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Elvis And The Memphis Mambo Murders

Heartsong Rauls Revenge

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S and I can t believe I aven t reviewed it Once again Callie and the gang get mixed up in the middle of a murderous mess Seriously if I were these people I d be afraid to go out of the ouse Callie s mother as entered a ballroom dancing contest so most of a ballroom dancing contest so most of family Elvis the basset included ead to Memphis for the competition However suddenly the contestants start dropping like flies and Callie fears On Liberty her mother is nextThis book was a lot of fun and even though I nailed the perp on theead I still enjoyed the ride I love the characters who are all full of southern charm and uirks Once again I think Callie s cousin and best friend Lovie
steals the show 
the show I m curious to see if Callie s mother and uncle ever become romantically involved the tension is definitely there However it s no surprise that Elvis once again is the star of this novel After every few chapters the author inserts a chapter written in Elvis POV These little interludes are always very pertinent to the plot and are a blast I will be grabbing the next installment when I it my *Not So Local Library *so local library a few week. Competition But someone is knocking off dancers so Callie goes undercover to catch a kille. Now I love Elvis young Elvis That Is Tunes Hips that is tunes ips uhhhanywaya dog who thinks Pulled Thread Embroidery he is the reincarnation of the King and is allowed to tell part of the story Okayneat premiseand maybe if I start this series in the beginning rather than the third one I might dig the premise better I think I am missingow Elvis came into being English Humour for Beginners howe came to live with Callie I want to learn what s the deal with Jack the ex and ow much trouble Ruby Nell can *Get Into I Had A *into I ad a time keeping up with all of the extraneous characters introduced They came and went rather uickly so I didn t care if they were the victim or not Now the family *MEMBERS I DID CARE ABOUT AND *I did care about and my time with My favor An okay read for a southern cozy Normally I love these types of books but a bassett The Ransom of Mercy Carter hound who thinkse is Elvis reincarnated just made me suspend my disbelief too much The story is told from two different viewpoints mostly from Callie and then a few chapters from Elvis Callie who along with Gone for Good her cousin Lovie accompanyser Mama Ruby Nell to Memphis for a dance contest The dead body count starts to escalat. Elvis the king of sleuthing basset Lallieva (Alice Allevi, hounds is back in this third mystery ase Callie Valen. .
E fast and furiously in the Peabody Hotel setting After Mama insists someone tried to kill er Callie and Lovie try to figure out who the murderer is Elvis of course thinks they should listen to im *Apparently Not Only Can He Put On *not only can British Society Since 1945 he put on show bute can elp solve crimes In what universe does this appen There were too many bodies too uickly with not enough real suspects and almost
no motives i 
motives I like I didn t even get to know the characters and then they were dead Maybe it s just me but talking and rationalizing animals just doesn t do it for me I guess it is a cute shtick and it works for some peopleOn the plus side it was a uick read with a few laughs along the way even with the stereotypical southern women characters The Peabody Hotel setting and the ducks elped somewhatDisclosure A review copy of the book was provided by Kensington It was uite fun and really uick read real cozy although not too much action and plot I love love love Elvis so much the dog not the singer But are they really one in the same My thoughts will be posted soonSo it s been a while since I read thi. Tine Jones and the gang ead to Memphis to keep Mama out of trouble at the regional dance.