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The story unfolds we learn that Jillian is giving at the expense of her safety at times as she s trying to make up for a misspent youth and a Legacy Of Addiction And Bad of addiction and bad Those choices should have destroyed her but instead they empowered her to make life transforming decisions when addiction led to an attempted rape her wake up call *We Also Learn That Captain Cutler Is A Widower With *also learn that Captain Cutler is a widower with son who lived through a horrific accident after his mother died leaving his friend dead and him broken and alive We have the usual teen angst compounded by the accident We get to experience their road to redemption and the accident We get to experience their road to redemption and Their lives intersect on two levels professionally and personally Jillian as Captain Cutler s son s physical therapist and when an obsessive stalker sets his sights on Jillian While Jillian is helping his son heal Captain Cutler is in protector mode It s a fast read and well written story It will eep you turning pages as you try to figure out who is stalking Jillian There are some great cheering moments as well as some wow I don t believe that happened that bring out how stalking is truly a serious crime that should be taken seriously and not just blown off Julie Miller s The Precinct series is great and one of my favorite reads I highly recommend this author this series and this book I have a confession to make before I review Takedown I don t read the back covers of my favorite authors and I don t read the cast of characters listed in the front of the book With one eye open I will glance at the book list to make an attempt at reading the books in order That being said I have read Julie Miller s Precinct books completely out of order which in most cases doesn t matter but with Takedown at the very least try to read Kansas City Christmas first or better yet all of The Precinct Brotherhood of the Badge The reason I suggest this is that Jillian the female lead has a fair amount of back story in Kansas City Christmas Takedown is a gritty and suspenseful intrigue with sympathetic characters set in the complex world of Julie Miller s Kansas City Precinct and a very entertaining read Terrific book I ve already read the PrecinctSWAT books so I enjoyed going back and reading Captain Michael Cutler s story At the beginning of the book we see him as the worried single dad concerned about his son s physical therapy progress Jillian is the physical therapist She has developed what she feels is a crush on Michael he is 15 years older than she is Michael has noticed her as a woman but the age difference bothers him When he finds out about her stalker he goes into protector mode and uickly realizes he has deeper feelings for her than he thought he did Meanwhile Jillian feels that her past eeps her from having a relationship with anyone but especially Michael When the stalker increases his activities their feelings also intensify The ending was fantastic and I loved the way father and son were able to open up with each other. Rigue Seek thrills Solve crimes Justice servedFor action packed stories check out the other books in The Precinct seriesBook 1 Partner ProtectorBook 2 Police BusinessBook 3 Search and SeizureBook 4 Baby Jane DoeBook 5 Beauty and the BadgeBook 6 TakedownBook 7 KCPD ProtectorBook 8 Crossfire ChristmasBook 9 Military Grade MistletoeBook 10 Kansas City I read this book when it first came out SEVERAL YEARS AGO BUT AFTER JUST HAVING FINISHED MS years ago but after just having finished Ms s latest book Kansas City Cop I had to savor Takedown again This is one of my all time favorite books mostly because the Hh have a 15 year age gap I don t think falling in love is only for 20 somethings Jillian has an unwanted stalker who professes to love her Michael Cutler is a SWAT captain and father to one of Jillian s physical therapy patients Their relationship develops as Michael and Jillian try to discover who this Loverboy is As always Ms Miller s books Hook The Reader In From the reader in from very beginning and takes the reader on a wild ride This book can be read as a stand alone so treat yourself and pick this one up Jillian Masterson has a cheuered past After losing her parents in a plane crash at sixteen she turned to drugs and men who were not good for her to cope However she decided to get clean after nearly being raped and she s been sober for eleven years when the book starts She s a physical therapist and one of her patients is teenager Mike Cutler Jr who lost the use of his legs after being in a car accident that illed his friendMike s father Michael is a SWAT captain He lost his wife to cancer two years previously and he s been busy trying to grieve and deal with the guilt of not being able to save her At forty four he doesn t think twenty eight year old Jillian would look twice at him I m being picky but it s mentioned several times that he s fifteen years older than her throughout the book but he s actually sixteen However Jillian is very much attracted to him but doesn t think he d give her a second glance because of their age