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Doubt the rest of the book can be very useful for those who work this career Who do you sell to when you sell Do you sell to the person that you you sell to when you sell Do you sell to the person that you able to reach or to the right person Do you start your sales process knowing who you re ultimately going to have to convince If you do then why don t you start there and have them refer you down to folks to talk to before coming back up for the final approval Won t that make it easier That s what Selling "To VITO The Very "VITO The Very Top Officer is all about How to engage the right person in the right way from the start so you ll close deals and waste less timeClick here to read the full review. Es that are up to 65 percent biggercutting your sales cycle in halfgetting as much as 120 percent add on business from your existing customersgetting VITO to VITO referrals worth pure goldmaking the income that you really deserv.

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Selling to VITO the Very Important Top OfficerGreat review of the selling process with the "author s spin on how to sell at "s spin on how to sell at top of a company Great positioningEasy to read and functional making a defined process to execute the strategies within It was a great book If you sell buy this Some good tips and theories but not all are practical or relevant The bravado can be useful particularly if you ve encountered CEOsPresidentsEtc that are personable in speaking but may not automatically relate to the purchasing portion of the business it can help to reflect on THE WAYS WHAT YOU OFFER IS ways what you offer is key concern and to let this matching of interests frame your points and your persistenceThe There has never been a sales book that gives you one on one personal help to catapult your sales career and your personal income to a level that will surprise you and shock your sales managerYou'll stopwasting your precious sell. Ype Provides a uniue to think about "and view the sales process Must read for sales m not in sales so much of the "view the sales process Must read for sales I m not in sales so much of the was not directly related to what I do sorta But I do understand that I have to sell myself and provide the product VITO s are looking for myself as in the type of work that I do So the first couple chapters really made sense and rang true for me They were things I knew but don t always stay focused on unfortunately So the refresher is well needed The rest of the Book Went Into Process And went into process and on of sales and I can say that they author is correct in how he approaches processes that is my specialty I have little. Ing time with 'non decision' makersgetting any rejection whatsoever from gatekeepersworking your keester off for itsy bitsy saleslosing sales that you thought you were going to winnot making your sales uotaYou'll startmaking sal.

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