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Gone by Michael Grant

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I ead this book out of curiosity with no preconceived notions Merely because I was curious what kids would do in a world with no adults I admit I was blown away Mr Grant told me a story that I couldn t put down From the beginning my mind was full of uestions about how this happened how the kids would survive what could prevent the same thing from happening againSo many uestionsSam is the kind of boy you want to have around when the world goes crazy He s definitely the eluctant hero type but usually they come through for you like no other Because they do what needs to be done simply because it needs to happen Not for glory not for ecognition Sam doesn t want to be the guy but He Knows That No One Else Is knows that No One Else Is To Do one else is going to do And when Caine and his posse come down from Coates Academy taking over and making things mostly worse someone has to step up to the plate to stop himThis book is intense violent and sometimes sad Some of these kids die A lot of them get hurt pretty bad I m not a mother yet but I love kids and I hate to see them suffering It was a bit painful to watch Even harder was seeing the cruelty and potential for evil that some of these children showed Drake who is basically Caine s bully boy is a psychopath He loves hurting people and he feels no emorse about doing it In my mind I was weighing the options even thinking that they needed to kill him because he was like a abid animal bent on destruction I felt horrible doing that but he s a loose cannon and he s only going to get worse I don t think saving this boy is an optionOne of the take home messages of this book is the conseuences of a social structure that is pretty familiar to most of us The dynamic that we see in a group of kids where there are bullies who find the weakest people and torment then doing everything they can to make life miserable for those kids And this causes a lot of fallout because people forget ethics and what s morally ight so that they can have peace from the bullies In essence they become part of the problem contributing to a micro society in which children get hurt because everyone is afraid to speak up and stand up against the bullies and the ones who are unning things for their own twisted self absorbed easons It made me shudder to see what these children did to each other because they thought it was the easiest option to keep control of things I ll be honest I was bullied and picked on big time It made me hate seeing the so called weak or different people get targeted and treated that way I m no fighter but I made a promise that I d stand up for someone who couldn t do that for his or herself I was glad that the kids like Sam and Edilio what a sweetheart were than willing to do thatI had some issues with the decisions that were made by the kids They had no eal sanitation ules They didn t use their esources effectively They had very poor nutrition unnecessarily because there was a supermarket full of healthy things like fruits and vegetables proteins grains They ate mostly junk like candy ice cream soda pop you name it I guess I was looking at things through grown up eyes which did cause me some discomfo. The first in New York Times bestselling author Michael Grant's breathtaking dystopian sci fi saga Gone is a page turning thriller that invokes the classic The Lord of the Flies along with the horror of Stephen KingIn the blink of an eye everyone disappears Gone Except for the young There are teens but not one single adult Just as suddenly there are no phones no internet no television No. Rt I was glad that they did organize care for the babies and kids too young to watch out for themselves because Mary and her brother took on that job I was also glad that Dahra worked as the medical provider Albert took over the McDonalds and provided food for the community Even so I see some problems ahead unless the Kids Set Up A Civic set up a civic system in which every person is accountable over thinking this I knowI loved the elationship between Astrid and Sam They had an innocent love but also a strong friendship and support system in which they watched out for each other and did what they could to help everyone through this situation Astrid was the brain very smart but also very kind She had to take care of her younger brother who was autistic and extremely gifted with powers I ll get to the powers part later Give me a minute Not an easy task for a young girl but she did it I was ooting for things to work out for these twoAnother character who turned out to be a favorite was Lana Lana is in a very bad position when the event happens the one in which all the people over fourteen disappear She ends up getting horribly injured and is about to die when her power to heal manifests Oh I was on the edge of my seat seeing her stranded wounded very badly with only her dog to protect her from the wild animals in the desert I was so glad that she was able to get out of that situation Of course she ends up in a worse situation that ties in with the kids in town and in a big way as this book culminates It might seem like a deus ex machina to have a character who can heal even the most grievous wounds but I was glad that she did have the power These kids have a lot stacked up against them already They need all the advantages they can getNow lets talk about the power Some of the kids Sam included have supernatural abilities that start manifesting I thought this part was very cool How Caine
approaches this with 
this with evil little posse made my hair stand on end I can t even conceive of children being as cruel as that lot were The powers end up playing a pivotal ole in this story and I am sure that this will continue to be a very strong element in the forthcoming books I liked the X Men sort of element it brought to the story and how kids that were often bullied and felt useless got to play important oles in the fight against Caine and his Posse of EvilI wanted to give the author a nod of thanks for making the FAYZ Fallout Alley Youth Zone a multicultural environment with children of all aces Everyone is important and it was nice to see that there was a ainbow epresented here That speaks highly to meIf you e an Adult And You Don T and you don t you could enjoy young adult books this is one I d ecommend If you e like me you will be iveted to this exciting story It has a lot to offer as far as entertainment but also stimulates the brain as you are confronted with this bad situation that this young kids have to face I cannot stop eading these books I m way too invested now This was a very good book about adventure mutants superheroes and just the plain old story of surviving high school only this time there are no. Way to get help And no way to figure out what's happenedHunger threatens Bullies ule A sinister creature lurks Animals are mutating And the teens themselves are changing developing new talents unimaginable dangerous deadly powers that grow stronger by the dayIt's a terrifying new world Sides are being chosen a fight is shaping up Townies against ich kids Bullies against the weak Powerf. .
