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G Triggers H forced h on wedding night h s half sister got raped in Virginia by oung chief of a tribe Also the h was infatuated by the H s best friend golden head for a very long time and I think there was too much back and forth dramaThis was an interesting novel the least I can say but its not the kind that ou go back to read again and again A Magnificent Love Story That Begins in England and ends in the New World a KeeperThis is the first in the North American Women trilogy a classic and one of my favorites by Heather Graham It s "Part Of The Cameron Saga That I Highly Recommend They "of the Cameron Saga that I highly recommend They the first books I read by Heather that led me to become a huge fan of her historical romances It begins in 17th century England and tells of Jasmine Jassy and Jamie The story follows them to New World Virginia which was then very much a wild wilderness untamed and inhabited by hostile Indians Jassy has had a hard life as the bastard daughter of a dead nobleman When her mother dies for lack of medical attention Jassy learns of her connections to a noble family and through a series of events the family takes her in but treats her as little better than a servant There she meets the dark Lord Cameron who wants to marry her because she reminds him of his wild Virginia where he is building a new life Jassy is in love with his friend the Heather Graham s Sweet Savage Eden is well written but I couldn t finish it I tried Down to the last 150 pagesstill plot MIA There were gaps in the entire book where Graham merely filled in the lack of substance with extra uarrels having absolutely no plot line None of the characters were holding card things just happen stuff is stuff History shouldn t be a crutch for a book The healing cock traitorous body trope made me wanna throw daggers at themWarning Persons prone to self inflicted bodily harm consisting of cutters facial barbell piercersear taggers knife lickers Mumbletypeg extremiststhis is the book for ou You ll need the constant release of endorphins to suffer this bit of Sweet Savage tortureThis book may have survived if the heroine had actually went with her first self confessed plan and avoided taking the ship to Americabut Heather Graham swooped in with her siphoning hose sucking the life clean out of that promising plotline and instead faded completely to black where the heroine arrived in one piece on the docks in America We didn t even get to experience the trials of sea during the cross over for god s sakeI can see where she was heading with the colonial migration and Indian uprising but it was too late for me Angerbitterness between the heroheroine didn t hold me over waiting for the big magic momentbecause the heroine was undeserving unappreciative and had an extremely spoiled disposition despite the fact she was poor as a church mouse I honestly felt sorry for the hero and every filthy name he called her was SO dead on and deserved I actually liked the hero and wish he knew my number If MTIV you re out there I ll giveou a story darlin D As for the heroinecan t even feckin remember that chit s name if ou re going to be a no girl at least make it worth our while I believe her lines can be summed up as NO and LET ME GOand for really intense and summed up as NO and LET ME GOand for really intense and scenes LET GO OF MEHalf a star went to the fantastic writing and the other half of star went to the sound beating the heroine s brother gave her Well played sir well playedI m sorry heroinedon t know her name go somewhere and die Who am I kidding I m never going to finish this silly book I keep thinking I ll pick it up again but please I don t care if Jassy and Jamie pull their heads out of their asses long enough to get together DNF I ve put off writing this review long enough and not just because I ve been up to my elbows in dirt most of this vacation and waving off the bugs who love to feast on my sweet sweet bloodIt was good that I d been prepped to the hair ripping brattishness stubborn feistiness of the heroine before I d even started because I might have DNF Omitable spirit obsessed Lord Cameron and he wanted her with him when he sailed for the new wilderness called Virginia So he had a bargain for the spit fire Jassy one that only a very special woman would dare to ma. The shadows and immediately told her to strip and take a bath he was behind her not showing her his face Meanwhile the h was wondering how to avoid it all and just steal the money But soon enough she found out whom she was stealing from The H humiliated her and threw the money at her face but they didn t do anything But the sad part was that her mother who was a well known actress and had been under the protection of the Duke the h s father for a long time but when the Duke passed away they were thrown into poverty passed away from high fever that same night So the next day the H realises the h was stealing money for her mother and he felt a pang of sympathy for her Not taking no for an answer the H and his golden blonde friend escorted the h to her family and on this journey they found out about the h s paternal family and lo and behold the H s house was basically neigbouring the h s father s houseThe H made her brother the current duke to take the h under his wing but the duke gave her a job as a companion to the duchess of his house his wife he didn t recognise her as his sister and he didn t want to and was uite mean to the h The h also had two half sisters one of whom was really rude and blunt to her Realising that our father had a mistress whom he had a daughter with and who has just landed on our doorstep can be traumatising but since their parents were no and clearly the infidelity on the duke s part is not the h s fault at all they should have just let it all go But slowly the evil sister started to warm up to he h and her other sister and sister in law were really nice to herSo while at this house the h desperately wanted to leave and get married to someone she kept fantasising about the golden headed friend of the H s She basically was plotting to get married to him But it didn t work out and she was forced to marry the H instead by the H Her sisters were delighted while her sister in law was at shock because the H hppened to be her brother Anyways the marriage took place and shortly after the h has to tolerate the H s unbearable touch There is a lot of back and forth and clearly the h didn t want sex with the H on her wedding night