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Search the ShadowsThis isn t a bad book I m not sure if it was the narrator or intentional but there s even humour amid the dark tragedies of secrets meant to stay buried The author even manages a touch of misdirection which actually works A bit top heavy with the he said she said but all iin all not a bad read at all I very much enjoyed all the specialized knowledge the author had about Egyptian antiuities It s like this book was a recursor to the Amelia Peabody series but set in modern times I had trouble feeling close to the main character though the same roblem I have w Had read it before but enjoyed it again even though I did vaguely remember the OUTCOME BUT LIVING IN CHICAGO NOW But living in Chicago now Knowing The University Of Chicago And Its the University of Chicago and its Gave Me Extra Enjoyment On This Re Reading As A me extra enjoyment on this re reading as a ortion of it is set in Chicago and the U of C area Fun mystery about a young woman who sets out to find out about her mother s life and figure out who her biological father was and about the trouble dragging up the Angels in Harmony past brings especially among archaeologists Kind of dated typewriters and telephones no computers or cellhones but it s not too glaring The book was written in the 80 s and has a slower feel to it I think it was slower to try to build tension but it didn t work too well in my opinion The characters were all somewhat two dimensional but stuck to the tropes from which they came with the exception of the big bad and the aunt who was much Sketchy Behavior prominent in the beginning than she was when the ridiculously named hMC left for ChicagoThe romance wasredictable but completely unbelievable Slight spoiler ahead I detest young female. Haskell Maloney was cruelly orphaned when she was just a baby Now twenty two years later she receives confirmation of the bitter truth she always suspected the fallen war hero whose name she shares was. Protags with much older man It is skeevy to me Yes it happens in real life I rather not read it in my fiction Personal The Princess and the Three Knights peteeve The love suare was rather unnecessary and had me rolling my eyes The hMC was the typical beautiful but didn t know it character Also all of the other females were either old and beloved old and sad and frumpy and bitchy or young only used as a bitchier foil for our hMC to make the rather judgmental and naive hMC appear in a better light It didn t work I didn t really like the hMC or her eventually love interest Slight spoiler he was too much of a brute who man handled her He s kissing her and causing bruising He has hold of her by the shoulders and gives her a hard shake causing her head to snap back IN PUBLIC the FIRST TIME they meet Hell to the no The best The Beauty of Believing part of this book for me was the writing specifically the interactions involving our young and naive hMC with an older and wiser female Though in the beginning our hMC had a few zingers the older and wiser women ruled in my opinion I especially liked Jessie and Aunt E can t recall her full name right now Thearts that actually described the work our hMC was doing was very interesting I love research and digging through old work our hMC was doing was very interesting I love research and digging through old and journals and hunting for treasures in boxes of dusty old junk It sounded heavenly A whole cellar in a mansion of antiuities to sort through and old journals to transcribe to hunt down when and where each Sticky Church piece wasrocured Right in my wheelhouseImagine how disappointed I was to get banal conversation while our hMC and one of her guys was eating Boooriiiing More boring The mystery about who was he. Not her father Her uest for answers and a ersonal history brings Haskell to the famed Oriental Institute in Chicago a city in which her mother lived and thrived before her strange untimely death But.


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R biological father Don t care Give me research I want research Stamping foot and outing arms crossedNot a bad book but it doesn research I want research Stamping foot and outing arms crossedNot a bad book but it doesn compare to her Houses of Stone which I enjoyed Had a supernatural feel danger and excitement Full disclosure I skipped from Christianity page 280 to about 30ages to the end because I got too bored to continue reading straight through If I read ONE MORE scene of the hMC and someone else eating the book was going to be Run for Your Life (Michael Bennett, pitched across the room The only excitingart wasn t even exciting with the fire happening while our hMC was half out of it and therefore was a semi conscious narrator As a result less than terrifying fire scene and rescueIf you like her other works you will most likely enjoy this I wasn t thrilled but it wasn t bad An entertaining way to spend the morning of afternoon Three solid stars Amazingly this is the first Barbara Michaels I ve ever read It was a good age turner and the mystery was satisfyingly atmospheric in its gothicness and twisty with its misdirection The "Romance However Felt Sort Of " however felt sort of on at the end I was leased to have a romance with an intentionally unlikeable heroine for a change She s rude and selfish snide towards all other women and feels very little sense of guilt over neglecting her relations She also does not hesitate to use any tools available to her to achieve her own ends including The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature (Penguin Press Science) (English Edition) people But of course she is also beautiful and unaware of it feeling that her dark coloring makes her unattractive in comparison to her fair skinned and fair haired mother This makesretty much every man she encounters willing to view spoiler literally hide spoiler. By rummaging around in the darkness Haskell's exposing much than she bargained for And now she's racing against the clock to discover who she really is and why someone is suddenly determined to kill he.