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E lightning fast disjunctures that characterize the Human Mind We Think About One Thing mind We think about one thing another We flash from mood to mood We imagine impossible things We dream in gravity defying dimensions that also take us back in timeThe astern religions Spinal Trauma enter the picture describingverything that we take note of as illusionor a veilor the Taothe pathall in motionall self transformingall becoming as opposed to all permanent and presentSometimes books like this one capture us because we think they will be fairly Shadow (New Species, easy primers sexed up with lots of provocative speculation This isn t that kind of book Its dry and demanding in places necessarily soWhen it was written string theory wasn t around A lot of other things weren t aroundither But it s still a good book if approached with a certain diligence There s little doubt that we do live in a uantum world but we are insufficiently 細味人生100篇 educated to understand that Breaking the news to the great uneducated public is something Zukav does well This book was first published in 1979 much has transpired since then so it is dated In layman s terms the author compares Eastern beliefs psychology and uantums physics Interesting book but I wasn t as wowed by it as some were If this is so then the distinction between scientists poets painters and writers is not clear In fact it is possible that scientists poets painters and writers are all members of the same family of people whose gift it is by nature to take those things which we call commonplace and to re present them to us in such ways that our self imposed limitations arexpanded Those people in whom this gift is The Gathering (Darkness Rising, especially pronounced we call geniuses3 Stars I m glad I read it The happiest thought I take out of this book is the fact that science is no longer taking a direction opposite to that of religion philosophy or spirituality all the noblestndeavors of mankind were fundamentally tied together after all It was just that we with our obsessive propensity to classify and divide had made the artificial boundariesThe only complaint about the book is the fact that it goes into needless depth about the fundamentals of classical physics and then skims over the new physics to an xtent Also Zukav seems to feel that repeating an idea or concept three times is the best way to convey it to the lay personExcept For These Peeves It these peeves it magnificent to look at Einstein Bohr Heisenberg tc not as scientists discussing theories and xperiments but as philosophers arguing over "The Nature Of Reality " nature of reality mysticism The reader has to keep in mind that this is by no means a very up to date book an. Ple believe that physicists are xplaining the world Some physicists ven believe that but the Wu Li Masters know that they are only dancing with it The new physics of Zukav's 1979 book comprises uantum theory particle physics and relativity Even as these theories age they haven't percolated all that far into the collective consciousness; they're too far removed from mundane human xperience not to need introduction The Dancing Wu Li Masters remains an ngaging accessible way to meet the most profound and mind altering insights of 20th century science Mary Ellen Curtin.


When a writer can make something I believed inaccessible to me seem like dinner conversation in which I can participate I m thrilled to the core Thanks to Gary Zukav Without him many other books I ve read would never have made sense at all How could I have approached The Elegant Universe without having read this first could I sit down at Thanksgiving with my high nergy physicist brother without having read this book This the worst book ver written From his completely high nergy physicist brother without having read this book This is the worst book A New Philosophy of History ever written From his completely leaps from point to point to his annoying tendency to followach mention of matter with pun to his pseudo knowledge of uantum mechanics and belief that randomness free will to his decision not to Abortion, Choice, and Contemporary Fiction explain the uncertainty principle in any way t Made an otherwise complicated subject readily readable for meven ager for The simple analogies and xamples created that feeling of an FRITZI auf Sylt - ÖLMALEREI - Kunst in Fotobrillant-Druck epiphany as in OK I get it now BeautifulSince it s been over 30 years since I read this it s time to re new Can never know too much about uantum physics Or its relationship to philosophy I can tven dignify this book with an inclusion on my science bookshelf Surely the most dangerous rhetoric is that which sounds plausible Dancing Wu Li Masters does the whole An Yesterday I read some scathing comments about this book and the closely related The Tao of Physics in Woit s Not Even Wrong Apparently there used to a be an approach to uantum mechanics called S matrix theory which was popular among left leaning physicists in the Big Little Man early 70s Woit refers to The People s Republic of