but the H forced it on her it was described as forced even though he did try to seduce her Shortly after the H travelled to the new world aka Virginia America since he was investing in the colonies there He also forced the h to travel and even though the H s was a duke s 3rd of 4th son and had a lot of money and had mansion of his own he still wanted to live in the new world The h was highly reluctant and didn t want to go and upon reaching she started to adjust I think the fact that her two sisters the evil one turned good married the golden head friend made it all a lot bearable to her I didn t like the way this author portrayed the Native Americans as savages but I do understand that was the way how the British thought back then However we should understand that this was someone s home and land that they were invading in a sense even though there were no strict rules about immigration Finally a lot of things happen concerning the native Americans and also the fact that one of her sister s Elizabeth the sweet one got married to the head of a native tribe after being abducted and raped by him The h was also abducted but she was not raped because she was the wife of the H and they were waiting for the H to come and solve the issues they had Anyways I wanted to read Elizabeth s story and how the heck did she fall in love after being DESCRIBED AS A SOCIAL INTROVERT WHO as a social introvert who to become tongue tied in front of men She basically fell in love with Powan the head of the Native American tribe after he raped her Regardless She basically fell in love with Powan the head of the Native American tribe after he raped her Regardless he was descrived as being very handsome and tall etc I sill don t get it and I would hve been interested to read Elizabeth s story if there had been one written for her Anywayyys things get better and the h returns to the H and there is an abrupt happily ever after Safety H is h s only lover no cheatin. E daughter of an actress and a duke Jassy had dreams no man could wench from her in a moment of desire She's resist this bold nobleman with all the strength of her soul But her golden hair fiery temperament and ind. Well this was almost a DNF for me Too much bodice ripping and rape Two thirds of the book was spent with the hero and heroine Two thirds of the book was spent with the hero and heroine and Jazzy hating each other viciously He was a Lord who had created a home and community in the New World He found her as a serving wench living in poverty and abuse He discovers that she is the illegitimate sister of his sister s husband a duke She had tried to steal money from him to save her mother Upon her mother s death Jamie takes her to her half brother s home He was not happy to see her but did accept responsibility for her by making her a servant In a convoluted way they end up married and in the new community of West Virginia Their relationship is violent It wasn t until the last third of the book that there was any tenderness at all And still the forced intimacy continues I guess I should have been prepared for this But I have a hard time believing that this was readily accepted even in 1989 when it was first published I continued to read because this is Heather Graham after all Certainly the HEA was satisfying And all ended well But I m uite shell shocked by the rapiness of this book I don t know if I can stomach the next in the series I ll probably try since the reviews here are uite good Maybe I ll be better prepared I can only hope that women during this period of history did not have to endure this routinely Maybe they did I m no historian I trust these well respected authors to know better than I I read this back in the late 80searly 90 as a teen and I remembered it fondly as a 3 12 4 stars I re read it for fun and man was I disappointed Too repetitive slow moving and not enough connection between the H h I remembered it as being my least favorite of the trilogy but wow I m SO disappointed One of the only books I have ever been able to re read in my entire life Yes Jamie can be a jerk to put it nicely and I would never encourage women to put up with some of the things he puts Jassy through However it made for an exceptionally captivating story that always keeps me excited to read what happens nextHeather Graham is an amazing novelist and this is easily my favorite romance novel of all time Absolutely fantastic Last night I couldn t put the book down It was well written easy to follow and most importantly dramatic It was full of sexual chemistry amazing banter and moments in which I couldn t help but smile at The ending was a surprise I must admit for I did not expect THAT to happen if already read ou should know what I m on about lol I could vividly image everything and I too was transported to Virginia a new world indeed I could feel the nervousness confusion pain horror lust and love that she Jassy felt Such a wonderful character full of life determination and spirit Happy to announce that this book is one of my favourites It s a MUST read I give this book 5 stars with no hesitations The constant arguingmisunderstanding between the two wore me down The intimate scenes were sensual warning this is an older bodice ripper type Spoilers the hero rapes the heroine the first time They are married but she s less than willing and he takes her roughly H sees h for the first time at a tavern where she worked as a waitress she accidentally cought his attention while she was working to get some money to buy uinine for her gravely ill mother Instead of the H understanding her standing he asked for her services as a lady of the night basically She never intended to lose her virginity like that and she desperately needed the money so she thought of stealing from him without even knowing it was him who reuired her services She thought it was his friend whom she fell madly in infatuation with at first sightyou see when the h at first sightYou see when the h working she saw two upper class gentlemen one the light and blonde handsome prince charming sort of fellow and the other the H she didn t even notice until after she spilt liuid on the H and his papers and when the H tried to use her skirt as a ragWhen she arrived to his room the H remained in. DEFIANT BRIDEFrom the first time Jasmine's eyes met those of Lord Jamie Cameron in a smoky British inn theirs was the wrong kind of attraction not gentle slow and easy but hot hard and all consuming The illegitimat. ,

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