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That you have the liminal realm where seemingly irrefutable states of being haven t yet had states of being haven t yet had time to become established The King rules because of this The ueen doesn t rule because of that We do this because of this We don t do this because of that All very cute those ways of following but time waits for no indoctrination for the sake of inoculation To those who disagree I ll see you on the other side She was not bound they said by any of England s laws since the Conuest and could therefore choose to sweep away the entire *Apparatus Of The Reformation *of the Reformation will because all previous statutes had been made in the name of England "S King While Its Ueen Was Nowhere "king while its ueen was nowhere For a rigorous non fiction history book this one s so easy to read that time flies by without notice and before you know you ve finished it Helen Castor is definitely one of those few academics who can narrate true facts from history as if it were a novel very amenable style and not dry at all despite the amount of informationAnd it s so enjoyable despite already being pretty fairly familiar with the women discussed in this book four extraordinary women who wielded royal power before the three Tudor ueens that count as Britain s first official female rulers on their own right Their names are Empress Matilda Eleanor of Auitaine Isabella of France and Margaret of Anjou and each of them led a very tumultuous life as ueen of England or aspiring ueen Regnant in the case of the first and started rebellions and civil wars in defence of their rights o 45 History buffs won t come across a finer book written as it captures the very essence of four strong minded women Matilda Eleanor of Auitaine Isabella of France and Margaret of Anjou Brilliantly told with a considerable amount of detail Helen Castor relies heavily on well documented records to tell the story of how these exceptional women came forth by taking control to ensure the crown for their offspring Patience is reuired in several of the chapters as periodically there are too many characters introduced which have no real bearing on the actual stories But be prepared to be in awe of these four ueens and the strategies they undertake throughout their lives to achieve their oals and to take their well earned and much deserved place in history Highly recommended. The presumptions of male rule were not confronted so explicitlyThe stories of these women told here in all their vivid humanity illustrate the paradox which the female heirs to the Tudor throne had no choice but to negotiate Man was the head of woman; and the king was the head of all How then could a woman be king how could royal power lie in female hand. ,
Now is to look at all this prescriptive junk that s built up over centuries of land murder betrayal popularity contests drowning heterosexual fertility non heteronormativity the word of God the word of Fate and plain and simple incompetence We could ve had a olden age far closer to Henry I and II than Henry VIII had a certain uncle not thrust his way into the limelight There may have been a line "of names that drowned Shakespeare s she wolf in its own fear of backlash had a certain fool son not "names that drowned Shakespeare s she wolf in its own fear of backlash had a certain fool son not and otten himself killed The King is always male because that is how the dice happened to fall That s it Add in a little superstition always the driving force of bigotry when sanctity of rule is made to hinge on color and skin and what lies between a person s legs and of course you re Life Changing Smiles going toet a certain type of malodorous conspiracy that demands incestuous begetting by reason of its previously successful incestuous history It s not actually that successful of course when one looks at the sheer number of Henrys that just sat on the throne and failed but that s not what they re Innocent Sins (Harlequin Presents, going to teach you in schoolWith regards to the narratological aspects of this work I like Castor s style Between the mounds of unavoidably androcentric history there s a very keen picking apart of just what was keeping Matilda and Eleanor and Isabella and Margaret from that Elizabeth level undeniable proof in the history books In some lives theynephobic rules of ruling had not yet firmly established themselves in the sociopolitical and religious contests and what ultimately decided the fallout was a matter of speed and ease of conformity In others female despots are still despots and the only difference between one successful revolution and the other is how nasty the historians are oing to be about the usurper who had a womb Looking back on the facts and the formulas that are the cause and conseuence of any history of power i can now appreciate just of power I can now appreciate just much unorthodox spitting in *the patriarchal eye had to o on before Elizabeth could become Elizabeth the *patriarchal eye had to Copper Lake Secrets go on before Elizabeth could become Elizabeth the If she didn t closely analyze the previous English histories of women coming to power and learn from every one I ll eat my hatThis is why history is so much fun Between the learn or you are doomed to repeat and those on top wanting exactly. Fore Edward’s death Matilda daughter of Henry I andranddaughter of William the Conuerer came tantalisingly close to securing her hold on the power of the crown And between the 12th and the 15th centuries three exceptional women Eleanor of Auitaine Isabella of France and Margaret of Anjou discovered as ueens consort and dowager how much was possible if. She WolvesHad to re Readto et who is who straight againgeez4 12 Stars againNormally I will only read historical biographies when I m reading a book about a historical figure that I really don t know much about their backgroundonly that they fit in a certain period of time between such and such ueen or such and such King I find some of them historical figures very confusing and I Still Get Them Mixed Upwhat Can I Say Shrugs Now get them mixed upwhat can I say shrugs Now the names back then weren t all the same it be a piece of cake at least for meSo I will pick up a book at the library that usually helps me outbut they are SO dry and I always skim just to et what I need But with Helen Castor s She Wolves I did not find it dry at all and I actually understood what was being said without still being confused No skimmingthe author not only filled in the blanks for me but she made it understandable AND interestingThis is a keeper for me to refer back to which I had to do again this monthNow I look forward to reading further books on the other women who ruled before Elizabeth I The Tutors I m ok with there I have them down pact No issues thereNowif Helen Castor could write about the *Richards I may just et the hang of who was who And where and whenThere is *I may just et the hang of who was who And where and whenThere is for me yet 455Over the years for one reason or another I ve picked up a hell of a lot of English history through inadvertent measures The Tudors and the Borgias are the two families I ve studied on an amateur level since rade school and a systematic repetition of Shakespeare at various levels of education and varied modes of entertainment has built up an instinctive recognition of names and plots that for all the 16th 17th century fanfiction treatment still serves me well My story is not unusual for one born and bred in the military industrial complex inheritor of the most ubiuitous colonial monstrosity and the fact that everyone in the stories looks like me only explains the sticking of stories to my inherent recall even Individual bits of truth then are not the pieces of worth in this field of knowledge although the histories this work churns through has been such a fortuitous boon in my hardcore current study of ChaucerShakespearean TragedyAustenEliotEvans that fickle fortune must indeed be contemplatedThe English ueen is dead Long live the ueen What s to be done. When Edward VI Henry VIII’s longed for son died in 1553 extraordinarily there was no one left to claim the title King of England For the first time all the contenders for the crown were femaleIn 1553 England was about to experience the ‘monstrous regiment’ the unnatural rule of a woman But female rule in England also had a past Four hundred years be.

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