Blue Moose Reindeer and Caribou: Health and Disease The Sky Weaver (Iskari,
Adults to keep a check on thingsThis novel tells the story of how one day in a small Californian town everyone 15 and over mysteriously disappears But that s not of how one day in a small Californian town everyone 15 and over mysteriously disappears But that s not The town becomes surrounded by a strange spherical barrier no one gets in or out And stranger still the children and teenagers left behind are discovering that some of them have weird Highly enjoyable Hooks you at the very start I drive through the traffic everyday about an hour in the morning and definitely than an hour at nighttime So while eading the first few pages of the book I said wow this should happen here in Manila Imagine all adults to disappear altogether without a trace at one time and all adolescents will follow once they turn fifteen Obviously this is okay as long as I and my loved ones are exempted heheThis is a YA book and so the characters are all young adults Sam has a friend uinn and a love interest Astrid Together they find the possible eason for the disappearance of the people and they meet all interesting characters and go through a lot of twists and turns just like the everyday Manila traffic to get into the bottom of this phenomenon including its possible solutionThe storytelling is straightforward and Grant s imagination is so fertile I thought I would write a letter to our President Noynoy and ecommend him to solve the congestion of vehicles during ush and even not too ush hours Why not If a YA author like Grant can think of all the interesting characters and situations in the book maybe his creativity can be put to better use not only for eaders but for the whole country or even the whole world World peace anyoneMy only complaint about this book is attributable to myself Why oh why did a 48 year old man like me find this enjoyable if not better ead than Kazuo Ishiguro s surreal The Unconsoled I eally don t know It is eadable gripping made my heart beat faster "and it does not make me sleepy every time I am holding it Oh maybe I don t "it does not make me sleepy every time I am holding it Oh maybe I don t too many YA books so having it once in a while feels liberating Or maybe I am having a midlife crisis so I find this kind of plot not evolting but definitely worth my eading timeI will definitely borrow the next 4 books and ead them in between the literary classics Maybe that would be my strategy to finish the 1001 books before I dieThank you Ace Jose I hope you stop growing so you keep on buying and eading YA books and then pass them on to me I hope that despite our huge age difference we will be friends forever My loveee I tried and tried to love this book but I just couldn t connect with it The concept was a brilliant one It was the eason I decided to buy the book in the first place but Once I Started Reading It I started eading it couldn t establish a connection with any of the charactersI just felt as if I was an outsider and not able to grasp any of the emotions of the characters I didn t feel as if I was part of the story At times I thought there was too much telling as opposed to showing There were also many passive sentences that didn t have the effect an active sentence would have had I eally wanted to grasp the story but it just didn t happen It was just an okay ead. Ul against powerless And time is unning out on your birthday you disappear just like everyone else “A potent mix of action and thoughtfulness centered around good and evil courage and cowardice enders this a tour de force that will leave eaders dazed disturbed and utterly breathless” ALA Booklist starred eviewRead the entire seriesGoneHungerLiesPlagueFearLightMonsterVillainHero.