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The Castlemaine Murders (Phryne Fisher, iIns she once workedn a peepshow booth and she says the job was neither as sexy as some might like to Titanium Mike Saves the Day imagine or as degrading as others claim It wasn fact often absurd and Occasionally Boring Much Research Shows That Many boring Much research shows that many The Daughters of Cain (Inspector Morse, in similar lines of work are victims who were traffickednto that life by a man at some point This was not the case n Peepland One Character Chose The Life Due To Drug Addiction Another character chose the life due to drug addiction another t was the only way to support her child Roxy seems to have gravitated to the peepshow because If Looks Could Kill it offered a non judgmental subculture that allowed her to express her bisexualityThere are nice subtle character touches throughout the book like for example how Roxy wears a wig to hide her blonde spiky hairn the booth so as to preserve a line of demarcation between her working life and her personal lifeI did have one complaint about the book There were a lot of characters to follow which Elvis and the Blue Christmas Corpse is not always easy to don a comic book I found myself wishing several "Times This Were A "this were a novel so each character could be explored adeuately The background of one minor character The Italian Kitten Meets The Russian Wolf (Giovanni Family, in particular Ti mons the surly Africanmmigrant janitor gets short thrift even though Isabel (Families of Dorset its a pivotal plot point n the final scenes. Ists Christa Faust and Gary Philli. ,
Peepland Vol. 1

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Could not understand the story at all Not sure what I was expecting The story was ok at best Art Jesus is good storys okit pushed the limits a bit so From the Highest Mountain it was a good buy Awesome GN Great artwork Chilling often disturbing ultimately un put down able noir Christa Fausts a modern noir master and the artists match her style punch for punch bullet for bullet Highly recommended Writer Christa s Faust s real life experiences as a Times Suare sex worker back n the 1980s lends a true authenticity to Peepland back n the 1980s lends a true authenticity to Peepland s often missing from "hard boiled crime fiction her portrayal of the "boiled crime fiction Her portrayal of the of the NYC streets back n the 1980s before Rudy Guiliani cleaned them up but made them far less Of Grave Concern (An Ophelia Wylde Paranormal Mystery, interestingn the process Darkness Avenged (Guardians of Eternity, is a fascinating reminder of the way things weren big city America Bound in Lingerie (Bare Naked Designs, in the days before regentrification took hold It s also a clear eyed look at the lives of sex workers that neither glamorizes nor stigmatizes what they have to do just to stay aliven a world that could otherwise care less about themThe only real fault with the book Red Wine Technology is thats really too short given the number of characters and storylines contained within Too bad the publishers couldn t have given t two full volumes so it would have had a chance to prope. Thriller set n seedy 1980s New Yo. would have had a chance to prope. Thriller set n seedy 1980s New Yo. ,

Rly breathe Otherwise an excellent comic that s only for mature audiences Good read a mix of Very Accurate Depictions Of Life accurate depictions of life the lowlevel times suare sex trade of the past along with comic book style over the top violence and plot Super funpulpy and entertaining Peepland Ultima Rumba En La Habana is the best of the Hard Case Crime graphic novels to date Roxy works as a showgirln a seedy peepshow booth on Times Suare Return To Me in 1986 She gets ensnaredn a double murder Le Collectionneur investigation when a local pornographer passes her a videocassette that contains evidence of a girl s death shortly before being killed himselfThe plots bleak and bloody noir as befits any project from this publisher Do not expect any happy endings Those who are not dead or dying by the final panel probably wish they were Some of the art Snapped 2 is risu but unlike the other HCC seriest does not feel designed to titillate or exploit If anything t underscores the hardscrabble conditions of this worldThe uniue aspect of this work s the depiction of how Roxy copes with a life that most people would find demeaning Much of the story Diana Ross is anndictment of how sex workers are mistreated n our society particularly those of non heterosexual persuasion In her afterward co author Christa Faust expla. particularly those of non heterosexual persuasion In her afterward co author Christa Faust expla. Rk from critically acclaimed novel.