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Ides they only skim the surface If you are serious But Getting To And Understand New York City How getting to see and understand New City how grew and developed why neighborhoods look the way they do and how this fantastic city emerged from a sleepy Dutch trading post then this is the book to have writing this in hasteI could not find this book in the Manhattan public library nor the ueen s library nor could I find it at Strand its either sold out or there is a copy on holdthis is the Go To Book If to book if want to become a tour guide I ve read other books on new york city but this is the most comprehensive and will prepare you i really like the size of this book it can fit any bags The ultimate guide to Mew York It was my biggest aspect for successfully passing my exam for sightseeing guide here in the Big AppleLots of info wellstructured complete For those in need of a real guide Less pictures content I would recommend it every single day. Ond to none this is a mini encyclopedia of a multi layered city Blue Guide New York forms the basis for study for accredited NYC tour guides With excellent detailed maps and plans 10 color maps 35 B&W Photographs and two tone plans. I m a NYC guide GREAT INFORMATION VERY COMPREHENSIVE A MOST information comprehensive A most guide to the Greatest City in the World Interesting historical and architectural facts A must have to really appreciate your visit to NYC The Blue Guide New York has a ton of information and is very useful to study for the licensing exam Manhattan is covered extensively from north to south east to west and that s greatHowever I am extremely disappointed to find that out of 600 pages this book only devotes 9 pages to the Bronx Why do we get no love The sections mentioned for the Bronx is nothing than a fleeting acknowledgement that my borough exists somewhere north of Manhattan The author misses the mark on so many levels For exampleThe Bronx Zoo There are only two paragraphs none of Which Talks About The History Of This talks about the history of this zoological park which happens to be the largest metropolitan zoo in the US The information provided. Fully updated new edition of this essential Blue Guide the guide of choice for experts and independent travelers A guide to New York City that works for residents and visitors alike This new edition of the essential Blue Guide take. ,

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In the book could have been found on the zoo s website mehThe Botanical Garden Again the author dropped the ball What about the background of the land who owned the land before it became parkland Oh and what about the old forest What about the millPelham Bay Park While the author made an effort by talking at length about Bartow Pell Mansion she failed to detail the history of this area especially during the Revolutionary War There was an important battle hereBy the way Arthur Avenue is not sometimes called The Real Little Italy of New York It is ALWAYS called the Real OF NEW YORKTO THE AUTHOR IN NEXT of New YorkTo the author In the next please add for the Bronx Come for a visit perhaps hang out with Mr Lloyd Ultan The Bronx deserves than the pittance you throw at us on these 9 pages I now you can do better Full and useful Saved my life For anyone planning a visit to the five boroughs this is a must have Forget other gu. S you on a meticulous tour of the well Pilates Plus known lessernown and almost unknown sights of the city as well as being a discerning guide to where to stay and eat Ideal for on street use and at home reference the depth of coverage is sec.
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Blue Guide New York: Fifth Edition (Travel Series)