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Rule #1: The Simple Strategy for Successful Investing in Only 15 Minutes a Week!

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Bear in mind this is a beginner s book designed for an audience who probably knows what an Index fund is but that s about it I ead a long eview of the Book Last Night And What last night and what me is that the author gave very little deference to the four main pillars of this book Meaning Moat Management and Margin of Safety basically saying they were good and then concentrating the criticisms on the smaller stuff The eader has to ealize that a subtitle of In just 5 hours per week won t sell a book You d be a fool to think that 15 minutes per week is sufficient time 15 minutes per week is sufficient time evaluate stocks and manage your portfolio Though if I didn t already listen to his podcast I would have stopped eading the book after the first 20 pages because it s full of the usual Get A Mother and Daughter Diary of Raw Food Recipes for Beginners rich uick No time at all You ll never lose money Guaranteed It s easy lines that a poor salesman would use Likewise it s pretty obvious the 1000 turned into a million was only the starting cash and much money was dumped into it later A similar example is used later in the book of a couple making lots of money on just one company but it involved them selling at absolute peaks and buying at absolute valleysStill overall the book is a great lesson in how to evaluate a company and what to watch for You also end up with stock valuations which aren t far off from what many other instructors get you Iecommend the book uite a bit to anyone wanting to learn how to do it themselves and potentially make a little money than an Index fund could get you Granted I would ead many other books as WELL BECAUSE I SURE WOULDN T LEAVE MY RETIREMENT because I sure wouldn t leave my etirement the hands of one single book no matter who the author is This book is a fantastic. #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER The clearest and best book out there to get you on the path to iches This ones specialJim Cramer host of CNBCs Mad MoneyGreat tools for anyone wanting to dabble in the stock market USA TodayPhil Town is a very wealthy man but he wasnt always In fact he was living on a salary of 4000 a year when some well timed advice launched him down a highway of investing self education that evealed Introduction into value investing and
making sure you 
sure you t follow the stock market hype train I m looking at you BitcoinWhile Phil Town lays out this book in a eally easy to ead and digest manner utilizing his method to invest in stocks can be difficult for these easons You will need to spend 5 10 hours for due diligence on any company you evaluate You will probably need to evaluate 10 20 stocks before you should invest in one assuming you e buying a stock as if it s a company you want to own Don t forget that you also need to carry out due diligence on the industry that the stocks Belong In At A Minimum in At a minimum ll spend several hours understanding what makes the industry tick and the various parties in the industryincumbents suppliers new entrants custome This book teaches you exactly how to analyse a company and determine if it is wonderful or not Plenty of companies are OK but by just looking for the wonderful ones the search is much narrower and easier This book tells you exactly how to find wonderful companies on paper then the website gives you the tools you need to find them in eal life and if the price of the company is something you want to pay You don t need to do any calculations yourself the website does it all I have learnt the calculations in case I want to look at stocks outside of the NYSE have learnt the calculations in case I want to look at stocks outside of the NYSE NASDA or if the website stops working but you don t need to By far the best and most powerful thing is the stock scanner which allows you to search for wonderful companies FOR This is book is one of the best I ve ead on investing Firstly it deals with Technical analysis of a company earnings growth ROC and others to determine the health growth mana. Hat the true ules are and how to make them work in ones favor Chief among them of course is Rule #1 Dont lose moneyIn this updated edition to the #1 national bestseller youll learn of Phils fresh think outside the box ules includingDont diversify Only buy a stock when its on sale Think long termbut act short term to maximize your eturn And most of all beat the big investors at their own game by using the tools des. Gement effectiveness and future prospects of the company The fundamental analysis also helps in determining the intrinsic value of the company and buying them at the ight priceWhat peaked my interest was when he unexpectedly chartered me into Technical analysis of a stock which I completely disregard before He took us through 3 tools which helped us determine whether the big guys institutional investors were pulling money out or flooding money in the stock as majority of the US money is with those guysHowever for the Indian stock market that s not the case US stock market has 80% institutional money whereas Indian Stock Market Has Around market has around 60% depending on the specific stock You can calculate the atio for specific stocks But the tools should still work so don t worry What the tools will help you with is get out of a stock when it signals it s gonna go down even a stock which is at 50% MOS from it s intrinsic value can still go down further The combination of Fundamental and Technical analysis assures safety from short term loss and guaranteed long term gains The gain from the stock market can act as a sort of income now as you can pull of your "money when you know there s gonna be a decline and buy back again when there s about to be money "when you know there s gonna be a decline and buy back again when there s about to be there s gonna be a decline and buy back again when there s about to be in the stockWhatever you learnt should work for the Indian stock market as well so go for it and apply something you learnt here for your investments because Knowledge is not power it s potential power Application of knowledge in your life is power Phil Brown manages to explain Rule 1 Investing in a clear chatty style that makes the complex seem so obvious that its hard to accept I didn t already know this stuff. Igned for themAs Phil demonstrates in these pages giant mutual funds cant help but egress to the meanand as weve all learned in ecent years that mean could be very disappointing indeed Fortunately Rule #1 takes eaders step by step through a do it yourself process euipping even the biggest investing phobes with the tools they need to make uantum leaps toward financial securityregardless of where the market is heade.

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