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And so wanted to find a BOOK THAT TELLS OTHER MYTHS SUCH that tells other myths such the creation of the Greek Gods the Titans and some of the less well nown in Greek myth such as Prometheus Sisyphus Persephone but because I am not a classics I didn t really feel that I would particularly enjoy reading translated ancient texts so this book was just about right and ideal for what I wantedFry does use some complicated words although he d probably recommend I use a dictionary but I still found this to be on the whole easily understandable a great read and it ticked all the BOXES FOR WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR FRY S for what I was looking for Fry s style is as I d imagine the man himself to be charming intelligent and informative with a sense of wit and of course there are plenty of footnotes as he adds extra bits of information as he tells the stories Also he does add a sources section at the end of the book for those who wish to delve further which I think is an excellent ideaI would recommend this book to anyone who has an interest about ancient Greek mythology although not sure if it s ideal for children espe. Dded deeply in the traditions tales and cultural DNA of the West You'll fall in love with Zeus marvel at the birth of Athena wince at Cronus and Gaia's revenge on Ouranos weep with King Midas and Okay so being a massive fan of Greek mythology and the like this caught my eye on here on my recommendations home page so I purchased and wasn t disappointed Although not very over the top exciting I just couldn t it down reading the exploits of and His wife Hera Stephen Fry is very elouent with down reading the exploits of Zeus and His wife Hera Stephen Fry is very elouent with wording as the man s posh himself Haha A canny read so give it a go Each to their own opinion and the world won t end if you don t like it An entertaining and interesting book about ancient Greek mythology written in a style that is recognisable as Stephen Fry if you ve ever watched him on I Originally I had been looking for ve ever watched him on I Originally I had been looking for book on ancient Greek mythology that was written in a modern way and would be both easy to understand and fluid and I think this book fulfilled those criteria I had read books on Ulysses Odysseus I think he s also nown as Theseus Hercules Jason and the Argonauts and Perseus as well as seeing a few films about said characters although they are not really covered in this book because as Fry mentions you would need several books to tell their stories. The Greek myths are amongst the best stories ever told passed down through millennia and inspiring writers and artists as varied as Shakespeare Michelangelo James Joyce and Walt DisneyThey are embe. Cially if you want to learn about the Greek Gods the Titans and the many myths and stories associated with them but rather than Greek Gods the Titans and

The Many Myths And 
many myths and associated with them but rather than this as a definitive guide it should be seen as an entry point to a fascinating subject Imaginative retelling of Classical Greek myths by Steven Frey make the stories accessing and memorable Thoughtful footnotes illuminate the story and references to historians and literary greats such as Ovid Shakespeare and Byron make the book a treasure trove for the interested amateur A witty splendidly written and thoroughly reseached book Not so much a reference work along THE LINES OF ROBERT GRAVES VOLUMES ON THE SAME lines of Robert Graves volumes on the same there is no index a fascinating continuous chronological narrative with many a nod along the way to the debt our modern world owes to these tales I downloaded the audible version with the book learned a lot about the greek myths that gets referenced in various movies and sayings like the Midas touch I have heard over the years Stephen fry has a fantastic voice over style that can make what could be dry narrative very entertaining. Unt with the beautiful and ferocious ArtemisSpellbinding informative and moving Stephen Fry's Mythos perfectly captures these stories for the modern age in all their rich and deeply human relevance. Mythos: The Greek Myths Retold