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To a mountain side in the first place Unfortunately it strayed Next I read this Series Because I Like Annya because I like Annya character and her adventures I like the fact that she has the sword that she CAN GRAB FROM THE OTHERWHERE AT grab from the otherwhere at moment s notice to protect not only her but those she protects as well I like reading and following along as she finds herself neck deep into those she protects as well I like reading and following along as she finds herself neck deep into and trouble everywhere she goes What I don t like are writer s personal religions or political views on the world taking a spotlight on the story itself Unfortunately whoever this writer was ended up doing just that This not only takes away from the fun of the series but my overall rating as well Hopefully the next writer in this series will have restrained his or herself in that areaFor those who love Roux and Garin Braden ou get Roux but not Garin Roux has become her business manager as it were and takes in inuires and reuests for Annya s participation The ARK expedition came to Roux firstIf Amok you want nearly every single sub character to die either by Annya s hands or nefarious meansou definitely get it here You even get a convoluted ending and a mysterious character named Mr Summer who claims to know the oung Roux and his apprentice Next book in series 22 The Spirit Banner 01122010 Annja is off adventuring with Christian fundamentalists and a scholarly rabbi to find Noah s ark on top of Mount Ararat At the gateway to their illegal exploit in Istanbul Annja encounters Mr Summer who seems to be related to the mysterious gentleman from Gabriel s Horn With their trail running through off limit Turkish military zones a I get a real kick out of this series In this episode Annja is invited on an expedition to the top of Mt Ararat to see if it really is Noah s Ark up there Lots of great action fast pacing excellent dialogue And a new character is introduced It ll be interesting to see what happens next Annja Creed is taken on as a consultant to prove the shape in the ice at the top of the mountain peak in Turkey is Noah s ark The bulk of the story concentrates on the journey to the top of the mountain and fleeing her pursuers to get down to safet. Compared to the danger that lies hidden within the team With lives at stake Annja has no choice but to protect the innocentand get them out of there alive Legend says the Ark once saved mankind but this time it could kill them all.

Kris Radish Collection, 3 Books (The Elegant Gathering of White Snows, Dancing Naked at the Edge of Dawn, Annie Freemans Fabulous Traveling Funeral)
#SKILLS THOUGH SOMEWHAT ANNOYING MIGHT REALISTICALSO FELT THAT THE # though somewhat annoying might realisticAlso felt that the level might have been a bit above the target audience or at least there were uite a few big words for a little paperbackThe power to conjure up the sword of Joan of Arc at the drop of hat Totally What do a group of ex military fundamental Christians a group of atheistic 20 something s camera crew an ex communist reporter an archaeologist with paranormal powers and a Rabbi have in common Why a search for Noah s Ark of course This is a typical Rogue Angel novel with action and adventure What Annja finds on the top of the mountain may still surprise ou Mr Archer did an excellent job with this story Another great installment on the adventuresmisadventures of Annja Creed Archer always creates the most fascinating plots for his heroine The only thing I didn t like about the book were a few spelling and grammatical errors This my final read of the series for a while i have taken breaks between books and read other authors and other genre but Alex Archer has become predictable Maybe if i take a break the rest of genre but Alex Archer has become predictable Maybe if i take a break the rest of series my inspire me again in futurebut i doubt it I found this one at times boring and difficult to continue reading thoroughly enjoyed the Rabbi character A little to much description about each fighting move the main character used and how she learned it I myself do not really care for an in depth description. Archaeologist Annja Creed reluctantly accepts an assignment on behalf of a covert arm of the US Government She is to lead an expedition to the top of Mount Ararat to find the truth about what is thought to be the remains of Noah's.

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Paradox Author Alex Archer