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A Texas Holiday Miracle dX I admit it made me laughThe author represents all of the Tardis crew very well indeed Graham s voice was in my head as I read his lines it was so Graham The Doctor is captured eually as good as is Ryan It s hard to say about Yaz as I feel she has yet to get aecent amount of screen time but I think its pretty good nonetheless Overall the book is 74 Seaside Avenue definitely worth getting is a fast read with a good pace The story isn t totally original nor subtle but in a way that made it a cosy and familiar read Well worth your hard earned pennies The Doctor arrives saves theay and then The Note disappears couldescribe in the simplest way possible what the Doctor generally The Loving Gift does Howeverespite intentions the Doctor s ACTIONS OCCASIONALLY HAVE A NEGATIVE IMPACT IT IS THIS occasionally have a negative impact It is this of the Doctor s travels that forms the basis for this bookConcerned with the repercussions of the Doctor s visits an area not that often explored this is a novel that makes you think of The Mind of Evil and The Ark However just as both of those serials approached the subject from very The Wildcatter different angles sooes this novel providing a fresh look at what can go wrong the Doctor s interventionsAlthough it is a well written and ecent effort at such a storyline in essence this still a very typical plotline for Doctor Who involving the Doctor saving an oppressed societycivilisation from tyrannical rulers The ifference in this for Doctor Who involving the Doctor saving an oppressed societycivilisation from tyrannical rulers The Her Nine Month Confession difference in this being that the power is in the hands of religion that has been built upon the earlier exploits of the Doctor on the world of Lobos six centuries agoThe usual traits of totalitarian regimes are all present from monitoring of the populace to racial segregation and slavery There are multiple political issues that reflect the real world that are rudimentarily explored through the lens of science fiction Other than possibly Tromos who is of a victim it is interesting to note that there are no actual monsters as such other than what some evil and misguided humans have becomeThe book is uite in sync with the tone of the current series and it exhibits aecent characterisation of the four mains A Southern Reunion despite them not having yet appeared on television when this must have been written Despite this being one of the larger Tardis teams all of them get enough too and possess their own subplot inevitably this includes the often typical amount of incarcerationThe author opts to address fact that the Doctor is now female and adopts a novel way to approach this by having Graham confused with her ue to the prejudice of Lobos patriarchal society presuming that the Doctor their saviour of legend must be Graham simply because he is male It provides an amusing element to the story as Graham tires to handle his unexpected exalted positionIt s a positive start to the latest run of BBC series tie in novels Fun story Well written. Or to face up to the conseuences of her last visit With Lobos on the brink of catastrophe will she be able to make things rightFeaturing the Thirteenth Doctor Yasmin Ryan and Graham as played by Jodie Whittaker Mandip Gill Tosin Cole and Bradley Wals. Doctor Who: The Good DoctorIn the style of The Face Of Evil Or Bad of Evil "or Bad the Doctor is faced with the conseuences of her intervention "Bad the Doctor is faced with the conseuences of her intervention the time stream in perhaps the most severe way possible Some 600 years after securing a peace between the Canineoid Iobos and their underclass of human colonists the TARDIS crew find the situation not only entirely switched over but one so in the name of a religious cult that worships them or accurately worships Graham as they refuse to believe the Doctor is a womanI know I know the obvious inference is that this is going to be a polemic against the sort of troglodytes who haunt forums to have a go at Nurse Who and yes there are obvious elements of that with the very uncharismatic Graham forced to play the Messianic role with the Doctor advising him as yes his Nurse but when the Fam link up with the burgeoning resistance movement it is Ryan of all people who recognises that individuals amongst them are just as bad as the misogynistic theocracy they are trying to replace Ultimately an accord is reached yet a rather hilarious epilogue hints that in another 600 years its all been messed up againThis is a powerful story worthy of the show itself and perhaps a better choice to televise than whatever that incredibly stupid Arachnids in the UK episode was trying to be that stays true to a core facet of the Doctor s character that no regeneration however extreme can ever change As she consoles Graham who s worried that the awful gag he made on leaving Lobos after all you are supposed to be man s