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St is seeing HOW it unfoldsThe assassins are covered very well firstly because you et to see them in action As the execution force is Finally At the very end of 2018 being up to date with the Horus Heresy franchise I decided to o back to the book I skipped ages ago to Nemesis I heard that this story does not bring much to the main plot which was the primal reason for the delay Another reason was my lack of interest in the Officio Assassinorum which now definitely raised tremendously This started slowly reminded me of another my lack of interest in the Officio Assassinorum which now definitely raised tremendously This started slowly reminded me of another s work Flight of Eisenstein It took forever to et me fully engaged but ended up rather interesting and entertaining I started several times and I went through with it only on my third try Unfortunately this means that this tale is not immediately attra. S conveneTheir plan is to send a team of assassins to execute the arch traitor Horus and end the war for the alaxy of mankind before. ,

A solid read Not among the reatest in the series and the tie in to the Heresy isn t so tight you have to read it but it s a cool look into a different aspect of the Imperium I ve recently finished the latest Horus Heresy novel by James Swallow writer of Flight of the Eisenstein another fantastic part of the series Nemesis It covers a plan by the Imperial assassin cults to send a team of assassins one from each temple to assassinate Horus Of course a plan is simultaneously put into motion by the traitors to send a vicious assassin to kill the EmperorI ll start out by saying that I really liked this book it s a reat addition to a reat series Sure you know from the beginning that neither of the Assassination Plots Succeed But That S Not plots succeed but that
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not the point of series The main intere. After the horrors of Istvaan V Horus declares outright war against the Imperium In the shadows of the Emperor's Palace powerful figure. Ctive to the reader but it GETS BETTER THE VARIETY OF CHARACTERS better The variety of characters uite pleasing second half of the book kept me very engaged and brought me a lot of knowledge and new understanding of the differences between the assassin temples The ending was not disappointing as well I am lad I took my time to finally read Nemesis and I believe the Horus Heresy knowledge I possess now made the experience enjoyable Is it skippable Yes Should you skip it Probably not It s Worth A Read James Swallow a read James Swallow to be a hit a miss author for me I don t really care for many of his Blood Angles books but I really enjoyed Flight of the Eisenstein I believe that Mr Swallow should stick with the Horus Heresy novels because Nemesis is a very ood readThe book feels like part detective novel and part Dirty Doze. It's even begun But what they cannot know is that another assassin is abroad already with his sights firmly set on killing the Emperor. ,
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