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Not Without a Fight eSed her as a pawn in the beginnin I would have put a 375 stars I really loved the story and the wonderfully hurting seeking revenge Hero He not worthy of a name aka Diablo aka Jim I liked the heroine Sunny but found her at most too naiveven if I know she was sheltered as a daughter by a loving father and most of the time nerf grazing going from tempteress letting him go to some a loving father and most of the time nerf grazing going from tempteress letting him go to some about his hurting past to spoiled brat willing to marry the vilain kissing then trying to Garden Bouquets and Beyond escape then again kissing I found some dialogues in the cave too repetitive and thend scene too hushed I did like this story "of vengence I loved that went back to nurse him and I "vengence I loved that she went back to nurse him and I very touched by the deep sadness he had that she also betrayed him as he trusted her or so he thoughtI was so happy for diablo Jim to have his HEA making what he hadn t dared dream come true I was happy about the nd scene when she was the one to get his revenge Very repetitive Repetitive She said the same things over and overReading again 5 10 16 to 5 19 16 This was one of my favorite authors back in the 90s I had not read anything by her in almost a decade Although the plot was good and you ither cared or hated the characters as one was suppose to like many others mentioned the story was repetitive at times Almost as if the author forgot she had said the same thing before The The Management Bible end where the hero got revenge on the villain seemed rushed and disappointing I don t knolw. Xas Diablo will never forget the kind cattleman who once took him in but it is his torturer who haunts hisvery thought And when some powerful Wyoming ranchers come looking to hire ruthless men for a wicked job Diablo seizes the opportunity to settle a scoreHer name is Sunny and she than lives up to it She's a dazzling ray. ,
The romance was good when you finally get there have way through the book The story was ok but there were alot of repetition in the storyline it got tiring LovedLoved Loved this bookI can not wait to read her next one called RioDiablo was so greatIt was sad at times but it had a awesome plot and it kept movingWhen you think you know what was gpoing to happen had a awesome plot and it kept movingWhen you think you know what was gpoing to happen the next pageHAthink againIt surprises youI loved this bookI give it 5 stars out of 5if I was a judgelolLet s go read book 2 Diablo s vengence Is So Well Told I so well told I t wait to see what he did next Truly GG could have made a whole series of books about the way he went about it sunny falls for diable because she sees Sunny falls for Diable because she sees s a really caring man despite his devilish appearance and the fact that he kidnaps her Is that Stockholm syndrome or whatA really satisfying Zu schnell ending to the book with a clever good guy you wish well and a despicable bad guy you hope meets his Waterloo Sunny should have kissed Diablo s feet the minute she was kidnapped and freed from that awful awful manI don t think I ll forget Diablo the character and the book too soon I don t read westerns and this one held my attention Why believable characters historical accuracy pain points are realistic logicalnding Another great story by Georgina gentry I njoyed reading Diablo and Sunnys story Diablo was out for vengeance after what happened to him at a boy Sunny happened to be in the middle of that vengeance Diablo Meet the Texans rough hewn heroes as bold and rugged as the Lone Star State itself in a sweeping new series only Georgina Gentry could bring to heart pounding hard riding lifeDiabloThey call him Devil and with good reason The half breed Santee Sioux bears the twisted scars that made him the fastest deadliest gunfighter in Te. ,

How old the author is but maybe it is time to retire I ve loved her books and how they tied in ach other but I m not sure I want to read her other books I have not yet read because I want to remember her fantastic books as books that I have not yet read because I want to remember her fantastic books as were and not as going downhill which as I remember is partly why I stopped reading her books in the arly 2000s Alot of resaying the samething over an overSometimes it was the same paragraph over Boring read to me This book was alright I Did Not Really Get Their Relationship Though It Sort did not really get their relationship though It sort reeked of Stockholm Syndrome They really weren t kind to ach other Half of the book Diablo stalked Sunny and most of the other half she was trying scape him I guess he was the only one that didn t actively try to sleep with herrape her So good noughI also did not understand Sunny all that well When she knocked him out to Invisible (The Curse of Avalon escape she claims she didn t mean to hurt him That makes no sense Clearly she did mean to hurt him There is nothing about hitting someone in the head with a rock that suggests otherwise Then at thend after she shot that man she wasn t shocked or in tears or anything Her Yummy Supper entire reaction was well that s that I mean it made no sense This is someone she knew her whole life Even if she wasn t upset over the creepiness of this old man she had never shot to kill anyone before That alone would be shocking to most people Whatever This book had sweet moments and was an interesting time to read about. Of light and the bride to be of Hurd Kruger the man who scarred Diablo What better way to destroy Kruger than to capture dishonor and dump his greatest prize It's a perfect planxcept for the one thing Diablo never counted onthe only thing that could turn him away from the dark side the angel who could save his bedeviled so.

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