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Snow Glass Apples

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Nother levelGrowing up I wondered who the f% would want to be this bitch When they could be THIS inst 35 starsOh my Snow Glass Apples is some twisted dark and creepy fairytale retelling of Snow White lovely and dear Snow White In this short story written by the critically acclaimed author Neil Gaiman she is pure and innocent no Better watch out the mask she wears might fool you too The closer you get the dangerous it becomes Princess She said nothing Her eyes were black as coal black as her hair her lips were redder than blood She looked up at me and smiled Her teeth seemed sharp even then in the lamplight What are you doing away from your room I m hungry she said like any child Except she isn t any child And the ueen nows it She feels something isn t right about that little girl But strangely she doesn t mention it to her husband Snow White s father That was very odd I wouldn t have expected the ueen to lack of courage then and prefer some sort of denial perhaps to facing the truth there is a monster among themWhat is interesting about this short story is that the atmosphere is actually a relatively calm but sinister one as well That may be why I didn t find this read to be as frightful or poignantly bloody as I first imagined even this read to be as frightful or as poignantly as I first imagined even some events happening might certainly give that impression Now I don t now if that was Gaiman s choice
"to not excess "
not excess too much into horror or if that is simply how the atmosphere turned out beingThere is no complaint to be made for the writing It is as always exuisite His choice of words are right well fitting and the uality of them beautiful It never feels like he is trying too hard He has his style and a uite impressive one I shall saySnow Glass Apples could have been a full length novel I m sure of it There is so much. This version was a chapbook compiled by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and sold at Comic Con. That could have been explored and developed in this especially the characters For instance while the ueen is not as bloodily jealous and mischievous as she usually appears to us in other books she isn t a doll either which makes that I would have loved for the story to contain psychological elements and descriptions for us to understand her motives and personality better If it were today I would have her heart cut out true But then I would have her head and arms and legs cut off I would have them disembowel her And then I would watch I would have them disembowel her And then I Would Watch The Town would watch the town as the hangman heated the I would watch in the town suare as the hangman heated the to white heat with bellows watch unblinking as he consigned each part of her to the fire I would have archers around the suare who would shoot any bird or animal who came close to the flames any raven or dog or hawk or rat And I would not close my eyes until the princess was ash and a gentle wind could scatter her like snow I did not do this thing and we pay for our mistakes I am also not one hundred percent sure what Snow White really is A monster Alright but how A vampire Could it be but who made her that way A demon What is her father s role in this then Her need for blood made me go with vampire that s for sure but no one utters that word Other than that the way various characters are acting is uite worth uestioning some but overall if you go with everything or believe what the main character thinks your reading won t necessity many reflections if that is something you do not wantA great read It deserves to be read by you if you re seeking a fairytale read that will surprise hook and maybe even spook you I now this is very short but honestly I couldn t and didn t even think once about stopping reading Neil Gaiman has that power on meYou can read it and that for free on here Enjoy. 2008 and on the BPAL website with all proceeds going to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fu. A short review of a short story I ve not read Neil Gaiman before this and I Read This Online Without Illustrations Which I before this and I Read This Online Without Illustrations Which I Accompany read this online without illustrations which I assume accompany story This was a very brilliant take on Snow White uite imaginative and different but with the ind of creepy sexual overtness that I would imagine could work very well in comic formnot for children Once again "Neil Gaiman enraptured me in his dark little world of princesses "Gaiman enraptured me in his dark little world of princesses may as well forget the Disney versions because Gaiman s princesses are never the damsel in distresses and his tales are not uite for the light hearted either His princesses are their own sole heroes but sometimes they can also be the villainsIn this case Snow Glass Apples is a very gritty very twisted retelling of Snow White What also makes it uite different is that this little tale is told in the perspective of the ueen s My soul and my story are my own and will die with meThere is the old saying that says there are three sides to every stories Theirs yours and the truth of what really happened What if the ueen is not truly evil afterall What if the girl with the black hair fair skin and red lips is than what she seemedI felt very creeped out with this version of Snow White By morphing her into this girl with a mean streak and a sinister background Neil Gaiman has took away my image of a sweet innocent princess Perhaps even for good This dark hole of a tale is accompanied with a dash of Gaiman s enthralling writing style which made reading it even atmospheric Snow Glass Apples may be too short for my liking but it s a real winner all the sameActual rating a very high 35 stars The Snow White image is drawn entirely by Bahar Find all of my reviews at HOLY SHITBALLSThis retelling of Snow White was perfection No other description Gaiman at a whole. A retelling of the Snow White fairy tale from the point of view of the wicked stepmother.