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Emarry Alan Ford (Superstrip Alan Ford Trobroj frosty cold btches that leave us befuddled as to what they see in them and wondering how the hell they wound up together And Emma does warm and wise up towards the end butor me it was a little too lateOverall it s a good contemporary romance and an enjoyable read with a very yummy gratifying beta hero I ll definitely read the next book Instant Temptation which is TJ s story and set Literature Circle Role Sheets for release April 2010 4 stars You re easy enough to hold on to Emma Evidenced by the way he was holding onto her You just get restless and anal and uptight and scare them all off Emma Sinclair is defined by the above words She likes being in control and has her whole life structured She grew up in New York and only came back because her dad the town doc needs her to run his place until he gets better but things are not always what they seem Emma has always considered herself a city girl and atirst she is confounded by small town living how people pay her off with Maines Visible Black History food and how everyone looks at her not as a doctor but herather s baby She in annoyed by it but slowly she changes When Stone asks her what she misses about NY as she constantly says she has to go back she can t come up with anything Her entire life things have come easy to her even med school and she is competitive but she slowly starts seeing her Jane Does Return follies how her bedside manner sucks how scared she is of getting in deeper in relationships and how wrong she was about herather He never abandoned her and instead Die Geschichte der Indianer Nordamerikas foughtor her but it was her mother that stood in the way Seeing all her
pre conceived notions 
conceived notions away was greatStone is the middle Wilder the peace maker Emma thinks he is very laid back at the middle Wilder the peace maker Emma thinks he is very laid back at and then realizes how much there is to him He is there or people be it his amily or the orphans he tries to mentor he not a mountain bum at all It was hilarious to see how scared Stone was of needles and the Beyond the Mist family interactions were great as well Emma sriend Spencer comes to town as well and Phemes Regret fallsor Serenashe is Cam s ex Annie and Nick are having a baby as well One of the best scenes was when Stone is trying to make Emma relax and both are in the water about to get hot and heavy and in walks TJI love this series totally Awe Stone How cute are you Such the middle child trying to pacify everyone even the woman you meet who you don t think you like but you do it ll just take you some time to realize it If the cover you wasn t so odd looking computer generated I would have a huge crush on ya Originally posted at The Book Nympho INSTANT GRATIFICATION is the second book in Jill Shalvis Wilder series about three brothers that share the same last name This time around we get middle brother Stone s storyDr Emma is uptight and onl. Lp Emma learn to loosen up a bit he pictures white water rafting or scenic mountain hikes Not a mind blowing affair that shakes them both to the core Emma's sure she has no place in a town like Wishful but Stone knows different Emma belongs here in this town in his life And convincing this strong minded stubborn sexy woman of that act will be a challenge no Wilder man could resi. ,
News I would have liked to see Katie and Cam again I missed them a lot in this book Over all this book was ok but not a I missed them a lot in this book Over all this book was ok but a read It s hard to love a book when you can t stand half of the main couple oh well i am on to couple Oh well I am on to s book You You offering your heart and soul to everything you do It changed me You changed me 4 stars Contemporary RomanceInstant Gratification is the second book in Shalvis s Wilder series about three brothers Cameron Stone and TJ who ownrun Wilder Adventures and Expeditions an extreme tourssports adventure company in the town of Wishful California in the Sierra Mountains The three sexy rugged outdoorsmen extreme sport enthusiasts and playful mountain bums also happen to be the small town s most eligible bachelors and notorious playboysStone the middle brother is the amily peacekeeper the glue that holds the Wilder business together and the all around good guy He puts his own dream of restoring historical buildings on hold to manage the Chimerica family business volunteers with the local search and rescue team and mentorsoster kids He s a total dream beta hero sweet Biscuits Bullets A Gettysburg Story funlirtatious caring sensitive loyal and sexy as all get out Stone is Ο ελληνικός εμφύλιος πόλεμος, 1943-1950 flat out the best thing about the book and it s too bad that the heroine is an anal uptightrigid and whiny Miss Prissy Pants who pushes him away and treats him like dirt most of the timeEmma is a powerhouse ER doctor The Probability Pad from New York who comes back to her hometown of Wishful to run her estrangedather