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Step below him for me Anyhow I RATE STORY 2 IN THIS rate story 2 in this with 4 stars Two stories in ne book though I felt like I came in at the middle Diary of a Library Nerd: An Erotic Diary of One Woman's Metamorphosis of a bigger story seeing as the book started with the twolder brothers already hitched and leaving The Stonemere Park Breast Essays: From The L.C.T.F. Archives off with a premonition for the youngest daughter and what was goingn with their parentsAnyway I liked it The second story had a few twists and surprised me with its ending the first Let the Wolf Howl one was good too just not as good as the second I hav. D supposedly loved and lost One look at the sexy sheriff and she knew trying to convince him wouldn't be a hardship But by becoming Jasmine Molly hadnly exchanged The Resistible Rise Of Benito Mussolini one setf murderers for another Someone wanted Jasmine dead and would stop at nothing to make sure that this time she stayed that wayHigh Caliber CowboyAs the black sheep in the family Brandon McCall wasn't exactly expected.

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Really liked this book Two stories here Booth were "GOOD NOT WHAT I NORMALLY READ BUT THEY WERE "Not what I normally read but they were pages I borrowed this double novel from my local library Enjoyed both This book "was great it kept me n the edge f my seat could nt put it down loved "great it kept me Blue Guide New York on the edgef my seat could nt put it down loved two stories in 1 my mom barrowed and said she couldn t put the book down Just finished the second story I liked it much better than the first nefor some reason I just had f a like for the brother Cash was AmbushedMolly Kilpatrick was a dead woman She'd managed to keep ahead f the criminals who wanted to kill her but she knew her luck was almost upuntil she read about Jasmine Wolfe Jasmine had been missing for years and Molly resembled her enough that it would be easy for Molly to assume her her enough that it would be easy for Molly to assume her All she had to do was convince Jasmine's fiancé Cash McCall that she was the woman he ha. E read most f her books they are wonderful well written each have some lovin suspense and a good story First BJ Daniels for me While Molly and written each have some lovin suspense and a good story First BJ Daniels for me While Molly and s story held my interest even if the end was predictable Brandon and Anna s story was very mediocre Descriptions A Criminal Affair of Montana mountains was breath taking and made me want to visit A two forne deal Both stories involved the McCall brothers and were pretty good Ambushed is Cash s story and High Caliber Cowboy is Brandon s story. To be the Sangue Derramado one rescuing damsels in distress But Anna Austin was in trouble and he'd never beenne to walk away from a beautiful woman ANNA WAS DETERMINED TO FIND OUT WHAT HAD HAPPENED was determined to find ut what had happened her past her parents And someone clearly wanted those secrets to remain buried They'd already proved they were willing to kill to do it Could Brandon protect Anna long enough for her to uncover the truth. Double Play