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Fünf Jahre meines Lebens Ein Bericht aus GuantánamoI first learned of this account whilst watching an interview with John Le Carre who based his book A most wanted man on Murat s case Le Carre is the master of cold war spy literature Indeed what happened to Murat is a result of corrupt US hegemony in the cold war aftermathMurat a twenty year old Turkish citizen and a legal resident in Germany decided to travel to Pakistan to study the Koran He was traveling on a bus when he was taken by the olice thrown in jail And Sold To The sold to the It transpired that the US military and intelligence agents relied on corrupt informants who were raking in American dollars He is eventually flown to Guantanamo bay and i This

Book Just Left Me Stunned 
just left me stunned devastated and depressed It s really hard not to develop anti American sentiments after reading it For a country that takes great ride in its justice system and calls itself the flag bearer of humanitarianism this book is truly a slap on its hypocritical face What s sickening is that even to this day there are many Americans who favor and fully support the activities which take Murder Maker place at Guantanamo bay This is just one account of an innocent man who had to bear all that torment Lord knows how many Murats will end up sharing a similar fate This book is devastating and I wonder if anyone who isn t already convinced that Guantanamo should have been closed long ago will read it The very sky is stolen from Kurnaz theassage where he writes of this loss is نشانی‌ها particularly moving who was known to be innocent in 2002 and continued to waste away in Guantanamo for four years It does not have the literary uality of Night by Wiesel for example hence the four stars rather than five but it is an important book and that Kurnaz survives at all is a testament to his spirit and faith I m sure some readers will doubt the many instances of torture that he recounts but with all the many revelations that our highest members of government were involved in setting the rules for harsh interrogation tactics I see little reason to doubt him Regardless even if he had been treated with constant kindness he was imprisoned for five years without duerocess of law and known to be innocent for four of those and it is unbearable I used to wonder how Americans in the 40 s could bear the internment of Japanese Americans the turning back of boatloads of Jewish Ask Yourself This people to extinction in Germany the racism directed against American soldiers of color but now I understand the feeling ofowerlessness that must have gripped so many dismayed by wrongs done by their own government If you read this book and it moves you consider joining Amnesty International s fight to close Guantanamo I wish I knew of that could be done Still in the midst of all the suffering Kurnaz thinks always of the other Good Witch, Bad Witch people around him saves scraps of bread to feed the birds and lizards and indulges in a thousand other small kindnesses that are a testament to the goodness and humanity that can beresent anywhere Murat Kurnaz is a Mulsim from Germany with Turkish decent He happened to be in Pakistan studying Islan when the US went to war with Afkanistan The Pakistanis The Tokyo Zodiac Murders picked him up and delivered him to the US military for 3000 He was innocent but still was held in Kandahar and Guantanamo in bothlaces he was tortured In fact the torture techniues reminded me of those in How to Catch a Vampire that was frightning The torture was by our own country I did wonder if all th. In October 2001 nineteen year old Murat Kurnaz traveled to Pakistan to visit a madrassa During a security check a few weeks after his arrival he was arrested without explanation and for a bounty of 3000 the Pakistani olice sold him to US forces He was first taken to Kandahar. ,
Is coupld be true My five stars is based on Murat being truthful If it comes out he lied I would give the book 3 stars easy to read tough to hear As a seasoned human rights activist i have read and reread report after report about the violations of human rights of individuals and violations of human rights of individuals and grown used to it However after reading Mr Kuranz s account of his 5 imprisonment i am absolutely stunned I am stunned at how cruel one human being can be to another In this case the US soldiers who acted as mr Kurnaz s captors As familar i am with things like the Universal Declaration of human rights the geneva convention rules of engagement and the army field manual as guidelines for conduct in conflicts The things tthe US government did to him were far above anything he warrentedas an enemy combatant I won t go into the things done to this innocent man except that ironically the thing i think i found most disturbing was Kurnaz s discovery that his captors were secretly spitting in his food and serving it to him This book Boneshaker (BA 43-500, personifies the accounts of others like him ie the film The Road To GuantanamoIt is a moving testimony to the depths thateople Kurnaz s captorscan sink to in the name of fighting a war against terror and roof that everyone deserves to be treated humainly finished reading Five Years of my Life in Guantanamo by Murat Kurnaz He s a Turkish student born in Germany who got sent to Guantanamo Bay for no reasonWhat happened Bush began war on terrorism Fed S Gave 5000 Bribes s gave 5000 bribes Pakistanis to find terrorists so they turned in their neighbors the doctor who they owed bills to and lots of Islamic students some aged 13 What s good about the book is this Turk is a writer with compassion and a great sense of the absurd He describes the camps in detail all the torture techniues like waterboarding breaking of arms legs and dismemberment denying