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D a great ending that you won t see coming that ties Up All That HappenedFinishing all that happenedFinishing a lovely moment between our lovers after many obstacles coming that ties up all that happenedFinishing with a lovely moment between our lovers after many obstacles you a fuzzy sorta feeling insideA great readRomantic but not of the fluffy variety from start to end with a thrill of a finale Growing up Lizzie Porter always had a crush on her father s police partner Sam Travers With an 8 year age difference she never truly thought it would go anywhere Now 24 and 4 months after the deat I really enjoyed this book and the heroine in particular stayed with me long after I d finished it It was so great to read about a heroine who has had some sad and traumatic things happen to her in the past but who isn t completely overwhelmed by them She s strong and uirky and she nows what she wants The suspense level wasn t the highest I ve ever read but generally it was a really enjoyable read SRS 1603 35 starsAs I just finished this book I just triple checked now and it is definitely 1603 NOT 1608. Even SamThe plot thickens when someone takes a shot at Lizzie and Sam volunteers to move in with her just to protect her of course And as they puzzle out the truth he wonders just when he'll dare move out. .

Lizzie who had a crush on HIM HER HONESTY IS STILL THE her honesty is still The She Asks Him To she asks him to out if she has a half sister as her father s letters seem to indicateSam Private Arrangements (Forged of Steele, knows about this already has the information at hand and asks her to not disrupt her sister s life Lizzie agrees though she badly wants a family I really liked the path to their relationship and also the fact that Lizzie wasn t a masochist despite loving him ends it since shenows he doesn t want marriage ids while she does I loved how she had this zest for life this ability to not give upOf course her leaving makes the hero feel out of sorts he figures things out As far as the suspense element goes it wasn t centre stage Sometimes you need to read about a man who can take care of a woman who isn t perfect but at least he is human Now is one of those times for me and I thoroughly enjoyed the read The first Intrigue i read and it won t be the last hopefullyA likeable book right from the start with a loveable heroine an. N his old partner's daughter would be oh so wrongExcept that Lizzie won't take no for an answer She's discovered that she might have a half sister And she's not going to let anyone stop her
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her search. I am not a big fan of the Harleuin books but I do like this author This one was predictable the characters mildly interesting I didn this author This one was predictable the characters mildly interesting I didn now what to think of Lizzie sometimes I liked her but sometimes I wished she would stop her verbal diarrhea I wasn t uite sure I d enjoy this story it got off to a very slow start However some of the situations in this book were totally unu I really enjoyed this book mainly because I loved the heroine Lizzie she was so refreshingly honest had this tendency to blurt out whatever she was feeling She had a huge crush on her cop father s former partner When She Meets Him Again she meets him again years later the first uestion she asks is why didn t he attend the funeralThe hero was a cop but now runs a PI business a shooting made him change his career path got him a divorce from a rather shallow wife I honestly loved how Lizzie outright tells him he is well rid of his wife The hero sees a grown up Lizzie in front of him not so different than the teenage. Of all the PI offices in all the worldWhy did Lizzie Porter have to waltz into his Wary loner Sam Travers always had a soft spot for Lizzie and now she's grown up with the curves to prove it But to move ,

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