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The Good and Beautiful CommunityNow I need to go and do that homework and see some life changing results I think this book is do that homework and see some life changing results I think this book is helpful for developing the Christian lifestyle The Good and Beautiful Community is an encouraging helpful book that rovides ractical steps to help any Christian improve the way they live in community with others Each chapter includes a section titled Soul Care where Smith rovides actual steps and ractices for the reader to engage withEach chapter will help the reader delve deeper provides actual steps and ractices for the reader to engage withEach chapter will help the reader delve deeper Christian community development and hone their spiritual formation ractices Filled with tons of stores and anecdotes from the Smith The Christian community development and hone their spiritual formation ractices Filled with tons of stores and anecdotes from the Smith The and Beautiful Community will help the reader fall deeper in love with God and his community The true social activist is the Study to Teach person who lives as an apprentice of Jesus in his or her ordinary relationshipsI have come to my senses and realize that I have to help strengthen my faith with spiritualractices It is in this Apprentice series that I began to understand how faith can be Global Corporations in Global Governance practiced and fed on not only depended onThis book was an eye opener And it made me think about some realizations1 After seeing all of theseeople who have Angels in Harmony peace and joy and love I wanted to have what they have Christians are known for the hope that they have And if we do exhibit this hope it makeseople wonder I believe the Sketchy Behavior philosophical or apologetics uestions like Is God real Why does a good God allow bad things to happen and otherressing uestions are not the main essential uestions to be asked Some Autumn Brides people are merely wondering how and why do we believe in something that has given us so much hope2 The kingdom of God is not about rules but about the goodness and confidence we discover when we let the Holy Spirit lead us There are times where we read a verse in a Bible and give it too much attention becoming Yet many times we've gotten it wrong tending to emphasizeersonal faith over social justice or vice versa In these ages Jim Smith shows us how to bring spiritual formation. Verly critical We sometimes think of it as laws to be Obeyed At All Times And at all times and Sticky Church people when they do things We were given freewill and a mind to discern things on our own3 We must view all who call on Jesus as our brothers and sisters regardless of doctrine or race orractice Additionally sometimes it is a matter of the essential truths and non essential truths There may be differences in the way we criticize or interpret things in the Bible but if we are loving the God who gave His only Son Jesus then we have to shrug off those non essential differences4 I realized that the hymns were nonetheless being sung with devotion and benefit by an old saint in elastic boots in the opposite Forbidden Love Unchained pew and then you realize that you aren t fit to clean those boots It gets you out of your solitary conceit As an introvert I would easily neglect worshipping inublic since socializing and talking to Witches of the Deep South people makes me drained If I spent a little of my time alone with God doing spiritualractices such as Bible reading journalling and Metro 2033 (Universo Metro) praying I know there would be noroblem I learned though that spending time in church with a community of Christ followers is a way of spending eternity with the Christianity people of God I am a fanAfter completing this third book of the series I am convinced theresence of Jesus in me has changed Thank You for the experience This is the third book in his series and I loved all three books I read these with a group of men and the discussions have been Run for Your Life (Michael Bennett, productive and helpful This last book on community was very good in understanding the role and importance ofeople and the church in our spiritual journey The honesty and real life stories help you connect with the ideas and the soul exercises are fantastic in Alice-Miranda at Camp putting it intoractice Our small group at church finished this the third and final title in James Bry. And community engagement together and then once again offers spiritual ractices that root new true narratives about God and the world in our souls His insight and humility An Smith s Apprentice series I m still impressed not only with the author s substantive but accessible theological insight but also with his gracious tone and impeccable recommendations for spiritual Wilderness Survival Handbook practices to make each theological truth about what it means to live in church community root itself deeply in our hearts Highly recommend especially for group reading Excellent series of books for small group study Definitely should be done as a series Great facilitator resources are available online for free that go beyond the already good group meeting material at the back of each book I found this series to be a nice break from the level of reading reuired in Disciple Bible studies while stillroviding the group a very similar bonding experience I am a firm believer That Shared Outside Reading And Prep Work Increases Group Bonding shared outside reading and The White Mans Burden prep work increases group bonding highly recommend doing this series of books Each chapter grabbed my attention and I was able to focus on a different spiritual aspect for a week I went through these books with a group and really recommend doing so if you want to get the best out of them Hearing each other serspectives and ideas helps us grow spiritually and gives us someone to mentor or be mentored These aren t books

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will read once it will be something to reference and look up in the future Good series of books for small group discussionThese 3 books in the series are good for small group discussion I guess the James is using the method of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to change our behaviour In each chapter he list out our false narratives He will not condemn on the false narratives at the very first beginning Rather he will walk through with us how wrong are the false believ Some really good and though Visit the Sick provoking chapters Would love to discuss with others It really is a book meant to be read in community. S a fellow learner with us will lead us to live in authentic ways as a good and beautiful community of Christ followers shining the light of the Spirit into every relationshi.