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Shadow of the Wolf Hearts Desire #1

Dana Marie Bell ¼ 5 Summary

Ight he met her just to make sure "she didn t leave i was out and " didn t leave I was out and never did anything that edeemed I was out and he never did "anything that edeemed There was a little bit of a plot with tons of sex I don "that edeemed There was a little bit of a plot with tons of sex I don mind sex in my books in fact sometimes I eally like it but it just didn t seem to fit in with the plot all that well There s all this danger going on and someone trying to kill Chris and Lana and all he can think about is sex Oh and if she doesn t mate him he dies which she knows I hate that plot point I also never eally bought the eason Cole hated Chris so much as believable I did like the youngest brother and found his story interesting but that s about it I normally don t enjoy books about magic users although I love shifter omance so this was a pleasant break from all the biker books I ve been devouring latelyNo cheatingNo owomA bit of holding back by the heroine because. L his own And she has to accept the one aspect that sets him apart from almost every other wizard his wolfWhat Chris gets is Alannah Evans a powerful witch of the Evans Coven The petite dark haired woman has no problems with the wolf What she does have a problem with is the fact that Chris is a wizard Since. ,
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She just met the HeroAn interesting overall arc that makes me want to ead the next book Bell has created another fantastic world in Shadow of the Wolf It s a story about witches but with a uniue twist Christopher Beckett Is A Wizard From A Family is a wizard from a family to live as werewolves Because of the curse the Beckett s have only one true mate and Chris has gotten to the point where he needs to call his What he gets is a spunky witch who has a bigger problem with him being a wizard than a werewolf This is an interesting story where witches wizards and Warlocks Don T Like Each Other And don t like each other and to keep to their own I loved the idea that even though they are both magical people Chris and Alannah have very different ways of doing things Witches are impulsive and the wizards plan ahead and this drives both insane I eally enjoyed every minute of this book. Wizards and witches don’t get along very well neither should they but the sparks flying between them can’t be denied Chris isn’t taking no for an answer When it becomes clear that an old enemy has targeted them both Chris will wind up engaging his enemy in a duel that could cost him his lifeOr worse La. ,