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FRIENDLY ENEMIES yO books are nothing like the Jonathan Kellerman I have always eagerly anticipated Sadly I won t be finishing the book nor purchasing any in the future I would like my money back i ve been waiting with baited breath for this book to come out as i am a huge fan of milo alex this book was a supreme let down it is soooooo boring sooo boring so technical and what s with the body shapers really thumbs down i was super excited when i saw this book had been delivered tore the packaging open when it arrived as i rode the elevator to my apartment i usually finish his books in one sitting i ve fallen asleep twice while trying to finish i m going out to get a pizza then i m gunna come back and attempt finish it then wait anotherear and hopefully the next one he writes is better OK so I ve read every Delaware book thus far and I ve been reading this one for awhile It is mildly entertaining but becoming very repetitive and predictable I think this series has pretty much jumped the shark at this point Also very irritating is the stilted dialogue in this book It is almost unbearable to read most uestions posed by characters ending with no As in that s what people do no It is okay when used sparingly but the author has almost everyone using this sentence structure in my experience people just don t talk like that and it makes the book a little painful to read I know I am being picky but when paying a lot for a book from a well known author I expect a little creativity Instead it seems he has all the characters speak as he likely does I can t think of any other reason for this Otherwise an OK book but I am going to step off the Delaware bandwagon Just my opinion I could be wrong I ve tried to finish this book three times and keep giving upI started reading Kellerman s books back in the late Eighties or early Nineties when I was just a wee lass starting college I was enthralled by Alex s psychological insight and Milo s empathy contrasted against the noir and gritty realism I am and have always been a character oriented reader but was impressed by his careful if sometimes too coincidental plotting I stuck with Alex through his relationship difficulties with Robin his morphing from clinician to forensic specialist and the very gradual shifts away from the relationship oriented writing that very gradual shifts away from the relationship oriented writing that even in the most outlandish scenariosSo this book may be the end of my tagging along with the guys I don t get any sense that Alex is interested any longer in the human side of the victim or potential suspects There s just a pervasive overwhelming feeling of apathy contempt fatigue and resentment from Alex and Milo I get enough of that from real life and reading the NYT and WaPo I Don T Need It In My Fiction Life As t need it in my fiction life as finally this is a long standing pet peeve I have to that Robin s eagerness to just drop her panties at a second s notice for this guy book after book is not realistic and frankly a little annoying No one is that hot She has become the epitome of a one dimensional character and he could have done so much to develop he. Its up to brilliant psychologist Alex Delaware and LAPD Lieutenant Milo Sturgis to uncover the truth They have a hundred guests to uestion and a strong suspicion that the motive for murder is personalThe partys overAND THE HUNT FOR THE KILLER IS ON. From reading another by the same author but I might be inclined to delve into his back copies where perhaps he spent time on crafting a clever conclusion Man I used to be a huge Kellerman fan I ve read all the Alex Delaware books and pre order any new one that comes out This is my last one I stopped that comes out This is my last one I stopped halfway through and just can t finish it First it s just boring I mean watch grass grow boring Not only that all the characters are caricatures of themselves There is not one character in here including Alex and Milo now that has any nuance or difference They do however all have one thing in common they just hate kids these days and the way the world is going Every other page one character or another makes some snide comment that is basically an old man in a rocker Amok yelling at kids on his lawn This isn t hyperbole it was almost on every single page I m middle aged so it s not me being critiued necessarilyet I was STILL annoyed I just kept thinking GET OVER IT It used to be that Kellerman was a little ahead of his time and was even bold with his decision to showcase a gay detective but oh holy wow has that time has passed This series has run its course and its clear the author doesn t want to write these books any This has to be strictly for money andor a contract fulfillment Don t waste And a Bottle of Rum your money on this book I think Alex Delaware needs a new car and a new attitude and Kellerman needs to write something he enjoys writing again Alex and Milo are getting old This is not up to the usual standard of writing set by Jonathan kellerman and if Alex continues to work hope he gets his mojo backerman Ifou like the rapport between the two then Crochet you won t be disappointed Ifou are like me and not from LA and enjoy the tour of the city Alex generally takes Playhouse you on then againou won t be disappointed These are the things I have come to appreciate in this series And no Alex Delaware novel would be complete without a shot across the bow at people who substitute verbiage for intelligent thought There s a very good example of that in here and I don t even know how Jonathan managed to create it allRobin s role is minimal which for me is good news Others may enjoy her characterThis may be a spoilerI thought the mystery was pretty good As the book progressed it looked and like it was going to be some complex or convoluted scheme to cover up one thing or another but in the end it was actually uite simple Sort of a reverse of how a lot of mysteries often go While I still enjoy Kellerman s characters and their relationships to each other I found this book disappointing There was a lack of consistency in the details And Some Logic And some logic and problems that were off putting And why do we have to get a list of every street they drive to get somewhere Who cares I ve read most of the Delaware series up till now but this may have been my last one I m struggling to get through this book just because it s a Jonathan Kellerman Purportedly anyway I have a strong feeling that Jonathan is letting Jesse Kellerman write under his name The last tw. Akes the bride and grooms choice of a Saints and Sinners theme all the macabreThere are no means of identification and nobody knows the victimThe bride is convinced someone is trying to sabotage her big day The groom is sure its a dreadful mistake.

