his reputation as a dark ruffian and a passionateover he turns the tables on Sophie's plans But as his remarkable bride works her natural magic on him Connor soon realises that he must shield Sophie from those who want her for their own evil ends while protecting his own heart. ,
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And who doesn t ike their fairy tales Stealing Sophiegreat story ove the descriptions of the area well written kept my interest through the whole book I recommend it I was in the mood for something ight that didn t reuire much focus or concentration since I seemed to be sorely acking in focus and concentration today Stealing Sophie fit the bill This book was a boilerplate Scottish romance Sophie and Connor meet Connor and Sophie a boilerplate Scottish romance Sophie and Connor meet Connor and Sophie at odds with each other Sophie and Connor realize that they have feelings for each other Campbell the villain threatens Sophie and Connor s relationship Connor and Sophie find their HEA I give this review a 4 out of 5 because this story moved me in emotions throughout the STORY I FELT LIKE I WAS I felt ike I was there with Sophie Er fall in You Are Not A Gadget love How can she get away before the handsome outlaw steals her heart as wellSophie's only weapon is her saintly reputation and soon she makes Connor'sife hell by creating heaven around him gambling that the brigand will et her go just to escape her constant sweetness and womanly influence in his Highlan. I really enjoyed this dated romance by Sarah gabriel a solid 35 star romance it had A solid 35 star romance It had many characteristics that I really ike to experience in a romance There is a touch of barbaric danger a massively hunky highlander with a contradiction of behaviors a steamy sexual attraction a brave danger a massively hunky highlander with a contradiction of behaviors a steamy sexual attraction a brave gentle heroine who can et off sparks and wrap it all
up with a 
with a of magic It all starts with a bride stealing winds through dangerous political plots and ends in a destined sacrifice While the pattern of the plot may not be new it will certainly be memorable Miss Gabriel is commended on a job well done Some readers may ike a spicier read with a Friendfluence little rough and tumble elements but I believe this romance will appeal to most all for it readsike a true fairy tale. Connor MacPherson a Highland aird turned outlaw steals a bride to honour a promise although a wife is the ast thing he needs He mistakenly abducts Sophie recently returned from a French convent uickly wedded passionately bedded and now captive Sophie cannot escape but an ancient faery curse decrees that she must nev. ,

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