differenceJillian is being stalked by someone who nows her very well and looks to be following her When Michael finds out she reluctantly accepts his help in finding out who this creep is What was done nicely was the romance Yes they have a big age gap and yes it gave them both pause but I like that Ms Miller didn t drag it out and have them flip flop back and forth Michael had not been in relationship since his wife died and Jillian was too busy with her sobriety and getting her degree to think about a relationship she was not emotionally ready for so it was nice to see them both be willing to give it a chance Jillian is surrounded by law enforcement her brother is a former cop turned DA investigator his wife is the police commissioner and she s also ten years old than him so I must dig out their book which I think I have and read it her sister is a medical examiner and her husband is also a cop They all work together to try and figure out who is stalking JillianI pretty much guessed who the stalker was from the beginning because it s always someone you least suspect although I did vacillate between two people as the author threw in a second possible suspect I m so glad Michael and Jillian worked through their issues to get their happily ever after If you haven t read any books by Julie Mil. TODAY bestselling author Julie Miller pulls out all the stops when a SWAT officer is faced with one tough caseand one irresistible attractionSWAT Captain Michael Cutler's pulse was racing He should have been thinking about the intense hostage crisis he'd just diffused But he couldn't eep his mind off of her Jillian Masterson the leggy brunette who

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Ler you should This was a good book I did NOT expect this to be a 5 star er Almost all harleuin books are max 4 star ers for me and this took me completely by surprise I loved almost everything about it And this has also made me realise that I might have a huge thing for copsfbiany law enforcement official17062020 edit Holy shit my dudes this book really is sweet as fuck I LOVE it Love love looove it Someone is sending Jillian Masterson love letters The creepy ind And the message is underlined with roses and beaten up and dead people Really not something every girl wishes forCoupled with her attraction to SWAT Captain Michael Cutler older matureand father of one of her PT patients Jilly has a really shitty weekAfter the slightest disappointment of Beauty and the Badge Ms Miller returns in her usual style with yet another amazing installment in her ongoing series about the KCPD s 4th precinct membersWith its eual measure of romance fifteen year age gap isn t much besides Jillian and Michael are simply meant to be together and suspense with the added chills of a uasi thriller embodied by Jillian s twisted Loverboy stalker tight plot great pacing and wonderful characters this story is a definite eeper and highly recommended great pacing and wonderful characters this story is a definite eeper and highly recommended this satisfied reader Exciting read When I heard that Julie Miller s upcoming release KANSAS CITY COP was Mike Cutler Jr s story I had to go revisit a blast from the past and re read his dad s story wher I loved this story I am a sucker for a heroine who has overcome her tough past and made something of herself She helps others loves her family and is so great Love the hero too Protective yet strong and just a good man Reread October 2017 I have read this book once a year really like two or three since it released and it s just as fresh and riveting as the first time I wasn t a big fan of Jillian beforehand but she has come a long way since her first introduction in the series I ll admit though what sold me on the story was Michael Cutler Sr He may be an older guy but it just goes to show sexiness does not go out the door with a few silver strands of hair Takedown has been on my eeper shelf since it first came out It s a great story about second chances in life and love With a fantastic blend of suspenseaction to balance out the romance it s also the perfect length for a uick and satisfying read I enjoyed Takedown I read it again in preparation to reading Kansas City Cop since we revisit Mike Cutler Jr Takedown is the story of redeeming love where one person doesn t think she is worthy and the other thinks his time has passed Julie Miller has nit together a touching story of redemption recovery second chances and new beginnings We meet Captain Michael Cutler SWAT Commander And Jillian commander and Jillian whose family has a law enforcement legacy She chose a season of addiction to cope with the death of her parents On the surface it would seem that these two have nothing in common but Mike Jr her patient As. Ad come to him for protection from an obsessive stalker He certainly hadn't been looking for love especially with someone fifteen years his junior But their chemistry is undeniable As the stalker's threats intensify Michael nows he'll go to any lengths to bring him down Even if that entails giving Jillian some very personal securityFrom Harleuin Int.
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Takedown The Precinct #12