best friend contributed to the foundational Charade of Hearts doctrine of the regime you can only take responsibility for your words and actions not what stupid peopleo with themIt also reinforces that this Doctor is the cosmic vagabond of old and not the semi ivine figure of of New Who which you would think a proper Classic fan would appreciate I certainly An original Doctor Who novel Telling an all new story for the Thirteenth Doctor plus Graham Ryan and Yazmin that hasn t appeared before in any other formIt runs for two hundred and thirty pages It has twenty seven chapters plus an epilogueIt is largely suitable for all ages although there is some violence and a very mild adult reference or twoThe story sees the Doctor and friends in the thick of it at the beginning bringing peace the planet Lobos and stopping a war between human colonists and the native aliens The TARDIS leaves But then Ryan remembers he lost his phoneBut when they return to get it they are far into the future of the planet Which has changed a lot The aliens a These tie in books have become rather hit and miss of late This is one of the best ones for a while and the characters are exactly as they are written for TV The new Doctor is captured in all of her ifferent moods as we learn about her character and Graham is beautifully. For a Good Doctor there's only one rule first o no harmOn the planet of Lobos the Doctor halts a violent war between the native Loba and human colonists Job one the TARDIS crew Die Konigreiche Israel Und Juda Im 9. Jahrhundert V. Chr. departs only for Ryan toiscover hes left his phone behind Again Upon. Portrayed too someone who could easily be painted as an ineffectual character comes across instead as well meaning and sympathetic The themes are slavery and women s rights and they re handled skilfully without being heavy handed A hugely enjoyable Who story for those of us that find waiting a week for the next episode is far too long If only we had a time machine eh Not too bad but efinitely not best The story itself is not totally original the crew leave then return too bad but efinitely not the The story itself is not totally original the crew leave then return to find that time has passed and things have gone wrong They then set out to find out what went wrong and put things right againShades of the 1st Doctor story The Ark crossed with the early Red Dwarf series one Confusion abounds as Graham has for some reason become the Good Doctor and a whole religion has grown up around his After the Rubicon deeds and words This felt to me very much an attack on organised religion showing how easy it can be to manipulate people and change the facts to suit your own agendaRebels are fighting to overthrow the Temple in the belief it willestroy the power held by the Temple and as such bring an end to the injustice of their ruleThe first problem I have was the poor excuse for the time crew to have to return to the planet Lobas Going back to retrieve Ryan s mobile phone because he left it behind and can t afford to buy a new one just felt pretty lame I think it would have been better to have had something like the Tardis hitting a time anomaly as it took off putting the crews lives in anger have had something like the Tardis hitting a time anomaly as it took off putting the crews lives in anger forcing the Doctor to make an emergency landing This problem could have even hinted that it was caused by the Tardis realising things have gone wrong and wanting the Doctor to put it rightThe next thing I isliked was the obvious ig this author was making at fans of the show who refuse to accept that the Doctor can be a woman even Accounting for Taste down to the Doctor being called nurse on a few occasions just like fans were calling her Nurse Who It s as subtle as a sledgehammer to the back of the skull The high priest clearly represents the fans who refuse to accept change who are so vocal in their condemnation of the Doctor now being female The rabid intensity of the high priest is as rabid as the hatred of a certain fanbaseNow back to the earlier reference concerning Red Dwarf In this book a religion forms around Graham and in Red Dwarf a religion grows around Lister In Red Dwarf it is theescendants of Lister s cat whilst in this book we have humans and a race of humanoid Anarchist Modernism dogs Theseogs Lobas are apparently the An Audience of Artists descendants of the firstog who was launched into space from the planet earth uring our early attempts to reach space None of these issues spoil the story for me but I can just imagine the faces of certain fans reacting to the unsubtle attack on the belief that the Doctor is a man and cannot change se. Returning the Doctor finds that the TARDIS has slipped hundreds of years into the future and that something has gone badly wrong The Loba are now slaves serving human zealots who worship a godlike figure known as The Good DoctorIt's time for the Doct. ,

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