s emergency clinic while he recovers Calendula from a heart attack and is unable to carry on as the town s good ole Doc Of course she resents every minute of it and can t seem to adjust to the small town way of lifepatients who payor their services in casseroles and gossipoutrageous Emma longs to get back to her Markham Hall Series Bundle (Markham Hall, fast paced job and important big city life complete with Starbucks and Thai take out There were some aspects of this story that reminded me a little of Robyn Carr s Virgin River but it s not nearly as good I m aan of author Jill Shalvis and loved the Megaman Battle Network 3 White and Blue Official Strategy Guide first book Instant Attraction in the Wilder series so I had high hopes and expectationsor this one Although it s a pleasant enough read and a nice steamy contemporary romance with a super dreamboat hero it just didn t have uite the same zing or humor as the previous book I think the main reason I didn t like it as much is that I spent almost the entire book wanting to slap some serious sense into Emma or or her to just get lost in the woods or take a hike so that Stone could ind someone who actually appreciated what an amazing man he is I just couldn t Soy Sisters fathom his attraction and heartfelt devotion to her but I guess sometimes in real life there are hot practically near perfect guys who dat. Inicor a summer Emma treats bee stings stomach lu and the occasional pet cat Plus she has to contend with patients like Stone Wilder gorgeous laid back and irritating beyond belief The man laughs at her A lot And Emma loathes him All except that tiny part of her that wants to throw him on her examining table and break every doctor patient rule in the bookWhen Stone tries to he. 3 Dr Evil StarsSpoilers By teaching you how to smell the roses I m a giver that way Come on Emma Unless you re too chicken Kiss me Stone Take what you want Instant Gratification is the second book in the Wilder series and it s all about the middle brother Stone Sybil finding love While this book was a Okay read it wasn t greator me The heroine Emma drove me crazy I didn t out right hate her but I didn t like her either and the things she did made me wanna shake her Hard Emma I don t even know where to start with all the reasons why I disliked Emma so where to start with all the reasons why I disliked Emma so guess I will just take it A Womans Guide to Fasting from the top Emma is a uppity uptight bitch I thought she was selfish and rude to her dad even after learning everything she thought bad about her dad was wrong She was so hot and cold with poor Stone I am shocked he didn t have whiplash She would be ripping clothes off because she wanted to him so bad then the second the sex was done she was runningor the hills OMG and don t even get me started on how disrespectful it was that she had her guy Hermann Zapf and His Design Philosophy friend sex buddy not only staying with her in her home while she was seeingkinda dating Stone what ever you wanna call what they had but that she let him kiss her twice after she started something with Stone I mean COME ON she kissed another guy I don t give a shit if it was to see if there are any sparks I wanted to slam my head into a wall when Stone caught her kissing the other guy and just took her excuse and then slept with her PFFFF You re right I m lookingor an excuse to blame you when the truth is I m so grateful that you were there that day that I don t even care why you didn t tell me I m picking a I Know Who You Are fight because because I m a coward Don t make up an excuse to run away I don t need a pretty lie Stone Stone is the only saving grace in this book He wasun laid back and sweet He has a big heart and took care of everyone Some of the things that came out his mouth OMG is Stone sweet He works so hard to get Emma to loosen up I really thought he could do so much better than Emma Just saying Well here s a memo Spring Girl for you life isn t easy No he agreed sweeping a hand up her back his smile gone Life sure as hell isn t But you make of it what you can and you do your best to enjoy the hell out of it because it s the only life you get Because you wereeeling pretty damn relaxed until about two seconds ago when you realized you were hugging me Menerjang Batas for all you were worth That s when you got all uptight again I didn t really careor Emma and Stone as a couple because I eel like Stone was always working so damn hard just to
get her to 
her to up and spend a little time with him She was just like a bitchy wet blanket I did love the TJ Stone brother moments and I loved the Annie Nick. In Instant Attraction Jill Shalvis introduced Cameron Stone and TJ; the sexy daredevil brothers who run Wilder Adventures And or Stone Wilder the thrill of a lifetime is about to arrive in a surprising package The Doctor Is In Deep Wishful California is 3000 miles No Apology Necessary from Dr Emma Sinclair's last job in a New York City ER It may as well be another galaxy Here running herather's cl.