Berkeley It was something to do with abolition of the aristocracy of particles which I must say I didn t completely get but you can see how this might appeal As I understand it the basic idea was not to talk about possibly intangible interactions between particles like uarks whosexistence is hard to demonstrate directly but only about the objectively measurable scattering matrixAnyway according to Woit S Matrix Theory Never Uite Worked And When Uantum Chromodynamics And theory never uite worked and when uantum chromodynamics and Standard Model came in around 1974 it pretty much disappeared But Capra in The Tao of Physics still clung to the S matrix ideas and The Man from Beijing every time the book was reprinted he would add forewords and afterwords that were and out of touch with reality claiming that history had shown that the S matrix approach was the one true way when in fact CD had knock This is probably as good as a physics for the layman book can get But that doesn t mean it s perfect Far from it in factThe strength of the book is Zukav s review of the history of physics He does a good job setting. Gary Zukav has written the Bible for those who are curious about the mindxpanding discoveries of advanced physics but who have no scientific background Like a Wu Li Master who would teach us wonder for the falling petal before speaking of gravity Zukav writes in beautifully clear language with no mathematical Creating Lasting Value euations opening our minds to thexciting new theories that are beginning to Understanding Markets and Strategy embrace the ultimate nature of our universeuantum mechanics relativity and beyond to the Einstein Podolsky Rosenffect and Bell's theoremAt an Esalen Institute meeting in 1976 tai chi. Montana Dreams explaining the major breakthroughs so that you the reader can appreciate their significance in pretty substantial ways That s uite a feat His clarity gets weaker as he starts to go into the weirder aspects of uantum mechanics though At times he s soager to jump to the sci Well I read this book at the advice of Jeff Sneider who recommended it highly I agree This book while difficult in places does lead me to uestion my view of reality which has been purely Newtonian read the book to understand I d rate this book right up with Godel Escher and Bach I will think often about it It may be very well be true that Immerwelt - Der Pakt everyone lives in Aristotle s metaphorical cave seeing shadows of thessence of reality Actually uantum mechanics pretty much says it IS true Zukav argues that Modern South Asia experiencing reality through perhaps meditation andastern religious metaphors may lead to a greater degree of knowing or Picture Theory enlightenment as the case may be He argues that contradictions are inherent in intellect I can be a scientist using Newtonian physics to make a career judge student performance and the like and also believe in God angels fairies and so on Basically uantum mechanics argues we know really nothing about thessence of reality so anything could be and maybe anything in actually is real There s a uote in the book that I will post in my office and spread around my scientific camp and it s worth thinking and mulling overReality is what we take to be true What we take to be true is what we believe What we believe is based upon our perceptions What we perceive depends upon what we look for What we look for depends upon what we think What we think depends upon what we perceive What we perceive determines what we take to be true What we take to be true is our reality This is a book that lightly and perhaps appropriately suggests a connection between Ancestral Voices eastern religions and the developments in 20th century physics notably Einstein s theories of relativity Heisenberg s uncertainty principle and the collectiveffort from Max Planck through Einstein to Nils Bohr and many others to develop uantum theory uantum mechanics and other dimensions of uantum realityThe fundamental issue is that logic breaks down in the uantum world This is xplained well uantum reality deals in probabilities not certainties and phenomena that could be waves Or Could Be Uanta Or could be uanta or depending on when they are measuredThere is a huge uotient of the subjective in uantum thinking which is to say that the observer alters that which is observed and that which is observed has a somewhat uncanny similarity to th. Master Al Huang said that the Chinese word for physics is Wu Li patterns of organic nergy Journalist Gary Zukav and the others present developed the idea of physics as the dance of the Wu Li Masters the teachers of physical Aristotle Detective (Aristotle essence Zukavxplains the concept further The Wu Li Master dances with his student The Wu Li Master does not teach but the student learns The Wu Li Master always begins at the center the heart of the matter This book deals not with knowledge which is always past tense anyway but with imagination which is physics come alive which is Wu Li Most peo.
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The Dancing Wu Li Masters An Overview of the New Physics