sleep food water and air and constant interrogations of risoners chained inside tiny metal cagesActually the German Special Forces visited and were really impressed by the level of torture they CSA Scenarios for the MRCGP, third edition presented the US commanders with their newest sub machine gun All in the background FREEDOMlacards McDonalds and the Star Spangled Banner The Ornament (Ornament, playingSo why was he released In 2006 Supreme Court judge declared the Military Tribunals unconsitutional 2 lawyers gotersonally involved filing a writ of habeas corpus and managed to get security clearance to represent Mr Kunaz After 2 years of trying they appealed to the new woman chancellor of Germany who ersonally asked Mr Bush to helpAfter months of negotiation he was released This washorrific A truly eye opening account of one of the darkest times in US history Read for academic urposes This was as might be expected a difficult book to read I feel however that it is important for those of us who can do things like vote in US Rant presidential elections to understand the full measure of atrocities committed against fellow human beings in the name of our national security and freedom I was astonished at the level of cruelty this man endured especially for him to come out the other side with honor dignity and a sense of self intact Part of me hopes those who are still enduring such despicable treatment in Cuba are as religious as Mr Kurnaz Faith in God can be clung to in alace like that but faith in man will not last forever under such abuse Mine was shaken by merely the account of it I hoped like many other lawyers involved Afghanistan where he was severely mistreated and then two months later he was flown to Guantanamo as Prisoner #61 For than 1600 days he was tortured and lived through hell He was kept in a cage and endured daily interrogations solitary confinement and sleep deprivation Finally. N defending Guantanamo detainees to vindicate a rinciple that there should be no Kids Draw Knights, Kings, Queens, Dragons prison beyond the law Baher Azmy lawyer for Murat Kurnaz The US compound in Guantanamo has for the mostart been shrouded in secrecy Until the exposure of torture ractices during the Bush administration following the September 11th attacks I had unfortunately not given much thought to such a lace Over the The Color of a Leader passing years with reports surfacing about the treatment of detainees Obama s brokenromise to close Guantanamo and the ongoing incarceration of detainees without trials my interest and disgust has builtAfter the of detainees without trials my interest and disgust has builtAfter the in Vietnam former American POWs spoke of the horrors they endured while imprisoned behind enemy lines There are those veterans among us who still suffer the mental anguish and nightmares from those days in Vietnam I ve heard them screaming out windows of the local VA hospital How then can we as a nation not be disgusted at the fact that our own government is inflicting the same torturous and unjust Into the Planet practices onerceived enemy combatants We do not stand for our own being tortured but we turn a blind eye to the torture of those who are not like us Hypocrisy and doublethinkMurat Kurnaz outlines his five years of being detained unlawfully and without evidence within Guantanamo The horrors he describes torture endless interrogations cruel soldiers humiliation malnutrition sound along the lines of brutal concentration camps than the description of an American detention center He speaks simply and honestly about his time there exposing the reader to his inner thoughts and uestions his compassion for other detainees some in their early teens and another man who is in his early 90s and his everlasting hope of release kept alive by his religious faith Even if half of what Murat describes within the Dusk (Rosales Saga, pages of Five Years of My Life is true it should be enough to turn the stomachs of any human being American or otherwise This nation was built onrinciples of euality and fairness yet our government sees fit to deny these George Washingtons Secret Six principles to anyone of their choosing regardless of justification Five Years of My Life has a few glitches here and there with how the book was arranged and minor editing choices I found awkward at times but the overall book is a uick and engaging read It feels as though you are sitting down with Murat in a casual conversation There are noassages of data or thoughts of conspiracy Not hatred aimed at America AS A WHOLE THIS IS A MAN WHO SIMPLY a whole This is a man who simply to share his story as a human being subjected to horrible timesThe most unfortunate thing about this book is that many will not read it Many will choose to ignore the horrors the American government inflicts upon others while keeping it under wraps Endless torture accomplishes nothing except the debasement of humanity If I had to be honest I don t know that I d be able to endure the treatment Murat was subjected to As I read through his recollections of solitary confinement beatings torture and exhaustion all I could think was that even I as a born and raised white male American would have broken down and confessed to anything the officials in Guantanamo had asked me to whether it was true or not Prior to reading this book I had reread Orwell s 1984 The similarities between O Brian s torture and breakdown of Winston are eerie to say the least Has fiction finally started turning to reality Have we got the humanity in us to turn things around. In August 2006 Kurnaz was released with acknowledgment of his innocence Told with lucidity accuracy and wisdom Kurnaz's story is both sobering and oignant an important testimony about our turbulent times when innocent eople get caught in the crossfire of the war on terroris.