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I ve read a lot of these They are formulaic but pass the time I M A Little Bored Of a little bored of s perfect relationship with Robin tbh but one of these books is like a warm bath You know what ou are getting and ou know the baddies get got at the end Have read most of Kellerman s books and unfortunately they are on a downward spiral Maybe he needs to dissolve Alex and Milo and start a fresh with new characters and plots Slipping back into the company of Alex and Milo is like putting on our comfy slippers Having said that The Wedding Guest isn t one of the best in the series to my mind and I ve read pretty much all of them I ll leave detailed synopsis for others One real irritant for me is the schmaltzy lovey dovey simpering relationship of Alex and Robin but maybe I m just an old cynic Probably this series should have been put to rest a while back The premise that the hero is used by the LAPD in cases involving children he is a child psychologist has been abandoned and now he is simply employed as a consultant on criminal cases generally albeit for reasons that aren t made clear This isn t among the best of the series There is rather too much witty not banter here a slight sense of the story being padded and the conclusion is sort of dropped in from nowhere That said it s an easy read and there is enough story to carry ou throughThe thinness of the piece though makes apparent something that was always there in the series The hero is presented as especially liberal and caring with a gay best friend a loving non sexist relationship with his partner empathy for children and so on But that is undercut by the way pretty empathy for children and so on But that is undercut by the way pretty everyone else is presented as vulgar andor risible andor morally worthless they dress tastelessly are superficial have dumb andor bigoted opinions etc This leaves a slightly unpleasant taste in the mouth which comes to the fore when there is less substance to the story to leaven it as here I realise that I have always felt it with Kellerman s books and it is a definite turn off When a Woman Is Discovered Strangled At is discovered strangled at prima donna s wedding it s only natural that detective Milo Sturgis and consulting psychologist Alex Delaware turn their attention to the wedding party and their guests It soon becomes obvious this is anything but a straightforward case when no one admits to knowing or even recognising the dead woman Yet some of the wedding party s reactions throughout the investigation suggests they may not be as innocent as they seemI have read several Jonathan Kellerman novels and for some reason always find them a little difficult to get into at the beginning but it only takes a chapter or two before I m along for the ride As usual Kellerman s writing is superb his characters very well crafted and the dialogue so spot onI thought the premise to this story was full of potential with plenty of opportunity for misdirection to add to the mystery The twists and turns were good and I was dying to find out who did it Sadly when I did find out no spoiler but suffice to say I was disappointedIt wouldn t stop me. Jonathan Kellermans legendary thrillers have sold over 80 million copiesThis might be his best Dannys Dragon (Tao of Love, yetAn uninvited guest A missing identity A trail of deadly secretsWhen a horrified bridesmaid finds the body of aoung woman at a wedding reception it ,
The Wedding Guest: (Alex Delaware 34) An Unputdownable Murder Mystery from the Internationally Bestselling Master of Suspense (Alex Delaware Series)