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Spain: Recipes and Traditions from the Verdant Hills of the Basque Country to the Coastal Waters of AndalucíaY fix this This is a stunning book the pictures and stories it tells are fantastic After opening it for the first time ou fins ourself leafing though each chapter to see what the next holds I can t wait to try a few of the recipes I could never what I liked about this book and a few of the recipes I could never condense what liked about this book and it justice The photography is stunning there is a myriad of little extras like explanations of why things are done in a certain way backstories on how different items are raised either animal or vegetable to secure. Spain's delightful kitchen from gazpachos salt cod and poultry to savory and sweet conserves The story of the country is told through 200 recipes from classics like Shellfish Paella Artichoke Egg Tortilla and creamy Flan to delicacies such as chilled melon soup with crispy such as Chilled Melon Soup with Crispy and Monkfish Steaks with Saffron Dishes from Spain's leisurely multicourse meals and simple tapas alike celebrate seasonal ingredients wild mushrooms asparagus and local game Sidebars trace Spain's rich culinary traditions taking us from ancient Moorish cities to the.

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The best tastethe author does not dissapoint on any level If are into the foods of Spain this book is a into the foods of Spain this book is a have I bought it for an upcoming month in Spain Perfect It has easy to follow recipes that reflect what is available in the markets in Spain I was so excited to know what to do with the wonderful food that I saw Plus the techniue of grating fresh tomatoes when cooking with them is a game changer Apparently everyone does this the produce man asked me if the tomatoes were for eating or grating. Arid fields of the Castilian countryside and allow us to meet the people who still with devotion cultivate them Accompanying these are hundreds of evocative photos of the markets orchards green hills and fishing ports from which this delicious cuisine originatesAdd to "this a thorough glossary that includes techniues such " a thorough glossary that includes techniues such preparing snails using saffron and making perfect fish stock as well as a helpful source list Novices and veterans of the Spanish kitchen alike will gain a deeper understanding not only of Spain's cuisine but of its cultu. Incredible I bought for present I Am Impressed I am impressed all recipes the Spain history the pictures I am from Spain Beautiful book and fun recipes Well written and very doable instructions My only complaint was the horrible non packaging that tore open and looked like a rat nest exploded Good recipts and good pictures GOOD COOK BOOK The lists of ingredients for each recipe are in one long sentence in CAPS Impossible to read especially in the kitchen Chronicle ou should know better Don t buy until the. From the craggy Catalan coastline to the undulating red soiled hills of Andaluca the diversity of the Spanish countryside is without rival Its cuisine directly reflects this landscape with each region celebrating its OWN INGREDIENTS AND CULINARY TRADITIONS IN ingredients and culinary traditions In long time Barcelona resident Jeff Koehler gathers the country's many time honored dishes and age old culinary customs and distills the Spanish table down to its essencefood that is prepared simply but full of homemade flavors and always meant to be sharedEach chapter is an ode to.

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