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Eemed so much of a "joke than the ones from Adventures Gold and Silver Ruby and Sapphire tc I couldn "than the ones from Adventures Gold and Silver Ruby and Sapphire tc I couldn continue this iteration of the series I moved on to Unova This is such a great start for a new story Omg Diamond is just the most adorable character in this whole series He is so precious Omg I like pearl too but diamond is definitely my favorite so far I m not so shore about how I feel about Lady yet She might grow on me like Ruby did Almost done the DiamondPearlPlatinum arc on Volume 11 out of the 11 volumes and this is the worst of the Pokemon Adventures sagas so far I ve read RBYGSCRSE so far The characters have the least surprises and strike me as the least interesting and skilled compared to people like RubyEmeraldRedetc Its a huge disappointment My brother s love Pokemon and picked this us from the library So I decided to try it ven though I really have no interest in Pokemon stuff xcept the Platinum Nintendo DS no interest in Pokemon stuff xcept the Platinum Nintendo DS s just plain stupid and sickening A bunch of baloney I stopped reading after page 107 at the beginning chapter fiveWho could love a Dumb Manga Series Like This manga series like this was so tired of PearlSeriously no need to punch Diamond This scene similarly appeared so many times screams PearlNow act stupid so I can hit youDiamond WhatPearlAnd put down that snackDiamondHuhsmackThis book was a joke and I just couldn t finish it I read one other Pokemon book before and I A Heart of Stone enjoyed it way than this one This was probably the last time I llver try Diamond and Pearl are such goofballs I love it Also Platinum is 3 Diamond and Pearl are an aspiring comic act After winning a consolation prize there is a mix up worthy of a Fred Astaire movie and they find themselves accompanying a wealthy heiress on her journey to the peak of Mt Coronet She is learning about Pokemon and begins a traditional family journey of self discoveryThe characters are one note Diamond is the dumb hungry one while Pearl is the uick witted charming one and Lady is basically naive and rich but no one is mean spirited Well maybe Pearl is The art is simple and undemanding It looks like it was designed to be churned out uickly and there are many poor running gags that aren t worthy of repeating hereIn short it s a book that children will njoy as mine did but I wouldn t recommend it to their lder siblings or parents unless they are just Pokemon obsessed And probably not then ithe. Ampered little rich girl on a uest to reach the peak of Mt CoronetCome along and join the thrills and laughs as Pokémon Adventures continu.

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Characters weren t an issue for me at all I definitely like the way that the characters I know and love from the Sinnoh are portrayed The idea of Barry pearl and Lucus dia being a comedy duo is actually uniue I ven like
The Way Dawn Platinum Is 
way Dawn Platinum is The characters are actually one of the things I liked about this manga I don t see anything wrong with the characters themselves The art styleEven though I haven t Read The Other Mangas I the other mangas I seen the art style and I have to say that I love how they kept the art style from the other series I love the art style Platinum is gorgeous and Pearl and Dia look great All the characters look great The art style is one of the saving graces that made me not give this book a 2 star rating I ve always loved the art style The Detail and closer look at the world of Pok monThis is an aspect that s in all of the Pok mon Mangas and it s why the people who ve read this series love it It adds some detail It feels like the Pok mon themselves have of a personality and the characters in the games have of a backstory and they re all uniue in their own way Each of the characters have a uniue goal that is uniue to them as a character The mangas fill in the blanks that the games do not which is an spect about this series that I love What I didn t like The Plot itselfThe plot is very predictable The plot just dragged Nothing interesting happened It s not Love Is a Fairy Tale engaging Even though I love the characters the plot just dragged The Pacing The pacing is the worst thing about this book I wasn tngaged and I was bored I had to force myself to pick the book back up again the keep going and I feel like parts of it are rushed and other parts are just so slow The battles are a big Promise at Dawn example of this The battles are notngaging and they re very rushed The rating 295 StarsI know I had things I liked than the things I didn t like but the two things I didn t like about the book are two big important factors that ither make me njoy a book or not This arc in the manga didn t grab my attention Pok mon Adventures Red and Blue Silver and Gold and Ruby and Sapphire look like they have interesting plots than the DP arcs which is very unfortunate because I love Sinnoh but this book just didn t meet my xpectations This is the only Pokemon Adventures series that I couldn t get into Gen 4 my second least favorite to begin with but these characters just Mond are starstruck Their lifelong dream is to floor an audience with their Pokémon comedy act So how do they wind up as bodyguards to a ,

Pokémon Adventures

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